Tsalokath (short "Lokath") is the second eldest of the six legendary Demons Lords. As the aspect of Wrath, Tsalokath's favorite weapons are the winds, anger, and the unholy powers of Chaos. Of the Demon Lords, she is second in Ecuá power only to her elder brother Khalkoroth, and second in Chaotic powers only to her youngest sibling, Elennorgh.

The Demon Lord of Wrath

View picture in full size Picture description. The Demon Lord of Wrath, Tsalokath. Image drawn by Isilhir.

Appearance. Tsalokath, more so than any of her siblings, is reknowned for the number of shapes she can take. From the rakish, golden-eyed Thief of Souls to the Black Pheonix, or Storm Crow, Tsalokath delights in alternately fooling and terrifying mortals. She shows no preference for forms, or at least her summoners do not, but artists always seem to gravitate to the form diametrically opposed to Grothar; a black-haired woman clothed in feathers, with lightning coruscating around her clenched, clawed fists and dragonlike wings hanging ominously over her back. Return to the top

Special Abilities. While there is no doubt Tsalokath has more powers than are given her, the power that she is nearly always envisioned using is her ability to distort the will of Grothar. When farmland goes without rain for months at a time, the curse on every farmer's lips is "Lokath". When torrential rains turn plains into bogs, there's always a few candles burning under a certain out-of-the-way winged statue in the local temples. And many a survivor of the times when the Great Whirlwinds charge out of the seas will claim hearing cruel, unearthly, but definately female laughter in the unnatural calm at the great storms' hearts...

When the mood takes her, however, Tsalokath can be far less subtle. There are tales of flocks of birds that darkened the sky before descending on a village like a hideous, bloodthirsty rain. There are tales of bolts of blue lightning striking every building in a town with no clouds in sight. There are even whispered tales of the chaos-vents left over near the Portal of Osthemangar, places where a man can step and lose everything he ever was.

While disincarnate in Mélor'aí'chán, Tsalokath may be less powerful, or she might even be more powerful, as not even the greatest priests can decipher the will of Grothar. Certainly she cannot perform any of her other foul tricks, but even after she has been slain, great hellish storms will still stalk the land for months to come.
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History/Origin. As the rest of the Demon Lords, Tsalokath was formed by the Darkwinds as a tool of sabotaging the works of the Aviaría. Specifically, Tsalokath was meant as a mockery of the Element of Wind, and more specifically the peace it was meant to offer. The gentle rains that were Grothar's repertoire, the peaceful calm ushered in by Eyasha... naturally, the jaded Darkwinds wished to shatter such lackluster concepts. With their first offering, Khalkoroth, accepted by Coór, they immediately set about finding a being to mock the highest of the Aviaría, and in Tsalokath they achieved an unholy victory. It is thought that it was Tsalokath who brought such things as cyclones, lightning, and hail into being, and it was many years before Grothar could finally put reins on these cruel perversions of his domain.

Tsalokath is one of the most frequently summoned of the Demon Lords. While controlling Ice, Plague, or Shadow sounds plausible only to the most egotistical of magi, it is hard not to find one who hasn't worked their own wind-charm, experimented with lightning, or tried to summon a rain. After all, what could this girl-demon do, if in a properly grounded room? Blow on the summoner from within the circle?

This line of logic has been followed many times, and has invariably ended with a summoner whose fried ashes are scattered over about three strals of ocean. However, they can usually get at least a small population decimated by their 'thrall' in the process, so by some light they have to come out even.
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