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Recently some unauthorized magical work has been detected in the small fishing village called Nepris. An old friend of yours, the Water Mage Tendrimmar of the White Circle, asks you to investigate the matter. The Ximaxian Academy needs an outsider who won't raise any suspicion... - That's where you come in!
1 - Task: Entering the Laboratory

Arrived in Nepris you take out Tendrimmar's letter and read the instructions carefully. Apparently you need to contact a man called Mannef. You put the letter back and start your mission.

1.1 - Find your contact Mannef

Follow the main path to the north and turn east at the first intersection. Talk to the little boy called Pinn. He tells you that Mannef is actually his father and probably is at home at the prosperous farm where they live. Return to the main path and follow it to the north, cross the bridge and turn east at the end of the road. You can see the farmhouse in the distance. In front of it stands Mannef, your contact. But as it turns out he either wasn't informed about that or he doesn't trust you enough to talk with you about your mission yet.

You decide to get to know the family a little better - maybe you can do them a favour after all. Inside of the house you can find Ilbeth, Mannef's wife. She asks you to bring her little son Pinn back home. Dinner is ready after all. Agree to it and head back to Pinn.  

1.2 - Bring Pinn back home

Pinn tells you that he has lost his ball, a toy his father made for him some time ago. He asks you to find it before going back home with you. The ball is actually floating in the water near the southern cliffs, north of Pinn's location. You need something to get it out of the water first.

Leave Pinn and return to the main path, follow it to the north and take the first opportunity to the west. Follow the path and turn northwest at the first intersection. There you find a boat and some helpful equipment. Examine the boat and take the fishing net with you. Go back to the main path, head north and take the first opportunity to the east. At the end of the path you can see Pinn's ball floating in the water. Use the net to catch it. - And voilą! You've got yourself a ball.

Head back to Pinn now and return the ball to him. It seems you made someone happy because he now heads straight to the farmhouse. Or was it the northman's pot he's eager to eat and you mentioned in the same breath? [+50 Points]. Return to Ilbeth and tell her that Pinn is back home again. You will get a tasty northman's pot for your efforts. [+80 Points]  

1.3 - Get the key to the laboratory

Leave the house and talk again to Mannef about the laboratory. He now tells you that the door to it is locked and that he still doesn't trust you enough to hand it to you. You need to do the family another favour it seems. Enter the house, head upstairs and talk to Andrus, Mannef's father-in-law. He tells you about his problems and that there are some strange noises coming from the cellar. Mannef apparently doesn't have the courage to take care of it. Tell him to look into the matter.

Mannef says that there are obviously some rats and spiders down there, nothing too serious for an experienced adventurer like you and that his time to eliminate these little nuisances is limited. Agree to help him out. He gives you a cellar key to enter the trapdoor in Pinn's room and a light club to arm yourself.

Hint: Press "Q" to manage your equipment and make sure that the club is now your primary weapon. It might come in handy.

The trapdoor to the cellar is located in Pinn's room. Use the key to open it and proceed downstairs. [+20 Points] Down in the cellar move south and then to the east. Open the cupboard, take the jam out of it and move back to the entrance. Proceed to the west and then to the south. You are attacked by a single rat. It should not represent that of a problem to you. Search the shelf and take the health vial with you.

Hint: Press "C" to check your current health status.

Move to the workshop room and take the shovel with you. Any adventurer needs to go for a dig somewhere sooner or later. Examine the grain and you get attacked by two more rats.

Hint: Make sure to keep an eye on your action points. Don't let them drop below 10. Otherwise you can't use your food and potions to refill your health points. If you're seriously hurt, this could make the difference between life and death.  

Eat some jam after the battle and proceed to the next room. Take the farm axe and equip it as it's the best weapon for now.

Hint: Press "Q" to see the marker next to your Primary weapon slot, reading "(New)". This indicates that there is a new item you haven't looked at yet in this category. Select the category and equip the farm axe.

Use the cellar key you received from Mannef once again to open the wooden door. Kill both rats in the next room. You should rise a level after the battle and are now level two.

Hint: You might wish to distribute your points now as follows: +1 Strength, +3 Stamina, +1 Dexterity.

Examine the barrel and you'll find the bard's wine Andrus spoke of. Examine the wine rack and the cobwebs further and kill the last spiderlings and spiders in this room. After that head back to the entrance (prepare for a challenge!) and clear the last spiders on your way back up. [+80 Score]  

Finally tell Andrus about your successful mission and give him the bard's wine bottle [+120 Score]. It's up to you to tell Andrus that you got rid of all the rats yourself - or that it was actually your son-in-law who was the hero. Go downstairs and let Mannef know that the noises are history [+90 points]. He now trusts you enough to finally give you the key to the laboratory. If you've put in a good word for him when talking to Andrus he'll even reward you with a curved dagger!

Hint: Press "I" and choose the category "Keys". You should now see a lab key listed there.  

2. Task: Investigate the laboratory

You take a deep breath. It seems every family has its problems you think to yourself - but this one's a lovely one after all. After another northman's pot you decide to say good bye and leave the farm to continue your mission. After all you need to find out something about these strange magical occurrences Tendrimmar talked about.

2.1 - Gathering some first information

Leave the house, take the main path and follow it to the south. Take the path to the west then leading into the area where you got the fisher net. Follow the path to the southwest and stop at the small clearing. To the south is a small shed. In front of it is an oil lamp. Take it, it might come in handy later on.
Follow the road to the southwest and you should reach the entrance to the laboratory. Enter the hole and use the lab key you've received from Mannef to open the door.[+50 Score]

You are now in the first level of the laboratory. The right place to begin with your investigation mission.Follow the path to the west and take the health potion and the magic vial with you. Head northwest and then southwest. Take the kitchen knife and equip it. Examine the desk and open the drawer. Take all of the scrolls with you. A bit of magic hasn't hurt anyone - unless you're standing on the receiving end of a fireball that is. Hint: Make sure to save your progress from time to time!  

Follow the path to the south and take the first opportunity to the west. Open the metal panel and take all of the items with you and equip the black robe. Examine the gutter and try to take the strange thing. Unfortunately you slip and... well, that's that. [+20 Score]

Back in the main corridor you are suddenly attacked by a strange magical species, a green slimer. Your mission starts to get more difficult than expected. No one told you about such creatures lurking around here. Fortunately it doesn't pose much of a problem for the well equipped adventurer. After you have defeated the slimer continue southwest to the next room. Examine the bookshelf and read Jeremy's diary [+150 points].

It seems that an apprentice called Jeremy is responsible for all this trouble and turmoil. You decide to better have a talk with him about this before the little mess he caused is getting even worse.  

2.2 - Find Jeremy - Fizzlefist's apprentice

Proceed further and take the first opportunity to the south. You can find a bed in one of the last rooms in the corridor to take a rest and regain your health.

Hint: Open your Character Overview (C) and go to the second page. Your physical shape now has the status "rested". You can rest again if your shape is at least "tired", which can take a while.

Proceed to the east and face some more aggressive slimers. You should have reached level 3 by now and can distribute five additional attribute points.

Hint: Distribute them as follows: +1 Strength, +2 Stamina, +2 Dexterity.

Move south and pick up all the items you can lay your hands on.

Hint: Always make sure to have a look at your new equipment. The antique claymore for example is a two-handed weapon. It deals a lot of damage but your attacks will also be much, much slower. Always look at the damage per round (DPR) to compare weapons. Simply because a weapon makes more (potential) damage doesn't mean it's more efficient for you to handle!  

Take the stairs to the east in order to descend to the second level. Proceed to the south, pass an imprisoned fireslimer and take the stairs in the east right down to level three.  

Go to the southwestern area to finally find someone down there. It is indeed Jeremy the person to blame for all this havoc happening in the laboratory. He tells you that he was also attacked by the slimers and locked himself into this cell to be safe of them. Unfortunately he has dropped the key to it right into the acid of a slimer during a fight and it disintegrated instantly. So he asks you to find the substitute key to get him out of the cell again.

3. Task: Free (unleash) Jeremy

Well, Jeremy an apprentice of Master Fizzlefist is responsible for all the mess going on here and it seems that your previously little task starts to turn more into a little adventure. For now you decide to focus on getting Jeremy out of the cell before confronting him about his illegal use of magic and your mission.

3.1 - Find the substitute key

Head back to the fireslimer on level two and try to take the copper key. [+50 Score] Unfortunately it dissolves in your hands. Go to the west and operate the lever to open the cell to the fireslimer. Put it to a rest.

Special hint: Use your devitalize skill in the first round to exhaust the fireslimer. That way he can't use his dangerous firespit for some time. Don't let your action points fall below 10 to fill up your health if needed.

After you've defeated the slimer enter the cell and take both the fireslimer skin and the common mace with you. Both items are level four so you can't equip them right now - but you will soon!

Head back to Jeremy and tell him about your misfortune. His brilliant (?) new plan is to blow the whole door down! You just need four Sigils for this task. He also tells you to enter his master's secret room to get yourself some more useful equipment. There seems to be a picture with a hook that you need to turn to open the door to it.  

3.2 - Find some of the supplies Jeremy spoke of

Pass the cell of the defeated fireslimer and follow the path to the north. Stop at the picture of the necromancer. Remember what Jeremy said and turn the hook to open the door to the secret room.
Head north and then turn east and you get attacked by two vicious slimers. Make sure to fill up your health in advance! After the fight examine the rack and take the sandals. Enter the room to the north and take the quartz with you.

You can now enter the secret passage to the east. Take the scroll of demagification, the scroll of imp (you should have that one from Jeremy), and the health elixirs with you. Read the book on Karthmor to learn some more about this strange necromancer Ta Ivashi you've seen on various pictures around here.

Leave the room and proceed north until you come to a ladder that leads to a narrow passage of the first level. Search the rooms and take all the items you find with you. The brownie sword is a good weapon, make sure to equip it. Also the bow is quite useful to attack monsters from a distance!  

3.3 - Find the Sigil of Earth

In the same area on level two go to the easternmost room where you find some footprints after examining the beds. Someone must have been around here lately. Go south and examine the earth there. Your shovel comes in handy now. Dig and you will find the Sigil of Earth! [+100 Score]

3.4 - Find the Sigil of Water

Leave the area where you've found the Sigil of Earth and go back downstairs to level two. Head south and take the first opportunity to the west into a minor lab. Go to the northwesternmost room where you find that same thing again you already tried to take down on the first level.
You suddenly get attacked by some spiderlings and a nasty looking broodmother as you reach for it. It seems that you have to shoo them away at first.

Special hint: The spiderlings will respawn if you kill all of them, as long as the broodmother is still alive. So make sure that one spiderling is alive at all times and kill the broodmother first before killing the last spiderling. Use your health potions if you get low on health.

Unfortunately the strange looking thing has moved through the chute to the southernmost room after your fight with the spiders. Follow it and try to take it once more. Damn, that thing is slippery! It went down the chute again [+30 Points]. Go to the northeast room of the minor lab and take the black mixture and drink it. It will increase your strength by one point. Avoid the brown mixture - it is toxic and will damage you.

Go back down to the area where Jeremy is trapped and head north to the master lab. There are some vicious slimers in this area that will jump you by surprise. So always watch your health points around there. A maximum of three encounters will happen in that area, so once you've cleared it out, you're safe! In the southwesternmost room you can find an item in the vessel. It must be the same item that slipped through your hands every time. Push the button and take it out of the vessel. It actually is the Sigil of Water! [+50 Score].  

3.5 - Find the Sigil of Fire

Leave the master lab and go back up to level two. Pass the secret room to the east and go to the trapdoor. You will get attacked by a vile rat. A dangerous creature but not that scary all alone.

Try to open the trapdoor to find out that it is somehow magically sealed. Examine your scroll of demagification, it should help you out to nullify the magical aura. Use it and open the trapdoor afterwards. You are now in the storage area. Light your oil lamp you got on the way to the laboratory and go to the room in the northwest. Take the prezzers with you. In the opposite room you will get attack by two vilerats and a vicious slimer so be prepared for that battle!

You might have reached level 4 by now and can finally equip the fire slimer's skin. If not head up to level one first and take a rest to refill your health.

Hint: Distribute your points as follows: +1 Strength, +2 Stamina, +2 Dexterity.

Coming from the north you hear strange noises. Prepare yourself for the final battle in this area. A nasty bloodslimer awaits you and he has brought company.

Special hint: As advised by Jeremy you can make use of your scroll of imp in this battle. It will assist you greatly. Make also sure to use one of your fire cubes on a vile rat to stun it. The bloodslimer will try to use his bloody bite on you. Your imp can protect you from it with his greater disease shield. Use it if the bloodslimer is close and you are low on health, because it will heal up your health points too. Use the Imp's ranged attack to damage the bloodslimer, it deals a good portion of it. The Imp also has a push back spell that comes in handy if the bloodslimer comes close and you need more time to defeat the vilerats.

After your victory you get a shiny new steel short sword as a reward. Examine the rubble and find a metal box. Open it and discover the Sigil of Fire! [+100 Score].  

3.6 - Find the Sigil of Wind

Leave the area and go back up to the second level. Head north and climb up the ladder to the narrow passage of the first level and leave through the hole. Go to the west and then to the south where you see a wizard's hut in front of you. Use the knocker to enter it.

There is an Imp that blocks your way so you need to distract him. Use the apparatus and push some buttons. The mess will occupy him enough to enter the eastern part of the house. Examine the picture on the wall. Push the picture to reveal a secret passage and use the lever to open it. You can find a linen bag with a scroll of demagification in it. Take it and leave the secret abode. Use it on the magically sealed chest to open it. In the chest is an amethyst and the Sigil of Wind! [+100 Score]

In the western room you can have a talk with the famous wizard Thalanis Fizzlefist himself. Don't miss that opportunity.

3.7 - Bring the Sigils back to Jeremy

Head back to Jeremy. Take the quick way through the hole in the ground where you came from just outside of Fizzlefist's house. Talk with Jeremy about your mission and tell him that you've found all of the four Sigils [+100 Score] Things are not going too well again and it turns out that the Sigils don't provide enough energy. You need to melt them together to focus the energy.

3.8 - Join the Sigils

Move back to the master lab. Search each room for useful equipment. Examine the minerals, the eggs, and the urn around there and you should find a burning stone, a gynnia egg and some ashes. Take all of them with you. Read the odd note. It says: L, YWOB. Looks like some sort of code? Indeed it is, so keep it in mind, we'll soon have a use for it.

On the opposite side of Jeremy's cell you can find the device he spoke of. Now you need to combine the following things to achieve the desired effect:  

• The Sigil of Elements
• A burning stone
• Some ashes
• A gynnia egg
• An amethyst

All of these items should be in your inventory. The Sigil of Elements was already created by Jeremy after you gave him the four Sigils. The burning stone, the ash and the egg are found in the master lab, and the amethyst was in the chest in Fizzlefist's house.

Put all those items into the device and operate the letters in the right order. Read the odd note again to find out the right combination.

Hint: The letters in the note tell you the right order you need to push the buttons of the device. Each letter represents the color of the button. You also need to read the note backwards. "L" means that you should finish your effort by pulling the lever.

Special hint : Push the buttons in the following order: blue, orange, white, yellow and use the lever in the final step.

All right, you have just created some magical chunk! [+250 Score].Take it and bring it back to Jeremy [+500 Score].

Jeremy looks a bit irritated at the outcome but states that the chunk in your hands looks exactly as planned. Moments later the whole door explodes and slams open. Jeremy is finally free again.

[Continue with Walkthrough Part II]  

  31st Burning Heavens 1671 a.S.
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