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 was born in a small town in Pennsylvania where I lived with my Mom and Dad, two younger sisters, and my Half-Aunt and Uncle on my Dad's side. My aunt and uncle are like a sister and brother to me because they were raised by my parents. My parents raised them because my dad's mother was unfit. We never see her and when she calls my dad gets upset. We lived there for 9 and a half years of my life and then picked up and moved to Wyoming after my aunt graduated and my uncle left to live with someone else.


We stayed in Wyoming for 11 months, part of this time was with my Aunt on my mother's side. This was a very enjoyable year for me as I had cousins to play with and loads of space to play in. We went to Arizona on vacation to meet my Dad's Father and Step-Mother and the rest of his family. At the time I didn't know that my dad was also considering moving there. After we came home my dad packed up and went back to Arizona to get a job and house for us. We moved to Arizona just as school ended and the heat of Arizona's summer hit us like a brick. We stayed indoors or in the pool for most of our first Arizona summer.

My sister and I weren't doing well in school and in fact hadn't been doing well since we moved from Pennsylvania. My parents held my sister back from going on to second grade and had a long talk with both of us. My dad promised us that we
would never move again and that this was our own permanent house. We began to settle in.

I grew into a moody teenager as kids tend to do and gave my parents wrinkles and grey hairs enough to last them until my sisters came of age. We got a computer and the internet when I was 16 years old. This I soon became attatched to and frequently entered the chat rooms. I got myself into a lot of trouble in one of these chatrooms and a large incident involving the police happened keeping me from the internet for a long time. My parents gradually allowed me to have my privileges back but monitored me for a while. Eventually everything was back to normal again, and I had learned many valuable lessons.

I spent over two years of my life with the boy I thought I was going to marry. He lived in England so the relationship required very high maintenance. I went to England for a month after the first year and he asked me to marry him. We began to plan out our wedding. He came to Arizona for a month just before summer, to attend my senior prom with me and to see me graduate highschool. I went back to England for four months and we celebrated our second year anniversary. After I came home again, things began to tumble. He broke off our engagement and we went our separate ways.

I took a year out after I finished highschool to concentrate more on my relationship and to figure out just what I wanted to do. I decided to go to University to be a highschool English teacher. Since then, I have changed my plans, and am now considering a career in the US Navy.

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gfx gfx
Date of Birth
24th November, 1983
English (native), learning Spanish
Arizona US
Nationality USA American
Messengers Yahoo:
Favourite Books
I mostly enjoy Sci Fi- Fantasy books. Some of my most influential authors include: Brian Jacques, Douglas Adams, Marion Zimmer Bradley, J.R.R.Tolkien, Aldous Huxley, Melanie Rawn, J.K. Rowling and Orson Scott Card.
Favourite Music
My music varies from the Beatles, the Doors and Jim Croce to Strokes, eels, Bad Manners, Madness, Modest Mouse and Weezer.
Favourite Games
I'm not very fond of too many games, probably because my parents made us play games at least once a week with them if we'd liked it or not. I do however enjoy pool, softball, football-both american and english, the game of life, monopoly and chess.
Hobbies I enjoy rollerblading, playing sports, reading, writing, collecting shells and rocks and oddities such as dried out frogs, and gardening with my dad.
Santharian Focus
Writer of poems and music and creator of beasties, plants and diseases.
Joining Date
January 6th, 2003

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gfx gfx
gfx gfx

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