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keydokey! You wanted some photos of the fabulous creator of this site and this although I've warned you that I'm definitely not the Brad Pitt type of guy. Your fault! Well, here is a real life picture of the famous Artimidor which was taken after I have persuaded myself that a good website needs at least one image of its creator - which will also remain the maximum I will publish here (ok, I will think again about it once I deem the bribes are appropriate enough *hehe*).


As you may count existing photographs of myself in the whole world with one hand this picture is also somewhat unique, so keep this sacred view in mind - next time eventually I will see if I can find a razor too... The picture represents myself in a very rare moment when I'm not stressed or in utter despair - so it must be a  painting then, eh?

Though the photo above convinces most Santharians that the webmaster is a real, existing person and not a legendary figure who only sprang from your own imagination, some Santharians have their own picture of Arti in their minds. Our famous Singaporean writer Dalá'Valannía for example called Arti "her knight in shining armour" as well as a "fuzzy bunny" (original quotes). Now as this really seems like a very interesting combination, Poland's finest artist, Faugar the Great, couldn't resist and tried to put this vision into drawn reality. Well, you can see the results to the right... *grin*

And here some things about life, the universe and everything, but in general something about myself:

Arti as bunny in shiny armour

In the beginning... (1972-1978)
That's quite a long time ago - and I didn't have the slightest idea what was going on then. I don't have any terrible nor terrific memories, so it couldn't have been that bad all in all. But let's skip that one.

Primary school (1978-1982)
Oh, good old primary school! I made this fundamental experience in Kemeten, a rather small village somewhere in Burgenland, don't feel ashamed if you don't know where to put it.

Grammer school (1982-1990)
Visited grammer school - or as Austrians say: the AHS Gymnasium - in Oberschützen.

University (1990-1994)
This was the time when I went to Vienna - that's a town you definitely should know of - in order to conquer the world, and if time allowed to study communication arts and philosophy.

The whole thing was done in 1994 when I completed my studies with an overwhelming philosophical work consisting of 269 pages, titled "Eine Ästhetik der Existenz" ("An Aesthetics of the Existence"), subtitled "Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Foucault als Wegmarken zum postmodern Anderen der Moral" ("Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Foucault guiding us to postmodern ethics").

Never heard of Nietzsche or Kierkegaard? Don't know the meaning of the term "postmodernism"? No interest in today's tendencies of morality towards sensuality? No idea about "aisthesis" and its consequences in everyday life? No? - Can't be! Anyway, if you think that your ethics can agree to live without this crucial wisdom, then congratulations: You've won! - Just let me emphasize that I told you that you're going to miss one of the greatest philosophical experiences in your life in case you should decide not to read my work! No remorse? Ok then, let it be.

And now for something completely different...

Community service (1994)
Law in Austria wants it to have that young innocent males enter military service to do some kind of war games everybody dislikes. It was decided that I would be fit for the job, which means physically healthy, not completely insane (sort of, they take practically everyone there). But due to my personal conviction that shooting Quake-monsters is by far much more fun than playing war games in reality I did my best to avoid military services.

So that's why I had to do community service as first aider at Vienna's Red Cross. This part in my life was really interesting, most of the time great fun and I still miss some drivers (hello Walter!) as well as other Quake-players doing the same job with me day in, day out.

Various jobs (1995-1996)
Having lots of ideas and plans but not knowing where to begin, I entered the difficult part of life: Finding the right job. Which means on the one hand to earn some money and on the other hand not to become completely dissatisfied with life.

So that's why I stayed a little while longer at the Red Cross doing my job as first aider professionally, then turned to a local provincial newspaper.

There I worked in some sort of "leading position" - which meant in particular that I had to do everything in every possibly respect to get the paper out: interview people, check every possible political and social event, make snapshots, get new stories, write these stories, do layouts, hunt up advertisements, plan future editions and, and, and... Plus earning nearly no money at all. Maybe that wasn't really the way I wanted my lifetime's future to be. The leading position led nowhere in particular.

Being sort of a computer interested guy I changed to programming, or at least tried to. Starting with boring and unspectacular OS/400 in a small company I soon turned to Visual Basic (ah: pics!, oh: colors!, can't be: there's a programmer's editor you can really program with! - or at least I thought so at this time...)

Programmer (Since 1997)
In February 1997 I entered the company where I'm still working. I enjoy the job participating in programming the world's most famous Sales Management System - simply called "Smash" (nomen est omen). Although we've lots of stress from time to time and can't seem to remember the meaning of the terms "holidays" or "vacation" (hello to my fellow-sufferers Tom and Bob!). Greetings also go to all those hundreds of people who have left the company while only the core survived these hard times...

Anyway: Since 1997 we're expanding permanently and it's only a matter of time when we will end up rich with no idea where to spend the whole money on (or so the saying goes)...

The Santharian Dream (November 1998)

November 1998 I started my little personal fantasy website in my sparetime, completely done in German. The perfectionist in me said: It indeed is nice but won't make me happy for the rest of my life the way it is now. So to gain more attention I converted the main pages into English and expanded the concept of presenting my (German) texts on the net by adding the fantasy world creation idea, so that other could join in as well..

The Santharian Dream

Half a year later and due to a first promotion push the first "members" joined the Santharian endeavour - long live the names Coór'Efér, Dalá'Valannía and Vaelaron! Well, and the rest? Is Santharian history...

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Gender Male
Date of Birth
28th of May 1972
German (native), English, French, Latin (erm.. I'm not particularly fluent in that one), Visual Basic, C#
Nationality Austrian
ICQ: 20883605 (Artimidor) AIM: Artimidor
MSN: Yahoo: Artimidor
Favourite Authors
Fantasy: J.R.R. Tolkien, Raymond E. Feist, non-fantasy related: Albert Camus, Franz Kafka, Samuel Beckett, Friedrich Nietzsche
Favourite Books
"The Hobbit", "The Lord of the Rings", "The Silmarillion"
Favourite Music
Simon & Garfunkel, Ludwig van Beethoven, Richard Wagner, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers (music from the fifties and the sixties in general), the Mystera-CDs series and of course the famous Warcraft II-Soundtrack

All time favourite songs: "The Boxer", "Sound of Silence", "Bridge over Troubled Water" (Simon & Garfunkel), "Demo - Letzter Tag", "Der Weg" (Herbert Grönemeyer), "Sleeping Sun" (Nightwish), "Ameno" (Era)
Favourite Games
"Pro Pinball - Timeshock!", "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion", "Thief - The Dark Project", the "Gothic" series, and all single player RPGs which - thank the Twelve! - still have got a story!
Favourite Movies
Check out my IMDB Lists for film aficionados, complete with reviews and trailers
Artimidor's Movie Masterpieces
Artimidor's Top Directors and
Artimidor's Unforgettable Movie Moments
Favourite TV Shows "The West Wing", "Twilight Zone" (original), "Carnivale", "Thriller", "Twin Peaks", "The Cosby Show", "Heimat: A Chronicle of Germany", "Father Ted", "The Vicar of Dibley", "Monty Python's Flying Circus", "Fawlty Towers", "Blackadder", "The Office" (British version)
See also: Artimidor's Essential TV Series
Hobbies Movies (duh!, see above), Role Playing Games on the PC (single player only), working on Santharia, especially Santhworld stuff, daydreaming, writing poetry
Santharian Focus
Webmaster, Map Artist, Multimedia Artist, World Designer, Dev Forum Admin (stress, stress, stress...)
Joining Date
November 1st 1998

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Caéh-Fish, the
Dryr Void Phenomenon, the
Groshmite Insect, the
Khendochar Flying Fish, the
Lich Creature, the Undead
Méph'guór Demon, the
Mystran Spirit, the
Quaerash Lizard, the ("Tuskdigger")
Slimer Creature, the Magical
Watchers Phantasm, the
Ulgaroth, the
Armageddon (End of Days), the
Cournanian Calendar, the
Darkwinds, the
Santharian Calendar, the (+pic)
Sun, the (Injèrá)
Aorn's Prayer
Ballads of Caelereth (1)
Love Poems (2)
Funny Tales
- Magic and Stuff
- Role Player's 1x1
Lurking in the Mists
- Eye of Skanris Keep, The
- Memories Form the Moors
- Shadows
- The Gift
- Thomgeir and the Ghostship
- Touch of Eternity
- Uninvited
Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations
- A Kind of Magic
- Bound For Glory
- Crossroads
- Giant Mistake
- Of Hearts and Treasures
- Squiddly's Silent Companion
- Stones and Bones
- The Beauty and the Bard
- The Brownie Who Wanted to Be Somebody
- The Distrustful Merchant
- The Dream Mill
- The Fairy Tale That Wrote Itself
- The Gargoyle and the Pigeon
- The Hobbit-Hole
- The Only Friend
- The Painting
- The Racoon and the Dragoness
- The Stone Maiden
- The Storyteller
- The Whurgawoddle
- The Yearning Birch

- Time for Bookkeeping
- Ways of a Rose

- What the Signpost Had to Say
Miscellaneous Poems (1)
Of Sailors and Merfolk

- Brother's Keeper
- Vynnolf and the Wyrm

Poems of Nature (1)
The Frethoni Book of Fables and Parables

Lady Donarcaey's Jewelry
- The Duel
- The Greyler and the Dragon
- The Magic Shoppe
- The Other Side
- The Pocketwatch

- The Woodcutter Conundrum
The Ring
- I. Return

- II. Encounter
- III. The Stranger
- IV. The Storrm
The Tales of Monsonius

- Beyond the Rift
- Ripples in the Dream Pool
- Room With a View
- That Fiend of Mine
- The Journey
Formulas Magical, the
Level 1 Fire Spell - Rise Flame
Level 2 Fire Spell - Boiling Blood
Level 3 Fire Spell - Fireball
Level 6 Wind Spell - Aura of Restoration
Level 7 Fire Spell - Rise of the Phoenix
Macanti, the (Fake-Mages)
Magical Bags, the
Magic of Caelereth (+pic)
Schools of Magic, the Seven
School of Wind Magic, the
Xeuá, Principle of
Alignment, the
Battering Ram, the
Battle at Crazy Woman Pass, the
Compendium, the Santharian
Carpá'dosía, the (+pic)
Colours of Caelereth, the (movie)
Dragonward Shield, the
Element of Earth, the
Element of Fire, the
Element of Water, the
Leather Armour, the Santharian
Ghostship Varteran, the
Ranks and Titles, Santharian
Téthias'quarón, the (Oath of the Young)
Twelvern Gems (Aurytes), the
Uruyant, the Mineral
Antislar Fire Blade, the (movie)
Crystal Dagger, the
Colours and Hues of Santharia
Falserock Cactus, the
Santharian Hall of Fame, the
Santharian Teaser, the
Staffs of Ximax, the Eleven (6)
Annils Norgerinth, the Hero
Artimidor Federkiel, the Sage
Athiost, the Philosopher
Faugar, the Artist
Jaecor Armerson, Erph. Hero
Judith of Bardavos, Masterbard (pic)
Knupp the Sneaker, the Thief
Master Tribell, the Story-teller (+pic)
Monsonius, the Poet
People Development Rules
Pherán'Ephtaerin ("Tree Whispers")
Stela Thinval, Monsonius' Muse
Wengerim the Dragonslayer
Windsingers ("Soughers"), the
Wren, the Ylfferhim Leias
Ancythrian Sea, the
Ciosa, Manthrian Port Town
Deepgorge Mine, the
Karthmor, the Ruins of
Orcenroth Caves, the

Qel'tra'loh, the Skydom of ("Island of Skies")
Races & Tribes
Avennorian Men, the
Erpheronian Men, the
Mitharim Dwarves, the (pic)
Thrumgolz Dwarves, the (pic)
Santhworld Experience, the
Lorehold Module, the
Mysteries of Nepris Teaser Movie, the
Mysteries of Nepris Module, the (RPG)
Trivia Module, the
Uninvited Module, the
Treasures & Oddities
Helping a Member in Need: The Juju Fund  

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The Medal of Meritorious Service & Dedication
In the words of Decipher on behalf of the team: "Despite your exemption from the ‘Sage of the Year’ award (Sorry, but rules are rules!), we have felt that the labours you undertake for us all should be recognised. You have stood by this dream for longer than most of us can wholly comprehend, and it is through your hard work that we have been given the opportunity not only to dream along side you, but to meet other dreamers like ourselves.

Through your own self-determination you have brought people from all corners of the world to one artistic epicentre, into a family of creativity that grows and prospers with each passing year. In practicality, you are the cogs of the machine that has brought us so much pleasure. As such, in recognition of your wondrous service to Santharia and as vote of thanks, confidence and any other positive force you can think of, we, the progeny of your dream, would like to present you with the ‘Medal of Meritorious Service and Dedication’."

The Sage of the Year Award 2007
We are very pleased to announce that Artimidor Federkiel is Sage of the Year in this, the first year of the Santharian Development Awards. Before the rich, deeply integrated tales, people, places, maps and other innovations, it was Arti’s vision which began the Dream over nine years ago. More importantly than this, it is his current and continued willingness to allow others a voice in what was once his alone that has grown the Lands of Caelereth into the successful, bustling and creative community it is today. Congratulations to our noble leader. You have won a prize you utterly deserve.

The Best Innovation Award 2007
Winning contribution: "The Santhworld Lorehold Module"
The Lorehold - as the first module of the Santhworld project - is quite likely the most intruiging, diverse and addictive project since the beginning of the Santharian Dream. And of course it most certainly is the best innovation of 2007, as decided by the Santharian developers themselves. Combining puzzles and discoveries with bits of Santharian lore from every imaginable source, the ever expanding Lorehold grounds are truely a work in which Artimidor and the large amount of "guest contributors" involved can take great pride! So congratulations to the Lorehold Project, may your development never end!

The Best Innovation Award 2008
Winning contribution: 
"The Santhworld Nepris Project"

The Nepris Project, as part of Santhworld, wins this award for the second year running for the ingenious new battle system developed in 2008. Players gasped in horror as translucent slime creatures attempted to engulf them, struggled to complete the challenging quests and waited in anticipation to discover if and when they would need that random lump of cheese. These spectacular new interactions realized mainly by Grinch, creatively integrated by Art, have proved such a big development that Santhworld, due to these extension, has earned the prize again this year. We look forward to whatever the multitude of developers have in store for us next!

The Best Story Award 2008
Winning story:
"The Eye of Skanris Keep"

While rather busy with all his webmastery duties and obligations, not to mention keeping the more unruly Compendiumists in check, Artimidor occasionally finds the time to surprise us with a new piece by his own hand. "The Eye of Skanris Keep" was one of these surprising entries this year, a bone-chilling ghost story featuring... well, maybe you'd best read it yourself. The Compendium is not responsible for any nightmares though! It does, however, proudly present this thriller as the winner of the "Best Story of 1668 Award", so let's hear it for Artimidor and his frightful masterpiece!

The Best Commentor Award 2009
The winner of this award was no other than our wonderful webmaster and Sage, Artimidor Federkiel, who in spite of many demands on his time and energy, still makes the time to comment and contribute on the many, MANY, submissions posted by his dedicated developers. Very closely following him this year was Azhira, an enthusiastic and talented commenter as well. Our congratulations to you, Art!

The Best Innovation Award 2009
Winning contribution: 
"The Uninvited Interactive Story"

The dynamic duo of Artimidor and Grinch stepped away from the Nepris game development long enough to provide us a wonderful diversion... Uninvited. Entering the world of mystery and suspense, Uninvited took players on a journey of discovery. “What was that sound? Who’s up there?” and “What lies behind that locked door?” are just some of the questions players ask themselves while playing this rather spooky adventure. Using the features of Santhworld once again, Artimidor and Grinch have proven the popularity of the gaming engine in Santharia. Uninvited is certainly a worthy addition to the Santhworld family and well deserves the “Best Innovation Award 2009”. Way to go!

The Best Story Award 2009
Winning story:
"The Gift"

Our Sage of Scariness, Artimidor, once again sends shivers down our spines with his award-winning tale, "The Gift". His talent for the strange and frightening is unmatched. (Rumours have it Art is in fact a disguised Daedhiran Lord from Nybelmar, and that he writes from his own experience...) So it is with great pleasure - and the occasional glance over our shoulder - that we present to him this year, yet again, the Best Prose Entry Award!

The Best Story Award 2010
Winning story:
"The Journey"

We are aware of the many outstanding qualities of our dear webmaster. We know that, without his sedulous work, no entry would go up on the site, his comments are sought after and we all cannot wait for the day when finally the new Nepris module will be released. However, I wish he would find more time for an area he excels in also - story writing. That he is exceptionally good in creating haunting stories we know already, he has won the awards in this category in the last two years after all. But this time, with the story "The Journey" he outdid himself. Oh no, it was not him, he only edited this story written by Monsonius...

Good stories tether you to your book or ipad, they are entertaining, amusing, thrilling. This story though is not only this, it is brain twisting, lets you, when finished, look over your own shoulder to seek out your future or past self. "If you read this message I'm glad, for I know you have received it." What a harmless sentence at the beginning of the story. It already tells you all but as you don't know what will come, you do not take notice. But let me tell you, what the story is about with its own words:

"See, it is a story about someone who supposedly gets lost in midst of a magical place like this, but how can one get lost if one always ends up somewhere, I have to ask... Who might say where one should end up if one doesn't know exactly where one's heading?" or "Strange things happen everywhere if strange things find the mind who want to see them. Sometimes you have to keep looking to see." - And now I‘m waiting for Chyrán of Caelum‘s "The Ring"!

The Best of the Rest Award 2011
Winning contribution: 
"The Mysteries of Nepris, Part II"

The Best of the Rest in Two Thousand Eleven Has been voted by people's acclaim,
And declared to be Santhworld - mysterious heaven, That brings an entire group fame.
We must praise our dear sage first and foremost, of course, Who invented the conceptual game,
But also the artists who've worked like a horse, To visualize all of the same.
For Nepris the Second has outdone the First, Though the First surely could not be called 'lame',
Enthralling and frustrating, our heads fit to burst, Entrapping both master and dame.

The writers have laboured on twists and on turns, To make a mysterious plot,
And soundmen and actors and sketchers of ferns, We truly do owe you a lot,
Plus hugs to the Grinch, who's a techie at heart, And helps us all out of a spot!
So thanks to the many who've made this success, A bit of the whole in the pot,
Santharia distilled, like delectable stew, Good whether you finish - or not!


Race/Tribe 2007 - Avennorian Additions, Commentor 2007, Innovation 2007 - History Tables Revision, Innovation 2009 - The Member Pages Overhaul, Best of the Rest 2010 - Mysteries of Nepris Teaser Movie, Poetry 2011 - The Black Knight, Commentor 2011, Rest 2011 - The Santhworld Hall of Fame

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