In order to get into a game here on the "Adventures of Caelereth" Role Playing Board you of course need to first have a character, which fits into the fantasy setting of Caelereth/Santharia. You can have several characters at the same time if you want, just make sure that you can handle playing them all. However, in order to join a story, you first need to write a character description and get the approval for it from the game moderators/admins. So take a seat, get some Santharian ale, and read through this page to get introduced in how you'll get your approved character.

Also don't be afraid of the length of this page. Although it may look long in appearance, it is only long because it contains everything character description related you might need:)

Note: Character Descriptions might be refered to as CD on this board. So don't be confused when we start speaking about your CD, we are not talking about your musical CD you may have, though we are sure it is a good CD;)

In the following paragraphs we cover the listed topics. If you want to know answers to a question below, simply click on it (and return back by clicking on the arrow at the end of the question):

And here are the answers to these questions. If you're new to Santharia/Caelereth, please make sure to read most of the information below, as it will make role playing much easier for you:

ow do I define my role playing character?
To define a character you need to have some minimum requirements fulfilled. So take your time to describe your character according to the rules layed out (see below). This isn't really as complicated as it sounds - no novel writing needed, a few paragraphs will do.

Also make sure to have a copy of your character description stored on your own computer, in case there is an unexpected a problem with posting it and you don't want to write it all again, don't you? - Well, if you're done with your description you should post the character in the Character Description forum with the character name as title of the post. The first part on your side is done now, as this Character Description post initiates the character approval procedure, for which you need just a little patience.
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hat happens at the character approval process?
During the character approval process Character Description Moderators and Admins will take a look at your Character Description (often refered to simply as CD) and comment on it. They will point out if you have forgotten something which is a basic requirement or if there are contradictions in your CD, which you need to fix before the final ok can be given.

Therefore you may need to work a bit more on your character to get him/her approved, iron some problems out, add something here and there, till everything fits and you're finally ready to play. So make sure to do your homeworks when you first post your Character Description, because the better the description is done, the speedier approving your character will take place!
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hen will I know that my character is approved?
The final stage of the character approval process is the titling of your character, the character's quality seal. You get the title you decided to have in your description as soon as a Character Creation Mod or an Admin sees no further problems with your details. The titling will be confirmed by a post of the Mod/Admin that you're now ready to play. Next time you post, your title will show up:) Return to the top

o what are the basic requirements for a Character Description?
In order to define a role playing character, you need to include the following details in your character's description:

Basic Requirements

Detailed Description

hat are the measurements used in Santharia/Caelereth?
At this role playing board we use measurements that are unique to Santharia/Caelereth. I will explain the main two measurements your character will need to know for his/her character description below. But feel free to get more precise and use other measurements which can be found at the Measures and Weights page (click here to open in new window).

Like stated above feel free to add other measures to your character. It adds more precise detail to your Character Description and helps to connect your character more to the world of Caelereth. Return to the top

 can't think of a title for my char - any suggestions?
Welcome to the Santharian Titles List! The lists below were compiled by Rayne, Uragel and others to help those who are creating their character descriptions to more easily come up with a title. This list of over 500 titles and will hopefully inspire you to find the perfect name. We encourage you to individualize your title. Instead of being "Warrior" or "Knight," be the "Black Warrior" or the "Knight of the Blue Rose". Make it interesting by being creative!

• Titles for the Magically Inclined
• Titles for Fighters
• Titles for Thieves
• Titles for the Royals and Respected
• Titles for Merchants
• Titles for the Peasantry
• Titles for Exiles
• Titles for Those of the Arts
• Titles for Sailors
• Titles of the Church and Monastery
• Titles for Adventurers
• Titles for Those of Math and Science
• General Titles
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here can I see how far character approval has already progressed?
The current state of the character approval process can be is represented by the posticon you can see in front of the character thread. Below is a summary on the posticons used for the character description approval process. The posticon of the first post should always be edited according to the current state of completion of the character description (either by the player, a Moderator or an Administrator). Details are as follows:

... 1) PLAYER - The character is still being worked on. Use this symbol if your description is still quite incomplete. ... 4) MODERATOR - Character was checked already in detail by at least one Moderator. Now a second Mod's opinion is required to gain approval.
... 2) PLAYER - The character now awaits comments from the Moderators. Assign this symbol if you're done with describing your char and would like to receive comments. ... 5) MODERATOR - The character was checked by a second Moderator and both have given the character approval. The title can now be given so that you can start playing soon. An Administrator should soon take care of the titling.
... 3) MODERATOR - There's a specific problem in a certain area (magic, race, history etc.) which needs the attention of an expert in this field to give an opinion here. The title of the post will be updated to reflect what specifically would need attention. ...6) ADMINISTRATOR - An Administrator just titled the character and you're ready to play. The Admin will ask you to post in the thread to confirm the title worked and is to your liking (should the Admin had altered it for some reason). Soon the thread will be moved to the Character Archives. You can then link in your signature to this moved thread if you want. Return to the top

Elaborated by the Santharian Administration team