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irstly, I would like to say that you should all thank me for not inflicting my ugly mug upon you with a photo. The camera and I had a disagreement many years back, and so appear to have parted ways for good. I may let you know if the situation changes, but currently it seems permanent. [Edit Artimidor: We finally did manage to get photo of the famous Artemis (see below), so what is there to say? All concerns were definitely completely unfounded... *whistles*]

Shireen a.k.a. Artemis

Shireen a.k.a. Artemis, the famous Queen of Aeruillin.

I was born on the best day there is (August the 6th - ensures that every year I get sun on my birthday). I was a very difficult birth - they needed forceps to get me out, I was so big! However, I was the perfect child (my mum often asks, what happened.) I went to primary school (obviously, it would have been illegal for me not to go), did well, my finest achievement was probably being made hall monitor (which meant I got to miss 20 mins from my lessons each day - whoopee!). Probably the funniest (and worst) thing that happened when I was young, is that I decided to roller-skate in my box-like bedroom when I was eight, and fell down and cut my chin open. I refused to let my mum put the flap of skin back on my face and bear the scar to this day. I also have very nice chickenpox scars on my forehead.

So, I went to secondary school, not much happened there. They say that school days are the best days of your life. Well, mine were fairly mundane and boring. I did pretty well in my GCSE's (English important exams) I got all A's which proved a whole ton of people wrong.

Then, my life took a dramatic turn. I discovered... GOOD MUSIC! WOW! And, I learnt the meaning of the word individual - my passion for the strange and weird went into overdrive, and caused me to dye my hair a variety of colours, including blue, which turned grey after a week, and pink, which turned ginger. So, I gave up on hair dying, and now my hair is its own natural colour of blonde. I've always wanted to dye my hair black though, just one of those things that I will probably never do.

So then, I went onto Sixth Form to do my A levels. I studied Biology, German, Maths and Chemistry with the aim of going to University to study medicine. Only that didn't quite happen. I hated Chemistry. Actually, I didn't hate all of it, just most. I found it so hard to understand as well, especially since we had the most boring teacher possible for one half of the course. His name was Mr. Piers-Dent. I mean, a guy with a name like that, you have to be able to understand and sympathise! I enjoyed the other half of the course, because in that half we got to do explosions and other similar things. On our last day of term, our teacher taught us how to make bombs out of alka-setzer tablets. So, my memories of Chemistry are not all bad. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I only got a D overall in it, meaning that I couldn't do medicine.

So, I ended up applying to do Biology, and got in at a pretty good University (Cardiff) to do that. If I get a First Class Honours Degree in it, and I still really want to be a doctor, then I can do a four year postgraduate medical course. So, it could still all work out. I really enjoy Biology anyway, and if I don't get the first then I will be quite happy being a biology teacher perhaps. Then I get school holidays during in which I can write my books.

Oh yeah I've I worked for my gap year (the main aim of which was to earn money, because University is so expensive!) as a Junior Matron in a boarding prep (ages 7-13 yrs) girls school. It was really fun most of the time. For the first term I worked as Junior House Matron which meant that I worked with the girls all day, everyday. Then, in the second and the third terms I got to be the Galloping Matron, which was fantastic and allowed me to fulfil a lifelong childhood dream of learning to ride. I worked in the stables during the day, and with the children morning and evening. It was exhausting and hard work, but I loved it. According to my dad (who knows about these things) I worked illegal hours when I was there, because I only had about two hours off between 7.30 am and 10 pm. Oh well. The pay wasn't fantastic, but all in all, I don't regret spending my gap year the way I did at all!

So now I'm at University, doing important, exciting things like sleeping, eating little, going out lots and being poor. Oh, I'm learning a little bit of Biology in between also.

What am I like? Well, I can be quite shy, but when I do get to know people I open up and spout of lots of silly nonsense like geraniums taste nice. Even though I have never actually tasted a geranium. I tend to be rather sarcastic, and not take things seriously which annoys even myself sometimes. Ack. I hate this whole describing yourself thing. One thing I can say, is that I'm highly pessimistic, which I see as a good thing, because if you always go around thinking the worst is about to happen, and it doesn't, you spend your life eternally happy! See the logic?

Anyway, I have two sisters, who I love very much, a mother and a father, both whom I love very much. My cat, Poppy, I love her very much also. I love my bed very much, but I love sleeping in it more.


I also annoy people greatly be using rANDom CapitaliZatioN for words that need no capitalization, so they say, and by always adding :D :D :D at the end of all my posts for no apparent reason.

:D :D :D

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Female (have alway been and always will be!)
Date of Birth
August the 6th, 1985, a sad day for civilisation as you know it...
A poor, misguided, mistreated student... (feel sorry for me!)
English, and German at 'A' level standard (but don't let that fool you into thinking I'm any good!)
A village in England where nothing happens all day long, called Pucklechurch.
Nationality United Kingdom British! Woohoo!

Everything else than MSN is EVIL (especially Yahoo! Messenger, which managed to send me UNSAVOURY messages when I used to have it. I took great pleasure in uninstalling it from my computer...)

Favourite Authors
Have you got all day? I could read for England! I read generally fantasy, and a little sci-fi... I like David Eddings ("The Redemption of Althalus" is a FANTASTIC book! Read it!) Also, Anne McCaffrey has a
brilliant "Dragonriders of Pern" series, that I love to bits. Erm... who else... well, there's J.K. Rowling (forget the film, the books are amazing) and also Ian Irvine. There's my childhood favourite, C.S. Lewis, I'm not ashamed to admit that I do still read the "Narnia" series. There's "Lord Of The Rings" of course, and Amy Stout has written a good series, can't remember what it's called right now... I like the books on Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey, and a whole bunch of stuff by someone called Catherine Fischer. Anyway... I could go on and on... I think you get the picture...
Favourite Music
Well, I like rock. And rock. And a little bit more rock thrown in for fun. I enjoy most genres, from melodic to death metal. The only two types I really can't stand are alt-punk (things like the sex pistols, yes, I know Iˇ¦m supposed to like them, but I don't!), most indie type rock and ska. ARGH! Ska annoys me so much, I think I'd rather go and put a drill through my head than listen to it. I mean, sometimes you actually get a decent guitar riff on a ska track (although this is rare) and suddenly in comes this stupid trumpet/trombone/sax and starts tooting away. Oooooook, it makes me want to scream just thinking about it! My current favourite bands are as follows: Rage Against The Machine, Span, SikTh, Dillinger Escape Plan, Finch, Nightwish, Lostprophets, Taproot, The Donnas... I could go on and on.

I also occasionally like some classical music, I adore the Lord of the Rings soundtracks, they are so sublime and yet dramatic. Actually, once I was listening to ROTK soundtrack in bed, with the light off, and it was scaring me so much I had to turn it off! Eeeek! I can't believe that I just admitted to that!
Favourite Games
I could write an essay in this space. But I won't. I'll keep it simple. I like Might and Magic series, Tomb Raider, Baldur's Gate, but the ultimate game series is definitely Final Fantasy. If you haven't played it, then your life is incomplete. Go get it NOW! There. That was fairly simple. :D
Hobbies Writing (obviously). I love to write, and in my wildest dreams I hope to get a book published from one of the many I have clogging up my hard-drive. I also love to ride horses, ever since my gap year. There are so few things in this life better that galloping across a hill, surrounded by nothing but the countryside, on horseback. It's such an expensive addiction to have however, so I don't get to ride half as often as I like. I love listening to good music and going to gigs, especially gigs with bands with extensively gorgeous lead singers. Not that I'm shallow or anything. I like windsurfing; I don't do it half as often as I'd like either. I like messing around and customising my own clothes, although I am rather useless at doing so, some items turn out OK.

My current favourite hobby, being that I am an overworked and overstressed student, is sleeping.
Santharian Focus
Aeruillin and the fae. And that's all :D
Joining Date
September 15th, 2002

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gfx gfx

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