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Finally you have released Jeremy out of his cell and found out that there was a hidden lever behind the bench to open the door from the inside. Jeremy appears to be quite uncomfortable about the current situation and urges you to have a look whether the slimers did any harm to the really important stuff in the laboratory, among them apparently an old artifact master Fizzlefist keeps hidden in the deeper areas.  
1 - Task: Entering the Laboratory

Some misgivings overcome you that Jeremy seems to attract trouble more than others and that it's not wise to stay any longer with him. But what is the truth about this artifact he mentioned? Could it possibly be the source of the magical eruption rather than the little illegal experiments of a young sorcerer's apprentice? - You decide to investigate the matter further and agree to accompany Jeremy for a while to check on said artifact.

1.1 - Proceed to the Deeper Labs

Go back to the first level. On your way upstairs you get attacked by some vicious slimers. They come from a distance and use ranged attacks.

Hint: You can move towards the slimers or use ranged attacks or scrolls to damage them.

After the battle move upstairs and head west. Pass the cell of the fireslimer and continue on the path until you come to a steel door. The door is locked and no slimers are in sight. Talk with Jeremy and agree to take a look inside to be sure. After Jeremy manages to open the door proceed to the west and examine the rack. Take the armour with you. Read the note, it says that a certain man called Ender pays a lot of sans for any dagger he can lay his hands on. Remember that tidbit of information, maybe you find something that you might be able to trade in later.  

The path to the north and south is blocked by a massive stone door that cannot be opened yet. Both of the doors have a strange indentation. The one to the north is round in shape and the southern one is a square. There is no way to get through these doors for now. The only possible way left is to head east of the southern stone door. There you can see an opening in the wall. As you take a closer look into the shaft Jeremy pushes the lever of the elevator and brings up all the nasty slimers that were trapped down in the darkness. It is best to take a retreat now. As you head back to the steel door it shuts with a loud noise right in front of you. It seems like both of you are trapped in the deeper laboratory!

Have a talk with Jeremy in front of the steel door about the current situation and devise a new plan. He has indeed heard about a hidden teleporter somewhere around, which his master often used to take the quick way out.  

2. Task: Look behind the stone doors

You are trapped in the deeper laboratory and at the moment there seems to be no obvious way out. Dangerous slimers were brought up from the pit by someone you don't want to think of right now and your plan to find out more about the artifact has become a minor matter.

For now it seems best to concentrate on getting out of the laboratory in one piece. Maybe the teleporter lies hidden behind one of these strange stone doors?  

2.1 - Open the first stone door (square stone)

The stone door with the indentation which looks like a square is on the first level of the Deeper Labs in the southern area. You need to find a fitting stone to open it. The only way left not blocked is the path to the east, which leads to the second level just south of the steel door. On the stairs downwards you get attacked by a black slimer which emerges from the grate.  

Hint: Jeremy has some useful spells in his repertory. The spell "Burning Regeneration" for example steadily increases your health over time and can be extremely helpful in dangerous situations. Just make sure to cast it in time to take full effect. Jeremy can drink some magic potions to regain some cár'áll.

Special hint: The black slimer is very resistant to fire. Jeremy's spell "Flame Control" works both on friendly as well as on hostile targets. It reduces the enemy's fire resistance by a large margin and is ideal in combination with his spell "Firebolt".  

After the fight you get rewarded with three skill points and a kilij blade. [+70 Score]

Hint: Open your Character Overview (C) and click on the plus button next to your portrait. You can spend your skill points on various fighting styles to make your character even stronger. Spend them wisely as there's a price if you want to undo your changes.

Leave the entrance and continue with your search in the southern rooms, the Storage Area. On your way to there you can find a cube of fireshake and some scrolls of undisease in a drawer. The scrolls are quite important because in one of the storage rooms you will get attacked by a giant rat which can infect you with a dangerous disease. After the fight with the rat examine the rack and the alcove and take everything you find with you. In the distance you can hear a familiar creepy noise. It is one of those bloodslimers you already had the pleasure to meet on the upper levels.  

Special hint: Use your skill "Devitalize" to counter the "Bloody Bite" skill of the bloodslimer. You can also protect yourself against it with the scroll of undisease.

After the fight take your reward and search the remains to find the square stone! [+35 Score] Move back to the stone door on the first level in the southern area. Use the square stone to open the door. You immediately get repelled by the stench of burned ashes and some other stuff you can't quite put a name on. Search the rooms for any useful items. Examine the bowls and don't forget to take the incense with you. In one of the rooms you can also find a torch and "Fizzlefist's diary".

It seems that Master Fizzlefist has found some ancient ruins, a mausoleum in the deeper laboratory that once was part of the Karthmor fortress that belonged to the necromancer Ta'Ivashi. He speaks about some sort of ritual that was in preparation. Unfortunately there is nothing else of interest in this area besides a cauldron that you don't have a use for yet.  

2.2 - Open the second stone door (round stone)

Stay on the second level and head to the northwestern area of it. You can find a khrumm scimitar and some black powder in one of the rooms. Make sure to equip the scimitar as soon as possible, it is quite a strong weapon after all. Read the research notes on the table to get some information about the artifact. To the east you can find another stone door, but there is no indentation to open it.

The stone door that has a round indentation is on the first level in the northern area. To get the stone, stay on the second level and head back to the staircase which leads to the first level. Enter the nearby platform and activate the lever of the elevator that leads you right down into the pit.

Leave the elevator and move clockwise. Examine the crater and fight against a small fireslimer which should not be a major problem for you by now. In the next room you get attacked by two fyraerworms, so be prepared for that. After the fight you might have leveled up and reached level five.

Hint: Distribute your attribute points as follows: +1 Strength, +2 Stamina, +2 Dexterity.  

Examine the bones and take the equipment with you. To the southeast you will get attacked by a big fire elemental.

Hint: Make use of Jeremy's spell "Flame Control". It is a key spell in this fight.

After the fight you get awarded with three additional skill points and a round stone! [+35 Score] In one of the next rooms you have to fight against two fyraerworms. Before you leave the pit and take the elevator back up make sure to examine the mushroom nearby and take the quepling with you.

Move back to the stone door on the first level in the northern area and use the round stone to open it. Enter the room and move to the west. You can find a bookcase inside with a strange pulsating movement that blocks the way to the western room. In the northern room take the Fizzler's hat, the book on colours and the strange dagger with you. Nothing else catches your attention and you can't nullify the magical barrier for now.  

2.3 - Open the third stone door (triangular stone)

The stone door with a triangular indentation next to it is on the second level northeast of the elevator to the pit. Stay in the northern area of the first level behind the stone door with the round indentation and go down. Unfortunately Jeremy drops the oil lamp on the way down and you need another light source to proceed further. Light the torch you found in the cooking area on the first level to discover the Mausoleum deep down beneath the tranquil fishing village of Nepris!

Follow the path to the south and suddenly you get again attacked by the same black slimer that managed to flee from the first confrontation. It has grown a good deal since then.

Hint: Use your inventory and choose the category "Food and Drinks" and regain your health points before you start the fight.

Special hint: The black slimer is very resistant to fire. Use Jeremy's spell "Flame Control" to overcome this problem. The slimer has become quite strong, so watch your action points and drink your elixirs in time if you are low on health.

Collect your reward after the battle. [+90 Score] Go to the southwestern area and you should find some shards. Examine them to find the triangular stone! There's more to discover, like a strange corridor to the south. As you want to pass the pressure plate a fireball nearly roasts you there! Looks like you cannot get through this part for now. So eventually you should leave the Mausoleum and head back up to the stone door on the second level near the elevator.  

Use the triangular stone to open the door. Go inside and examine the bookcases. Read the zombies book to discover a small silverphial note. The picture on the note looks a lot like the strange dagger you already have found. Apparently it can be filled with holy water to help you fight against ghosts. Remember that information, it might come in handy. There is also a book on soullinks that says that some powerful archmages are capable of linking their soul to a summoned creature. If that is the case it is very wise to not kill the summoned creature or it will release a devastating amount of car'all with deadly consequences. That information might come in handy later on.

To the west you can read a book about Ta'Ivashi and find out more about this mysterious necromancer. It seems that he was one of the reasons of the so called War of the Chosen that had spread like a plague over the continent of Sarvonia. He was the lord of Karthmor, a small citadel on the coast of the Adanian Sea. As he fell victim to an incurable and deadly illness, he managed to save his life with an artifact called the soulcatcher. The price to it was that he turned into a half man/half demon and began to drain the energy from the world around him to gain more power and strength. Eventually it is said that he turned into a full demon and was finally defeated by an army of druids and elves in the War of the Chosen.

Examine the rack and take the scroll of demagification with you. There is also a mysterious scroll that you can't decipher yet and a note that says something about a back room nearby, where the translation to it might be stored.

Unfortunately the passage to this room is blocked by some heavy rocks. Examine the rubble and take the gloves with you. Read the dirty paper and pick up the bronze key.  

In the eastern area you can find an imp sitting on a pedestal. Talk to him about the backroom and ask him to get the translations for you. He is small and can fly through the tiny hole after all. But to no avail. The imp seems to ignore you completely. At least you got a bronze key for your efforts, so let's see what you can do with that one.

Leave the area and go back up to the first level. Pass the stone door and head to the southern cooking area with the cauldron. To the east you can find a wooden chest. Use your bronze key to open it. [+75 Score]

In the chest you find a book on familiars. Read it to get some helpful information about imps in general. It seems that they are somehow attached to their masters but may also serve those who function as a proxy if they wear something that is familiar to their masters.

Go back to the imp with that information in mind and give the hat of the Fizzler to Jeremy. He now tries to command the imp to get him the scroll with the translations. And indeed - a while later he returns with the scroll of Ivashi. [+100 Score]

Ta'Ivashi's plan apparently was to resurrect his beloved who he had buried in the Mausoleum along with an artifact. But it looks like that never actually happened as he perished himself in the War of the Chosen as the legend in the book on the Beast told us. Talk to Jeremy about the scroll to forge a new plan.  

3. Task: Open the grave of Ta'Ivashi's love

If Ta'Ivashi really wanted to resurrect his beloved as described in the scroll, he must have made sure that there was a way for her to leave the Mausoleum. If you manage to find and open her grave maybe a hidden passage or hint is revealed that leads you right to the teleporter. You both come to the conclusion that - however weird it may sound - this plan might even work.

3.1 - Find the proper coffin

Move back to the first level and pass the stone door with the round indentation in the northern area. Use your scroll of demagification to nullify the magical aura on the bookcase that blocks the way to the west. [+40 Score]

Enter the secret passage and take the crowbar with you. That one might come in handy to open the grave. Examine the pedestal and take the tome of Arcana with you. Go east and proceed downwards to the Mausoleum again.  

There are more coffins than expected down there. However, the coffin in the very center of the catacombs is protected by a magical aura that keeps you from opening it. This must be the grave of Ta'Ivashi's love! But even so, it obviously is magically protected.

Well, let's have a look at the other coffins first - maybe you find something useful there. At least you've got a crowbar now, which you can use to open them. Open every coffin to see what's in there. Besides many levers you also find some unpleasant creatures which attack you. Among them are:  

- A skeleton priest
The skeleton priest's spell "Blazing Shield" is a fire type spell that protects it even against the most powerful physical attacks. Use Jeremy's spell "Flame Control" to dispel it.

- An undead
The undead's skill "Rotten Punsh" is quite formidable. The creature only uses it if you are low on health to finish you off.

- A warlord
The warlord seems to be weak at the first glance but has a strong defense and a good block rate with his shield. If you have a cube of fireshake to spare, make use of it, it might be the ideal situation. But make sure that you have at least one left at any time, because it can help you out in situations where you are stuck and can't defeat your opponent with regular means.

- A giant rat and some slimers

The levers you found obviously have no effect on the magical barrier in the center, whatever combination you might try. It looks like you need to perform the ritual yourself now as there seems to be no other way to open the central coffin. Thus: Move up to the first level and head south to the cooking area behind the door with the square stone.  

3.2 - Get the ingredients for the ritual

The scroll of Ta'Ivashi explains that you need to light both bowls of the altars at the Mausoleum, one with some incense and the other with an oily substance, the so-called maeh'em. Read the Arcana tome to learn more about the maeh'em. Among the ingredients to produce the oil are demon ashes.

Ok, first things first. Consult the Arcana tome and read up on how to create such a demon, from there it shouldn't be impossible to get some ashes. Eventually you'll dig up some helpful notes on that subject in the book:  

- Cyhalloian snow dunes of old
- Yealm spots on thy path, 'nough!
- Waiting in the cold
- Fire remains red
- Yet dead is not dead  

You also notice some crossed out notes about the last line of the verse. Two words raise your interest:

"Quepling" and "Pit". It must refer to the quepling you got from the depths of the pit. Take out the book on colours to translate the references to the colours to something regular mortals can understand. You come to the conclusion that the procedure to summon the mentioned demon implies the following steps:

1. Use the cauldron
2. Empty the cauldron
3. Cyhalloian snow = use the white powder
4. Yealm = use the beige liquid
5. Wait for a while
6. Wait for a while
7. Fire remains red = use the red cube
8. Yet dead is not dead = use the quepling

Examine the shape you have just created and a fire demon will arise from the cauldron! Defeat it and take its ashes. On another bookmark of the Arcane Tome you can look up details about how to create the oily substance referred to as the maeh'em:  

- First thou takest the ourmar'al and putst the powder into that what is life, so that it lends it a rich gnastheen.
- The ithild kaa'nash is the next thou may need, then let it boil as it is for a while.
- Finally thou has to stir it and then add immediately coor'marim.
- But the mae'hem is not complete without the potency of a demon's ash. Let it sink in, so it may dissolve, let it become thick and dark as the night.

You also notice that next to the word "coor'marim" someone has scribbled the word "nor". These instructions lead you to the conclusion that you can break down the procedure on how to create the maeh'em into the following steps:

1. Use the cauldron
2. Empty the cauldron
3. Gnastheen = use the green powder
4. Ithild = use the silver liquid
5. Wait for a while
6. Stir
7. coor'marim (nor) = use the black cube
8. Use the ash of the demon

You have created the maeh'em! [+120 Score]

3.3 - Perform the ritual

Head back to the entrance corridor to the Mausoleum and use incense on the first altar and maeh'em on the second one. [+90 Score] An uneasy feeling overcomes you as you hear strange noises echoing through the crypt, which is now engulfed with wafts of dark mist. You might have awakened something!  

Carefully you move back into the catacombs. In the east you can find a basin. If you've read the instructions on how to refill the dagger in the library you can now talk to Jeremy about the weapon and he'll fill it with holy water to help you against the spectral beings that were released by the ritual. [+150 Score]

Search the area around the central coffin and defeat all of these creatures - there are three of them. As they are floating around it might take a bit to encounter all of them.

Hint: Equip your crystal dagger before you go into a battle against these creatures.

Special Hint: Special skills can't trigger the effects that are unique to a weapon, so make sure to use your "Standard Attack" to get the maximum damage out of your crystal dagger when fighting the spectres. As soon as the spectres have vanished the swooshing noises stop and the magical barrier of the coffin in the middle finally breaks.

Hint: Make sure to equip your standard weapons again.  

As you go back to the coffin in the center you make a shocking discovery. A lich climbs out of it and starts to attack you. The ritual has really worked because it is Ta'Ivashi's love herself!

Special Hint: The Chasm Fiends can heal, so make sure to kill them first. Avoid the Chasm Demon, the one who is easily recognizable as it's the one with the skull, otherwise it will explode and knock Jeremy to the ground. The Chasm Demon Is extremely dangerous because it's a soul-linked creature - remember the book you found on that subject before! When the Lich Queen starts to cast "Boundless Wrath", kill the Chasm Devil as soon as possible to break her connection to it and weaken her.

After the battle examine the coffin and take the parchment with you. [+300 Score]  

4. Task: Find the teleporter

You have defeated the Lich Queen and obtained the parchment with the instructions on how to leave this place. You don't want to spend any more time in the Mausoleum and decide to set off immediately. The last thing you want is to encounter the necromancer Ta'Ivashi while you stand next to the corpse of her. Well, fortunately he is said to have perished quite a while ago, so that's that.

4.1 - Follow the instructions of the parchment

Read the parchment and a specific verse will catch your eyes:

To leave this place of darkest night,
Have with thee only priest and knight,
Yet mage and peasant leave behind,
As they are not thy soul's one kind.

Maybe it refers to the position of the levers and maybe if you put them into the right position the mechanism of the pressure plate to the south gets deactivated and it will be safe to pass the menacing stone face eventually. The verse must mean that the levers of the coffins where priest and knight rest need to be in the upper position, the levers where mage and peasant lie have to remain in the lower position.

Therefore, look for the coffins with the following inscriptions or significant details, all of these levers need to rest in an upper position:

- Looks like a warlord of sorts is entombed here. (lever up)
- Coffin of the Lich Queen (lever up)
- A scythe sparkles out of the darkness of the tomb. As the scythe is the symbol of Queprur, the Goddess of Death it's the tomb of the priest. (lever up)

The other levers need to be in a lower position.

As you push the last lever into the right direction the glow in the eyes of the stone face fades. It is safe to go through the southern hallway now. [+170 Score]

On your way down to the deeper Mausoleum don't forget to examine the metal panel and to take the arrows and elixir with you. Climb down the ladder and head north into the Inner Sanctum. Some kind of magic force protects the strange black orb in the middle of the Sanctum. That must be the artifact everyone talks about! Jeremy's face looks a bit relieved - at least no slimer was able to put its "hands" on it yet. But even if you'd like to grab the orb and bring it back to the Ximaxian Academy to complete your secret mission - apparently it is somehow magically protected.  

To the north you can see a pillar nearby. On top of it is a button whose shape looks a lot like the golden amulet of the Lich Queen - a shield with two horns on top of it. You need to put on the amulet before you push the button or the mechanism won't work. [+50 Score]

Congratulations, you've activated a teleporter! But suddenly the whole structure becomes unstable and sand starts to trickle down from above.  

Out of nowhere, the black slimer - probably attracted by the magic you've activated - drops down from the ceiling behind you and uses the moment of surprise to attack. No! Somehow it was able to consume the whole artifact, magically protected or not. The energy the slimer radiates now overwhelms the both of you!

Special hint: The black slimer can knock you down for some rounds, so make sure to always watch your health. Before your final stroke hits the black slimer it manages again to flee from the fight. But this time through the teleporter you've just created by pushing the button. Incredible! At least, after the whole search it seems that you've finally found your way out! [+100 Score] Follow the slimer and enter the teleporter.  

5. Task: Find a way out of the Temple

This bloody black slimer escaped again! But with the discovery of the teleporter your hope slowly rises that you will soon breathe fresh air and see daylight again. But at the moment you are still deep beneath Nepris in the Temple of Ivashi with no stairway around that leads to the surface. You both agree that it's best to chase after the black slimer and follow its pools of black ooze for now.  

5.1 - Activate the installations

However, the black slimmer soon manages to escape and you are unable to follow. Examine the wall in the corridor and take the sapphire that is stuck in the gooey mass. You can find some explosive arrows to the east as well if you examine the rubble. Take the path to the west at the end of the corridor.

In the southern area you can find a room with a gigantic book that lies on a pedestal and a stairway that leads down to a portal which is guarded by a large, yet immobile stone golem.  

Comment: It is strongly advised now to experience both of these quests without any hints. But be warned that this area is very dangerous and that you might die, but there is also a powerful treasure that awaits you. As both quests are not needed for our adventure we will skip this area.
In the northern area you find three magical installations. A blood gem is placed in one of them already. The other two are empty. You consider the layout of the Inner Sanctum with its three alcoves to the north, east and west and compare it with the way the magical installations are arranged. Let's have a closer look: You've activated the teleporter in the northern alcove in the Inner Sanctum and the northern magical installation is obviously activated. Maybe by activating the other installations you can get another teleporter to work? Therefore place the sapphire you've found in the wall into the western installation. Indeed, it seems that you have just activated another teleporter. Head back to the Inner Sanctum to the western room and you'll find said activated teleporter.

You get a glimpse of a crypt as you look into the teleporter and hesitate for a moment. But Jeremy takes the matter into his own hands and moves right through it. A moment later he returns with a ruby in his hands. That must have been the crypt of a really rich guy! Your hopes to escape soon dwindle as you discover that the teleporter is rather unstable.

Head back to the three installations and place the ruby into the one in the eastern room. [+60 Score] Another teleporter gets activated in the eastern room of the Inner Sanctum. It now makes sense to you why the installations have the shape of a triangle. A teleporter on every edge, and now you've activated the last one.  

5.2 - Escape the Tower of Death

Enter the last teleporter and you find yourself in a tower with narrow corridors. It is called the Tower of Death, and there must be a reason why it's bearing this name. As you move around in the building it looks like you're going in circles. But as you pay close attention and consider that you're in a tower you start to realize that you're actually moving through various levels of the structure! If you enter certain rooms you get teleported to another level. An item you've dropped or found lying there won't be there anymore once you've teleported to another level.

Hint: There's no need to take the pebbles you find in the tower by the way, they're here to help you! At least someone tried to use them for orientation, so feel free to accept the help!

When exactly a teleportation happens also becomes clear if you listen and watch carefully - it briefly gets dark and there's a strange eerie sound accompanying the teleportation. The main question is: On which level do you end up after being teleported? Well, there is a lever on each level which reveals exactly on which level you are currently located. Just pull it and listen, then count the clicks it makes. Only one lever refuses to be pulled - the one on level 3. Just ignore it for now.

It's not easy navigating through the tower, but only the brave endure, so stick with it. Anyway, on the map above you have everything you need to get through the tower. Your goal is to reach level three and enter the room which is marked with "out".

To give you a few pointers on how to move around: On level one there are two ways how you can get to the second level (both marked with a "2") - one opportunity is to enter the south-eastern room, the other is to enter the eastern room. If you enter a teleporter you end up on the very same position on the next level, so in case you've entered the south-eastern teleporter on level one you'll find yourself in the south-eastern room in level two. From there you can either go back to the first level if you enter the south-western teleporter (marked "1") or head to the fifth level by entering the north-eastern teleporter (marked "5"). The third level is inaccessible from this side however. And so on. If you pay close attention to where you are and you've got the map at hand it's not that difficult after all to navigate through this labyrinth.

5.3 - Solve the riddle of the gargoyles

After you've made your way through the Tower of Death you find yourself in another corridor with gargoyles sitting there in a row and at the end of it there's a pillar composed of stone rats, a symbol of death. Some of the gargoyles have glowing eyes, some don't. There's also something peculiar about the winged creature sitting in the center of the lot. At its spot you discover a mysterious description etched into the floor. It reads:

"I stand for the Twilight's Heart.
And Life and Death I keep apart.
Yet I hear the Darkness speak in me,
the blackest veil that drowns all glee.

There's need to step away from here,
there's need to step away, don't fear,
see, first there is embrace of light,
to again be swallowed by the night.

Remember this, wherever you go,
dark is the heart that told you so."

You talk to Jeremy and notice that there are five pairs of gargoyles and five levers at each level of the Tower of Death. There must be a connection! You conclude that if you bring the lever at the first level into an upper position it causes the first gargoyle's eyes to glow. The second lever connects to the second gargoyle and so on.

Another description near the end of the corridor where you found the rat column reads: "A change of heart is all that is required". These words sound like instructions, especially as you read the first line at the gargoyle in the center: "I stand for the Twilight's Heart". The gargoyle's eyes are glowing brightly, but you need to "change the heart", so it looks like you need to turn it off. There's still that lever which steadfastly refuses to be operated on the third level of the tower. Maybe the inscription next to this gargoyle sheds some light on what to do next.  

It reads: "There's need to step away from here." It seems that the central gargoyle wants you to be your starting position and it wants you to move to the north or south of it.

"First there is embrace of light, to again be swallowed by the night."

It doesn't really matter in which direction you move first because the gargoyle at the first step you take needs to be lit and on your second step to be dark.

Hint: If you start from the third gargoyle and go north, the fourth gargoyle needs to be lit and the fifth to be dark. If you go south: Gargoyle number two needs to be lit, and number one has to stay dark. If everything is done properly you should be able to put the central gargoyle into darkness.

Hint: On the map of the Tower of Death you see the position of the levers they need to rest in. "U" means upper position, "L" means lower position.  

Head back to the Tower of Death to operate the levers accordingly. After you've put them into the right position, move to the third level of the tower and push the last lever, the one that couldn't be moved before. This one should put the eyes of the gargoyle into darkness. It's finally time to check the central gargoyle and see if your plan has worked. The eyes have indeed lost their glimmer. But upon re-entering the corridor you notice that everything else has become unstable and the whole place starts to crumble. Darkness engulfs you and a monster rat jumps at you, ready to attack!

Hint: The monster rat is quite sneaky and backs away from the combat if it is hurt. Don't let your own health drop to low or it will be confident enough to jump on you again.

After the monster rat is dead run to the north and leave the temple as fast as you can. [+150 Score] On your way out you see a strange crystal to your left. Touch it to replenish health and cár'áll. Eventually you reach a rat pillar which is actually a teleporter that leads you to a much safer place. Touch it to leave the Mausoleum once and for all. [+500 Score]  

  31st Burning Heavens 1671 a.S.
Information provided by Grinch