The Constitution of the Santharian Role Playing Board was set up as a guideline for people who'd like to take administrative positions on the board and thus have an important function for making a part of the Dream work. This function should be fulfilled to the best of everyone's abilities. It is not required to follow everything defined here until the last comma, but the regulations here should help all administration members to know about their own responsibilities and powers.


Article IV:



CLAUSE 1. KNOWLEDGE. A commenter must show basic knowledge of the Santharian world, and show signs that they are learning. During their first three weeks of active commenting, the change and perhaps increase of content in their posts should reflect a steady gain in basic knowledge of qualities of the world of Santharia.


CLAUSE 2. ACTIVITY. The primary factor used by administrators when looking to assign mini-moderators is how active an individual is in commenting on character descriptions. If a Commenter is actively commenting on character descriptions for or exceeding 3 weeks, they will be considered as being appointed a mini-moderator, though they may not necessarily gain such a position.

CLAUSE 3. EXPERIENCE. Any member of the role-playing board may be considered for the position of mini-moderator who pleases as long as they have been active for three weeks. Those members who have gained knowledge through role-playing may gain the position of mini-mod in a time less than three weeks if they frequently comment and if the administrators believe that they are active and knowledgeable enough to hold such a status.



The administrators, based on the pre-requisites for the position, will appoint members to the position of mini-mod. Individuals may also request the position either through public posting or by private e-mail to one or many of the administrators. The decision on who will gain the status of mini-moderator is decided among the administrators as a whole.



CLAUSE 1: ACTIVITY AND INVOLVEMENT. It is generally preferred that mini-moderators attend the board everyday and glance over the character descriptions. If a mini-moderator is away without notification for 20 days, he or she will be sent a letter encouraging activity. If activity doesn’t improve in the following 10 days, he or she risks losing the position. A mini-moderator can be away with notification for a maximum of 10 weeks before his or her position is in danger. Mini-moderators are encouraged to participate in administrative discussions, but these discussions are not mandatory.

CLAUSE 2. COMMENTING. A mini-moderator should stay active in his or her commenting of other's character description. The critiques are not required to be in-depth, but such time and effort is encouraged and awarded in time with a promotion.

CLAUSE 3. WELCOMING. It is the job of the mini-moderators to welcome new members to the board, though if another mini-moderator or moderator has already done so, such is not necessary. They should be sure to make the newcomers feel welcome and respected.

CLAUSE 4. ANSWERING QUESTIONS. Mini-moderators should answer any questions concerning character descriptions, the character description process, or aspects of the Santharian World if they have sufficient knowledge on the topic in question. If they do not, they should not attempt to answer the question and rather leave it to a moderator or administrator to answer. Failing to do so may cause confusion, as questions assumed to have been answered appropriately may be faulty or incomplete.


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