here can I get a fitting character portrait?
A good character also needs a nice character portrait. You can already start looking for an appropriate picture you'd like to use for your character while it is still being discussed at the Character Descriptions Forum. You can either look for a portrait on various avatar providing sites on the web, or you can draw your own picture - and if you want to have a really exceptional character pic you can also commission an image by one of our Santharian artists for a small fee

Character Portraits

You might check out the following listed sites in order to perhaps discover an appropriate character portrait. - Important note: The Santharian Dream doesn't hold the copyrights on any of these pictures listed at the sites below. If copyright issues are not addressed on the site itself, make sure to contact the artists themselves, asking for permission to use the picture for your character. Don't worry - artists usually don't bite!

If you know a good resources site, which could be added here to this list, feel free to drop me a line: - I'd be happy to share it with others.

Where should I upload the picture?
If you have decided upon your character picture, and want to do the final adjustments yourself and upload a picture to another location other than the Santharian server, make sure to follow these rules:

Picture Requirements:


However, in general it is advised that you ask for uploading the character portrait to the Santharian sever - though it is very helpful if you can prepare it youself already concerning measurements, size etc. The reason why it should be on the Santharian server is very simple: You don't have to worry about problems if the webspace you have is reliable or if linking to pictures on this sever is allowed at all (e.g. Geocity pages and other free webspace providers will show an ugly replacement picture instead). If the picture is on the Santharian sever, it will display without any problems - unless the main page is down, which happens very seldom.

Uploading a Portrait

Santharian Uploading Requirements:

Can I link directly to the page where I found my pic?
No. Aside from the fact that many webmasters don't appreciate direct linking, the site owner may decide to move the pages and pictures to other folders or close down the site, whatever. This will leave you with a dead link at your character portrait at all your posts you've made so far using such an address for your image. We don't really want this to happen, right?

Now that I have the picture uploaded - where can I tell ezBoard to use it?
Enter your ezBoard Control Center (accessible through clicking on the link "My Control Center" at the main forum page on top). Then click on "Edit Profile", and you'll see something similar to the screenshot below:

Personal Information

Now make sure to put the URL your received into the my Photo textbox on top and to click on the "Save Changes" button below. Next time you post you should make sure as well that you take a look at the "Posting Options" you can see below your post textbox. Make sure to tick the "Include personal photo" checkbox - and voilá, mission completed!

Posting Options

Short note: Once you have ticked the "Include personal photo" checkbox ít usually is not necessary anymore to tick it at every new post, as ezBoard remembers your settings if you're properly logged in and will tick the checkbox automatically.

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