The Constitution of the Santharian Role Playing Board was set up as a guideline for people who'd like to take administrative positions on the board and thus have an important function for making a part of the Dream work. This function should be fulfilled to the best of everyone's abilities. It is not required to follow everything defined here until the last comma, but the regulations here should help all administration members to know about their own responsibilities and powers.


Article II:



CLAUSE 1. KNOWLEDGE. Those who seek the title of moderator should have knowledge of the world in which the role-playing games are set, and should have basic knowledge of the races and the world. It is not required to know the details of every race and tribe, or to know all the weapons existent in Santharia, but a moderator should know how to find the information needed to do detailed critiques on character descriptions.


CLAUSE 2. ACTIVITY. A person seeking to be a moderator should have remained active while holding the title of mini-moderator. Actively following the duties and obligations of their position is critical. Those who are frequently away, be it for personal matters or any other reasons, will probably not be considered for the title of moderator, though if they are able to subsequently remain active for two months, they will be considered for a promotion.

CLAUSE 3. EXPERIENCE. An individual must have had the position of mini-moderator for one month before they can be considered for the position of moderator. During that time, they should have followed the obligations of that position and showed extra dedication perhaps through detailed discussions with newcomers, extensive critiques, or frequent comments. A person who is known to be an active developer at the Development Board may be considered for the title of moderator without needing to be a mini-moderator for two active months.



After two months under the mini-moderator status or after several important entries at the development board, a member may be considered for the title of moderator. The administrators will point out those they recognize for their efforts in commenting and being helpful to the newcomers and discuss among themselves. A member may also request the position to a public post on the boards or through a private message to one of the administrators.



CLAUSE 1: ACTIVITY AND INVOLVEMENT. Moderators must be active in order for the character creation process to move efficiently. If a moderator is away without notification for 10 days or more, a letter will be sent to them requesting their activity be increased. If after 4 days following the message, the moderator is not active, the administration has the ability to revoke them of their title. If a moderator informs the administration before hand, they may be allowed away for a period of 8 weeks before they risk losing their title. Moderators are encouraged to participate in administrative discussions, but these discussions are not mandatory.

CLAUSE 2. COMMENTING. A moderator should post to the best of his or her abilities and be around to help new players with their CDs and answer any questions they have. If a moderator fails in such respects, his or she will be given a warning (approved by 80% of the administration). Three warnings earn a relieved title. Warnings have a time limit of three months, so warnings older than three months cannot be used to relieve a moderator of his or her title. Also, if a person is away without notification for a week, he or she will gain a notification that the moderator title will be taken away. If the moderator does not assume activity for three days following this notification, he or she will be relieved of his or her title, though it may gained back if, upon returning, there is a suitable explanation for being gone.

CLAUSE 3. DELETING OR EDITING THREADS AND POSTS. A moderator may edit and delete posts, but only under discretion. A moderator may only delete posts if given the ok from at least two administrators or if the original writer requests that the thread be deleted. The same pretenses should be taken for editing a post for content. However, if the moderator is merely changing a posticon, no approval is required. If a post is deleted or edited for content without the approval of two administrators or the approval of the original writer, a moderatorís position may be terminated.

CLAUSE 4. ANSWERING QUESTIONS. The moderators should answer any questions related to the board and character creation. Replies should be answered effectively. If the moderator doesnít have enough information to do so, he or she should research the site and/or talk to one of the administrators or knowledgeable moderators. He or she may post to the best of their abilities, but should inform others of the question and encourage fellow moderators or administrators to look at the question.


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