Known as the lesser deities of the Kuglimz religious pantheon, the Vir'togz (lit. "Great Ones") are still highly regarded amongst the tribe that worships them. While there are no written records or myths, Dro'go Minar'ian has made an attempt to start having the priests learn to write and to record the myths of their Vir'tog. However with such a strong oral tradition, this is not something easily done. It has been recently discovered that the mythical Vir'togz were based on several incredible men that led Mynian refugees into a new land. Many of the Kuglimz have taken their names from the Vir'togz that led their tribe.

Picture description. The Kuglimz All-Father Sur'tyan and All-Mother Lier'tyan. Pictures drawn by Faugar and Quellion.

Mythology. The Vir'togz myths seem to have sprung up after the myths of Sur'tyan (lit. "All Father") and Lier'tyan (lit. "All Mother") and are more based on historical situations. There is no connection between the Vir'togz and the star myths that are associated with their creation myth. In fact it is said that the celestial beings of Sur'tyan and Lier'tyan came down to the world in the human forms of Surian and Lierya to rule a human empire during its golden years. The darkness though that had so threatened them in the star myths came to the world in the form of "The Year of Darkness" and the chaos of invading orcs. So loving their people they stayed and died an earthly death protecting them, until they had to go back into the great sky and watch their people from above.

It is said that in one of the final battles at their great capital an arrow imbued with all that was evil pierced the fair form of Lierya and caused her celestial blood to flow from the wound. Ten drops of her blood made their way down her arm and fell to the ground at her feet. Coming to her aid Surian he removed the arrow. Seeing the drops of her blood upon the ground he went to them and imbued them with a bit of his own essence. Thus with the blood of Lier'tyan and the essence of Sur'tyan ten men sprang up full grown in their manhood.

Surian bade them to take all they could find and take them away to unclaimed lands, protecting them along the way. Being so charged, they went. Each one gathered people to them and made their way southward to the Celeste Lowlands over the course of several decades until they made their way to where they are now. Battles, wild animals, and unearthly occurences created difficulties during all of the travelling. Hundreds of people died along the way. The groups of people that each man gathered to them would become a seperate tribe of the Kuglimz.
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Pantheon. There are ten aknowledged Vir'togz, rumours of an eleventh fallen Vir'togz are whispered as well. This is the supposed Vir'togz of the Ash'mari. The ten worshipped Vir'togz are listed below along with some of their traits.

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