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he Story of Me. Well, once upon a time, not so long ago in a city so very at the heart of everything, a beautiful baby girl was born. But that has little to do with me, so let’s forget that one. I was born at 1:07 AM, in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada on the 14th day of October, 1965. That is exactly 999 years to the day of the Battle of Hastings, where William the Conqueror defeated the Saxon King Harold for rule of Britain. What has that to do with me? Again, nothing, but I’m filling space to make an otherwise boring life look incredibly rich.

Picture of Darren

I grew up in a home where my father was on the road a lot, and my mother often followed. I was the oldest of three boys and was put into the care of my grandparents for much of my young life. In 1975, my father passed away, and I was sent back home with my mother, who was ill equipped to try and raise 3 rambunctious children on her own. As such, I was too much for her to handle and went back with my grandparents after several tumultuous years. Writing was an escape from this, and all my free time was spent writing fantasy escapist stories.

Raised by strict, but very loving grandparents, I grew out of my rebellious years and learned how to be a man. Or so I thought. I saw things in black and white, and was a very hard man to please. I married in mid 1986, and was divorced by early 1988. That was the Year of Darkness, as I refer to it now. My wife left me for my best friend, and both my grandparents passed away. My world completely dissolved around me.

The next few years are a bit foggy, as drink and wild women filled my life. To say it was fun would be an understatement. It was great, but I was not happy. My life was hollow, and I was nothing like the man I had hoped to be; that I thought I was when my grandparents were alive. My writing was placed on a shelf, and there it would stay for many years. I bought an acreage and my brother and I raised purebred Morgan Horses.

In 1991, I met my soulmate, Rizpah. She would bring me back from the edge of the abyss, and give me something to live for. A year later, my daughter was born, in an emergency surgery that nearly cost both of them their lives. Melissa-Ann was born 10 weeks early, 3 lbs 6 ounces, and spent nearly 2 months in the hospital. I prayed to the god I had grown to hate after the death of my grandparents, whom I had blamed and declared an outright war. I prayed that He let them both live, and that I would put aside my hate, that I would dedicate myself to being a good man once more. Melissa-Ann would live, and would be my pride and joy; my Critter, as I called her, much to her mother’s chagrin. I knew that was her nickname in that brief few seconds after she was born that they let me touch her and she gripped my little finger with fingers of her own that were no wider than toothpicks, just before she was rushed to the neo-natal unit. My Critter.

Rizpah and I took Melissa-Ann home shortly before my birthday, weighing less than 5 lbs. We dressed her in Cabbage Patch doll clothes, as at that time, preemie baby clothes were still too big for her. Toys-R-Us was our clothing store. So there were the 4 of us; myself, Shannel (Rizpah’s daughter from her first marriage, whom I consider my eldest daughter), Rizpah and Melissa-Ann. It was wonderful for a time; but happiness was never to last.

Rizpah’s health continued to deteriorate, and we lost a baby. In 1996, we gave up the acreage and moved to Calgary to be closer to her doctors. Near Christmas of 1998, she passed away. In the next few years, I repeated all the mistakes my mother had made and I had condemned her for. I desperately tried to find a mother for my children, and in doing so brought misery to a great many people. Pain seems to be the legacy I leave those whom I touch.

My daughters are moved on, raising beautiful daughters of their own. I could not be prouder of either of them, though I live far from them and have little in the way of regular contact. Instead, I have turned from a person of the world, to one of self imposed exile. I try to keep to myself; trying to avoid causing pain to more innocent lives.

In April of 2007, I discovered this site, as I was trying to rediscover my love for writing. Since then, I have immersed myself into it. I live through this site, using it to get back into writing. The people here have made me feel welcomed, and it has come to mean so very much to me. On the RPG side, I have developed a persona that I had always wanted to be in real life. In Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin, I can be the man I had wanted to be.

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Date of Birth
14th October, 1965
Forklift Operator, Shipper/Receiver, Commodity Buyer
English, poor English, atrocious English (with a mysterious Southern Drawl especially when drunk)
Edmonton, Alberta
Nationality Canada Canadian
MSN: Yahoo: dantes_purgatorio
Favourite Books
"Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire", "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy, "Dragonlance" Chronicles (The original Trilogy), "War and Peace"
Favourite Music
George Strait, Trisha Yearwood, and nearly everything country
Favourite Games
...Nekkid Twister... though the older I get the less people want to play... except for my creepy neighbour Mr Wu...
Favourite Movies
"Somewhere in Time", "Braveheart", "Gone With the Wind", "Excalibur", "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy
Favourite Sport Hockey and the Edmonton Oilers
Hobbies Writing, History, Cooking
Santharian Focus
Remusian Men and all the areas of the Icelands Coast, Admin and Story Mod on the RPG side
Joining Date
27th April 2007 (9th April 2007 on the RPG side)

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Commitment Badge 2007
Altario definitely has to be accounted to the highlights of development in 2007, even though he is also still quite new at the Santharian development board. Focussing on the Sarvonian North he has made a plethora of entries in this regard, ranging from the Iceland Wison over the magnificent Frozen Tombs of Gourdynn until the Amulet of Nechya's Rope and a Remusian Awl Game - just to name a few entries. Altario's work has great variety and this makes it exceptionally entertaining to read and comment on! More please!

The Best Masterwork Award 2009
Winning entry:
"The Remusian Men"

Unsurprisingly, the clear winner for this award was Altario, everyone’s favourite Remusian, for his epic-sized entry, "The Remusian Men". The amount of work, research and imagination that went into this prodigious entry was overwhelming and those of us who read and commented were extremely impressed. Congratulations to you, Altario, you are an inspiration to us!

The Best Race/Tribe Award 2009
Winning entry:
"The Remusian Men"

For quite a long time the ice tribes have been a mystery for those who reside in the South. Well no longer! Altario not only provided the basic information of the Remusian Ice tribe, he went the extra mile, and provided rich information on subjects such as Remusian engineering, the Kor’och faith, and details on punishments for traitors and magic users. The entry had such a major impact that it also won the award for Best Masterwork as well. A magnificent accomplishment! Definitely a wonderful example of a thorough entry and one that Altario can be proud of. A well deserved entry for the "Best Race/Tribe Award 2009".

The Sage of the Year Award 2010
Every community experiences from time to time tensions, quarrels come uninvited along the way. That may be the case even more so when artists meet - be they painters, writers or idea providers - for are they not said to be more sensitive than normal people, more easily offended, quicker to fume about something, well, a difficult breed in general?

In such a situation it is essential to have somebody to mediate, somebody to calm the storm and smooth the waves which threat to overturn the community. Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin is such a person - besides being one of the master developers of the North, venturing in Religion and Cosmology (earning an award there this year also) and running a great story on the RPG-boards.

His famous soapbox speeches have helped a lot to talk sense back into the members, his words have cooled down angry hearts and the way he worded his appeals made it possible to accept what he said. He also put a lot of effort in writing emails and PMs to various members to mediate between them and though he was not always successful his friendly, cheerful and often humorous nature, his dedication and love for the dream, made him the right person to to master this difficult task. Thank you for being a true friend, Altario!

The Best Religion & Mythology Entry Award 2010
Winning entry:
"The Remusian Patron of Warriors Kor'och"

It is not easy to please the moderators of the Cosmology and Religions forum, for entries in this area are often difficult to execute. With the Kor‘och, the Remusian Warrior Patron however, Altario has given us an excellent example of a patron. The entry is clear in its structure, the development from man to patron - or god in some cases - convincingly described. The examples of miracles which let to the belief that Kor‘och will help warriors in need are beautifully designed and written. The scholarly aspect of this entry does not take away the fascination such a special man exhibits, on the contrary, it makes it the more believable, that in fact, up there in the far North, a common man ascended to become a patron, if not a god. Now I‘m curious to read about Kor‘och, the man, and Kor‘och, the god - entries, which will hopefully follow soon!

The Best Race/Tribe Award 2011
Winning entry:
"The Vertan Men"

Altario already won the Award for Best Race/Tribe entry with his Remusian Men masterwork in 2009, so with his Vertan Men he continues the tradition of high quality tribe entries for the Sarvonian North. And the result is pretty cool, pun intended! Alt's blue men and masters of the ice are full with fresh ideas resulting in a unique culture: Where else in the whole of Caelereth can you find people who carve everything out of ice, even hunt with icicle harpoons and where does a whole community revolves around ice miners creating a web of tunnels to live in stretching in all directions? If we're talking about Ice Tribes, Alt also makes sure that everyone knows what that means with this entry - a very distinct kind of folk with its very own idiosyncrasies. They might shun the rest of their world, yet are fascinating for what they are. By now we even have the entry illustrated thanks to Seeker, as inspiration travels fast in Caelereth!


Miscellaneous 2007 - The Salsair Horse Festival, Bestiary 2007 - The Wison, Newcomer 2007, Best Commentor 2010

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