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Bard Judith posing at a Pine Tree.

short biographical sketch:

1969 - born in Atikokan, Ontario, Canada
1970 - homeschooled till Grade Nine
1982 - began Grade Nine at Atikokan High School
1983 - student exchange program in Taipei, Taiwan
1984 - driving tour through western U.S.A and California
1986 - driving tour through Mexico - Mexico City, Taxco, Acapulco, etc.
1987 - graduated from Grade Thirteen
1988 - accepted at Redeemer College, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
1989 - Mediterranean cruise - Athens, Mykonos, Thera, Kusadasi
1989 - archeological dig at Timnah, Israel, and academic credit
1990 - Bachelor's - Honours English Major, History Minor
1991 - married to Bryan Nicholas Alkema
1991 - elementary education coursework at Calvin College, Michigan, U.S.A.
1992 - ESL training for one month with ELIC, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
1993 - ran solo craft business from Newmarket, Ontario
1995 - taught crafts as occupational therapy to vocationally disabled, seniors, underprivileged children
1996 - moved overseas to Seoul, Korea
1996 - conversational English instructor at E.C.S., Poi-li-dong, Anyang-shi
1998 - conversational English instructor at Myongji University, Yongin
1999 - tour through Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, Johar Baru, Taman Negara, Penang
2000 - tour through Thailand - Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui
2000 - art premiere and subsequent showings in Seoul and environs
2001 - writing conversational textbook and developing curriculum for Myongji
2001 - travel in Philippines - Manila, Palawan, El Nido, Coron
2001 - travel in China - Bejing, Xian, and areas
2002 - complete textbook and contract year with Myongji University
2003 - returned to Canada, settled in Southern Ontario
2004 - gave birth to my daughter Katherine Joy, who from now on represents our Santharian mascot (look here for little Katherine's membership page!)
2005 - purchased first house
2006 - taught arts and crafts, cultural programs for children's after-school club
2007 - returned to Korea and Myongji University
2007 - taught full year of Eng Con I & II plus seniors' and E-cafe classes
2007 - opened Peach Studio for art therapy, children's craft classes in Hakil-ri
2008 - designing Bible curriculum for Mogyang Methodist Church in Suwon
2008 - planning inaugural exhibition at Peach Studio - Whimsy Women

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Gender Female, especially around the full moon
Date of Birth
August 21, 1969 (Leo, Rooster, Pitta, Fire, Choleric, Salmon)
English Conversation Teacher
Primarily English (doh!), with some French, Dutch, Korean, Latin
Toronto, Canada
Nationality Canada Canadian
ICQ: 68199653 (Bard Judith)  
Website Judy Alkema - Dross Artist
Favourite Authors
Hmmm...a few from among my top thirty or forty favorites authors would have to include Terry Pratchett, Guy Gavriel Kay, Tanith Lee, Brian Jacques, Sheri Tepper, Mercedes Lackey, David Gemmel, Walter Wangerin, J-R.R. Tolkien, Philip Yancy, Charles Dickens, David Eddings, Rosemary Sutcliff...
Favourite Music
Mozart, Bach, Händel, King's Singers, Chieftains, Michael Card, Great Big Sea, Mark Knopfler, Andrea Bocelli, Enya, Gregorian, Paul Simon; favorite genres are classical, folk, medieval, and ethnic music
Favourite Games
Computer: The Sims (with expansions!) & Sim Safari. Board: Scrabble, Balderdash, Upwords. Any word games or simulations are fun.
Hobbies Alto voice, piano, ink sketching, watercolour, collage, maskmaking, internet surfing, interior design and decor, medieval studies, herbs, cooking, cultural journalism, ceramics, webpage design (just learning!)
Santharian Focus
Working on various things, but mainly concentrating on dwarven development and adding to the Herbarium. And drawing rough sketches. Or did you mean my roleplay character? Cause that'd be Bard Judith... a green-eyed, buxom woman with dark cropped hair and a tongue quick to jest, argue, explain, or compose a song. Actually that sounds a lot like who I really am (smile).
Joining Date
September 8th, 2001

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Bat, the (+pic)
Cat, the Wilderon
Capou-Capou Flying Ape, the (pic)
Carserrian Gopag, the (pic)
Copper Lopstere, the ("Cobster") (+pic)
Corbie, the (Stormcrow)
Dalór Insect, the (pic)
Dark Stryke Shark, the (pic)
Dolpholk, the
Drell, the (pic)
Dove, the ("Coa-Coa Bird") (pic)

Elk, the Cloaked (pic)
Field Mouse, the (pic)
Fox, the (Arshir) (pic)
Giant Rat, the (pic)
Goat, Domestic the (pic)
Havach Ox, the
Hogling Pig, the (pic)
Horse, Centoraurian (pic)
Ho'shi Deer, the (poem)
Iceland Icemut, the (pic)
Jerrah Riding Horse, the
Kraken, the (pic)
Kuatu, the
Kuk'arg, the (Red Salmon)
Leverat Rabbit, the (poem)
Lín'aoél Mouse, the (pic)
Malise ("Honeybee"), the (+pic)
Minch ("Minchwrat"), the
Mithanjor Fish, the
Mithril Tomato, the ("Mithato")
Myrddin Falcon, the (pic)
Myrmex, the
Oloy, the (pic)
Oyster, the
Packox, the (pic)
Pardurin, the (pic)
Pinnip, the (pic)
Psitta, the ("Chatterbird")
Quagga Horse, the (pic)
Rimmerins Blackhog, the (pic)
Rimrunner Terrier Dog, the (pic)
Rubit, the (+pic)
Sawis Sheep, the (pic)
Slimer Creature, the Magical (4 pics)
Spiders Overview, the
Taenish Ground Bird, the (pic)
Tar'andus Deer, the (pic)
Tirpan Horse, the (pic)
Torán Eagle, the (pic)
Tryster, the (+pic)
Varcosparrow, the (+pic)
Vilerat, the (pic)
Whales, the (+pic)
White Bear, the (pic)
White Lady, the
White Spiral Butterfly, the (pic)
Cosmology & Myths
Cournanian Calender, the (pic)
Fylja, Furred Folk
Sun, the (the Injèrá)

Thergermin Calendar
Time Measurements, Dwarven (+pic)
Ulfet Glandor'en, the Myth of (pic)
UnSthommerons, the
Ae'lons - Weeproot and Her Sisters, the
Alinfa Lily, the
Blanket of Shar Vine, the
Birch, the Red
Birch, the White (pic)
Blackmoss, the
Bone Tree, the
Bredden Grain, the (+pic)
Candlebush, the
Carrot, the
Cerubell, the (+pic)
Cha'ah Tea Herb, the (+2 pics)
Doch Nut, the
Eur'Oak Tree, the
Glowcap Mushroom, the
Icemilk, the
Ice Tree, the
Jeshanna Lily, the
Kail Vegetable, the ("Kaleflower")

Kaouje, the
Kitrauhre Tree, the
Lightmoss, the (+pic)
Lovewort, the (+pic)
Lythien, the
Meldarapple Tree, the
Mithril Tomato, the
Oat Grain, the (+pic)
Onions, the
Oya Peas, the
Parpalm, the ("Giving Tree")
Peasecods, the
Pheasant Grass, the
Poeritt, the
Pompion, the (Water Melon) (+pic)
Red Grain, the (pic)
Rockmoss, the
Shade Grass, the (pic)
Shadow Lily, the (pic)
Slyrking Moss, the ("Walking Moss")
Sou'cald Moss, the
Squirm Moss, the
Sulcho Mushroom, the
Tareptail (Snowpuff), the (pic)
Tol Kurr Moss, the ("Dwarven Wheat")
Truphull Fungus, the
Tubberroots, the
Wean Grass, the (+pic)
White Sister ("Ghost Dancer"), the
Willow, the (+pic)
Wine Vine (5 pics)
Yealm Reed, the
Dictionary Mermish-Tharian
Dictionary Tharian-Mermish
Mermish Language, the
Thergerim Taal
Thergerim Taal Font Download
Thergerim Runes
Auntie Sannie's Babetales
Ballads of Caelereth (2)
Battle Songs (1)
Children Poems (1)
Culinary Adventures
101 Interesting Things to Do with Fungus
Counting Rhymes, Santharian (7)
Drinking Songs (4)
Dwarven Clan Chants
Ghost and Horror Poems (1)
The Orcen Larder (3 pics)
Idealistic Poems (1)
Lurking in the Mists
- The Meguahari and the Sorcerer
Love Poems (3, +pic)
Lullabies, Santharian (6)
Market Chants (1)
Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations
The Princess and the White Bear
The Snow Maiden
- The Tomcat of Minich
Miscellaneous Poems (1)
Prayers (1)
Septimus Smallpiece's Book of Bawdy Verse (3)
Skipping Rhymes (2)
Songs of Merriment (1)
Songs for Travelling (1)
The Copper Dwarf
The Customs and Culture of the Northern Orcs
Orcen Dueling (1)
The Mining of the Stars
The Toy of Foiros
The Frethoni Book of Fables
Lady Donarcaey's Jewelry
The White Corbie
The Tales of Monsonius
Beyond the Rift (pic)
The Journey (2 pics)
Thergerim Tales

The Midnight Morjual
Eyashenes, the  
Amantry Industry, the (pic)
Armoured Fan, the (pic)
Astragals, the Game
Bead Industry, the Brownie
Body Parts and Muscles
Cheeses of Caelereth, the (+pic)
Chocolate, the Krath (2 pics)
Colours of Santharia (+pic)
Compendium, the Santharian
Daggers Down, the Game
Drinks, Santharian
Farseer Device, the
Game of Four Houses (+pic)
Gemstones of Santharia (+pics)
Ish'krói, the ("Game of War")
Lesrin'mar, the Herbal Mixture
Measures and Weights
Metals and Minerals of Caelereth, the (+pic)
Miraje Finger Blade, the
Prezzers and Petitioners Snack, the
Pearl (Sea Gem), the (2 pics)
Proverbs and Sayings
Ranks and Titles (pic)
Rock Tales, the
Sanryu Concept, the Arcane Art (pic)
Santharian Currency (+pic)
Santharian Drinks
Snacks of Santharia, the
Stonetack Bread, the
Sungem Artifact, the
Tabula Peryodiq, the Santharian
Travellers Stew, the
Waterwheel, the
Weapons of Caelereth
Songs for Travelling (1)  
Alysse the Likely (pic)
Amalthea Eithar, Council Member (+pic)
Artanmies, the Lady (pic)
Artimidor Federkiel, the Sage (2 pics)
Gebl the Unsated, the Brownie
Bluetwine, the Tenthrum (+pic)
Brownie Shaman, the (pic)
Dalmac Brandivere, the Mage (+pic)
Dula the Witch (pic)
F'ash, the Bard and Archivist
Feyronn the Drewynn, the Assassin (+pic)
Fymbels Association, the (pic)
Gerissa of the Glitra, the Dancer
Greylers, the (pic)
Jaecor Armerson, Erph. Hero (pic)
Judith of Bardavos, the Masterbard
Lyrias Meurtian, Third Kogian
Mila Venraius, the Fifth Kogian (pic)
Monsonius, the Santharian Poet (pic)
Morjualerons, the ("Dwarven Singspeakers"), the
Nerthers Waste Collectors, the (pic)
Nightshade Carnival, the (+10 pics)
Reve'lor, Menagerie Owner (pic)
Varyn Quickblade, Fencing Instructor (pic)
Waudrin Ghortz, the Demonologist (pic)
White Knights, the Order of (pic)
Aurora Plains, the
Carmalad, Enthronian Capitol of (pic)
Churican, Isle of
Ciosa, the Manthrian Port (pic)
Contamar, Forest of (pic)
Council Tree, the
Een Puvtyr, the Dwarven City
Goutonch School for Ladies, the
Jernais, City of (pic)
Krath Empire, the (pic)
Kytta'erng, the Village
Lu'Weilima, the Kuglimz Capital
Marcogg, the Manthrian Capital of (+2 pics)
Marmarra, the Citystate (pic)
Mithral Mountains, the
Osthemangar, the Mists of (pic)
Roulk, Hamlet of (+pic)
Silvermarshes, the
Stone Fields of Peat, the
Thalambath, the City of (pic)
Uderza, the City of (pic)
Venlaken Enclave, the (pic)
Ximax, the Magical City
Armeros, God of War
Arvins, God of Hunt and Balance

Grothar, God of the Weather
Jeyriall, Goddess of Harvest (+2 pics)
Mullog Origin Myth, the (pic)
Nehtor, Santharian God of Healing (pic)
Urtengor, God of the Forge
Vulrath, R'unorian God (+pic)
Races & Tribes
Avennorian Men, the (pic)
Dogodan Halflings, the (pic)
Doimo Men, the
Dwarves, the
Dwarven Belief, the
Dwarven Clans, the
Dwarven Diet, the
Dwarven Employment, the
Dwarven Marriage, Mating and (+pic)
Erpheronian Men, the ("Proudmen")
Gnomish Race, the
Reproduction, the
Dwarven Music, the
Dwarven Tools and Weapons
Fird'Gormz Kuglim, the (pic)
Fylja Furred Folk, the (+pic)
Giants of Caelereth, the
Ice Tribes, the (+pic)
Implements, the Dwarven

Kaaer'dár'shín Half-Orcs, the (pic)
Kavogerim, the
Lyr'Temor Kuglim, the (pic)
Jhehellrhim Elves, the (pic)
Kurakim Dwarves, the
Merfolk, the (+pic)
Mitharim Dwarves, the
Navy, R'unorian, the (pic)
Psyrpents, the (pic)
Swamphags, the (pic)
Thrumgolz Clan, the

Trk'matiu Kuglim Men, the (pic)
Zirghurhim Dwarves, the
Mysteries of Nepris, the (RPG)  
Odes to the Team (14)  
Treasures and Oddities
Compendium Clue Game, The
In Praise of a Dream (1)
Poems for Lucirina
Santharian Parodies
Santharian Primer, A
Santharian Receipts and Cookery
(8, +pic)
Jeweled Palette, the Mithril Quill, the

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The Best Commentor Award 2007
Artist, poet, Dwarvenmistress, scribe, and co-mistress of the Greenhouses (among other things), Bard Judith needs no introduction to any developer. Commenting usefully, intelligently and most of all graciously across a vast span of topics, the Bard diffuses difficult situations, redirects newbies and encourages old hands, all with the same effortless, graceful style. Congratulations Judy, and thank you, from all of us, for all you do for the Dream!

The Best Miscellaneous Entry Award 2007
Winning entry: "The Cheeses of Caelereth"
With a finger in every pie (and cheese), our beloved Bard makes an immeasurable contribution to the Santharian Dream, and has been doing so for eight years now. Her "Cheeses of Caelereth" entry typifies her easy, sassy, flawless style – particularly in evidence when turning the most humble of everyday ‘Earthen’ things into well-integrated ‘Santharianised’ entries. Bravo!

Commitment Badge 2007
Our Bard has been known for faithful contributions and thorough comments throughout the past years, and 2007 is no exception. Despite all kinds of turbulences on and off the boards, the managing of her family and the troubles with finding the correct job, there's always time for Santharia for Judy. Her creative entries and thoughtful suggestions make it an extraordinary pleasure to work with her on the Dream!

The Sage of the Year Award 2008
Artist, poet, Dwarvenmistress, scribe, and co-mistress of the Greenhouses (among other things), Bard Judith needs no introduction to any developer. Commenting usefully, intelligently and most of all graciously across a vast span of topics, the Bard diffuses difficult situations, redirects newbies and encourages old hands, all with the same effortless, graceful style. Congratulations Judy, and thank you, from all of us, for all you do for the Dream!

The Best Artwork Award 2008
Winning picture:
"The Brownie Council Tree"

Santharia is truly blessed with a wide variety of artistic talent, making a decision to select the best artwork a very hard choice. Still we couldn’t pick a favourite, instead choosing two, the “Brownie Council Tree” by Masterbard Judith and the “Needle's Eye Reef” by Linda Tso. Both display a huge talent in their different way. The first, from our beloved bard, is but one of many pictures she has delivered us this year, ranging from an elderly Eyelian, a Kaaer'dár'shín Shamut to a Fairy Mouse to name just a few that were nominated for this award as well - and thus making the decision only harder. Every single picture she creates is done beautifully with a style adored by us all.

The Best Musical Contribution Award 2008
Winning song: "Sailing to Zandiria"

Gentle, dreamy, and catchy to boot, "Sailing to Zandiria" - sung by our very own Bard Judith (who else?) - has it all. While there were many other worthy competitors, each with its own share of loyal fans, "Sailing to Zandiria" has stayed on the most listened list for nearly a year and now and thus also won our voting round in the end. And as such has earned the well deserved "Best Musical Piece Of 1668 Award"! Well done! Now if only I could stop humming the tune.

The Best Artwork Award 2009
Winning picture: "The Kotarinenga Marshes"

Two fantastic artists, who between them have produced most of the Santharian and Santhworld illustrations this year, were in competition for this award, with two entries each being nominated for best artwork of the year. Our much beloved Masterbard won with the entry “Kotairitenga Marshes”, one of her most evocative atmospheric pictures yet. The very talented artist Seeker won second place with his magnificent “Baych Trees” entry and his “Frozen Tombs” tied with another of the Bard’s, “Ice Trees” for third place. - Congratulations, Judith and well done, to both of you!

The Best Artwork Award 2011
Winning picture: "The Hut that Walks on Spider Legs"

Dula's hut is leaning back onto its hind legs to have a restful smoke under a blue cheese moon. Its spider legs arranged in playful disorder upon the muddy ground, its reet roof at a jaunty angle, the hut is at ease among the wild flowers and bushes, and not worried by the shadows and the fogs that haunt the land. “After all,” the hut seems to say, “it's us who make the splendidest shadows around here.” But would you dare to knock at the door? Would your heart find the courage to venture within, would your eyes be brave enough to look for the source of the light – too gaudy and colourful to come from an ordinary hearthfire – that seeps through cracks of the wood?

To have observed the witch hut in this pose is one more in Masterbard Judith of Bardavos' long list of marvellous achievements. To have convinced it to remain still long enough for a faithful portrait is a most singular feat indeed. But to have caught the spirit of the hut with the strokes of a painter's brush – well, that is nothing more than we have come to expect of Judith, who has delighted these boards with gems of the painter's art at a rate that has led some compendiumists to suspect that she is, in fact, five or six people. Let me assure you that she is nothing of the sort. How she keeps up her extraordinary consistency in excellence may be beyond our understanding, but we know that she is the one and only Judith of Bardavos, and we congratulate her to the thoroughly deserved award for Best Artwork of 2011!

The Best of the Rest Award 2011
Winning contribution: 
"The Mysteries of Nepris, Part II"

The Best of the Rest in Two Thousand Eleven Has been voted by people's acclaim,
And declared to be Santhworld - mysterious heaven, That brings an entire group fame.
We must praise our dear sage first and foremost, of course, Who invented the conceptual game,
But also the artists who've worked like a horse, To visualize all of the same.
For Nepris the Second has outdone the First, Though the First surely could not be called 'lame',
Enthralling and frustrating, our heads fit to burst, Entrapping both master and dame.

The writers have laboured on twists and on turns, To make a mysterious plot,
And soundmen and actors and sketchers of ferns, We truly do owe you a lot,
Plus hugs to the Grinch, who's a techie at heart, And helps us all out of a spot!
So thanks to the many who've made this success, A bit of the whole in the pot,
Santharia distilled, like delectable stew, Good whether you finish - or not!


Herbarium 2007 - The Larkentir Tree, Herbarium 2007 - The Kail Vegetable, Music 2008 - Kuglimz Love Song, Story 2008 - The Midnight Morjual, Poetry 2008 - Avennorian Skipping Rhyme, Race/Tribe 2008 - The Zirghurim Dwarves, People 2008 - The Brownie Gebl the Unsated, Miscellaneous 2008 - Marjualerons ("Dwarven Singspeakers"), Miscellaneous 2008 - The Tabulata Peryodiq, Miscellaneous 2008 - 101 Interesting Things to Do with Fungus, Bestiary 2008 - Truphull Fungus, Bestiary 2008 - Copper Lopstere, Artwork 2008 - Fairy Mouse, Artwork 2008 - Kaaér'dár'shín Shamut, Artwork 2008 - Eyelian Elder, Best Commentor 2008, Artwork 2009 - The Ice Tree, People 2009 - The Nightshade Carnival, Poetry 2009 - The Aglan Slug, Herbarium 2010 - The Mithril Tomato, Artwork 2010 - Waudrin Ghortz, Best Commentor 2010, Herbarium 2011 - The Lovewort Flower, Commentor 2011, Places 2011 - The Magical City of Ximax

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