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t has been said, ‘that books are the windows to imagination and doors to worlds, people and lands that you’ve never known’. To a young boy, who lived in an orphanage and foster homes most of his childhood books were his escape. Through the writings of Jack London (The Call of The Wild) he found adventure. Through Jules Verne (20,000 Leagues Under The Sea) he found science fiction. Through the Hardy’s boys series (Whose author escapes him at the moment) he found mystery. And through J.R.R. Tolkien (Lord Of The Rings) he found high fantasy.

Picture of Allan

In his freshman year of high school, after family life became a little less chaotic, through Ian Fleming (James Bond-007) he found intrigue, unimaginable objects, and weapons. Through Terry Brooks (Sword of Shannara) he found a different style of high fantasy. Through Harry James (Big band leader and trumpet player) he found a love for music and the trumpet. And through Bobby Fischer he discovered the world of Chess. His favorite subjects in high school were creative writing (first and only work published in Scholastic Weekly called “Sicilians Defense”), History, Band and Science.

Graduated in his junior year at age 17, joined the U.S. Navy, Intelligence.
Married at age 20, marriage didn’t last long but produced two sons Dan and James.

Worked at Briggs & Stratton factory from age 20 to 26. Some of you may even own lawnmowers with a Briggs engine powering it. If it failed don’t blame him, however if you adore it he will take all compliments.

Age 26 laid off decided that reality stinks. Went into heavy depression.

Age 27 found Jesus Christ. He gave reality joy and meaning. Also met his present wife Laurie. Laurie is a 5’2”, redheaded feisty woman. Talking about opposites! She’s a realist, he’s an escapist. Married on Aug 16, 1985. She had two girls from previous marriage, which also didn’t last long but gave her Beth and Samantha.

Almost to the year on Aug 14, 1986 they had a son Allan Jr. Decided to become a stockbroker, went back to school, college was much more fun, two years into school, earned his series 7 license (stockbroker’s license) and became a stockbroker and thought he was going to become rich and live a happy wealthy life. The Lord had different plans.

Age 28, losing balance and vision in right eye, lasted about 6 months

Age 29, left side paralyzed lasted almost 2 months, recovered most of it back.

Age 30, Diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

Now age 43, lost most of his vision, has to use wheelchair when outside of home, but is not depressed, loves Jesus and his family, still escapes though through books. Though now it is much harder to read them. Has audio books, but not the same. One child still left at home age 15 a joy to his mother and a tremendous help to his father.

He still loves to play chess, taught his children to play, sings with a beautiful baritone voice discovered when he started to sing in church choir. Has been recorded.

And one glorious day while surfing the net found “The Santharian Dream”. He has been accepted into this wonderfully talented family of artists, writers, world creators and web designers. If the sky were parchment and the oceans filled with ink it would take an eternity to thank these wonderful people.

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Degree Liberal Arts
Date of Birth
October 7th, 1957
Places of Birth Janesville, Wisconsin USA
Retired house husband - ladies how would you like to come home to a clean home, washed dishes and laundry and a wonderful home cooked meal after work. Also do windows!!
English (native), Morse code - if you are a telegraph.
Saint Francis, Wisconsin USA
Nationality USA American, with German blood flowing through his veins. Grandparents on fathers side came from a little village near the Black Forest area.
Messengers ICQ: 129690399 (Capher)
None, no way as Wren put it: too much work. *lol*
Favourite Authors
Authors: Too many to list but to name a few: Jack London, J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Ian Fleming, Tom Clancy, Artimidor Federkiel aka Christian Strobl, Dalá’Valannía aka Guo “Shu”Shuhui, Coór’Efér aka Andrew Dunbar, Greybark aka Mike Cogan and Drogo aka Jason Cooper and the rest of the team.
Favourite Books
Way too many to list - ones I seem to reread a lot are Lord of the Rings, Sword of Shannara series, Belgariad Series, and the Library and Compendium of The Santharian Dream.
Favourite Music
Eclectic when it comes to music anything from big band, soft jazz, early rock, some disco, soft eighties but dislike Death Metal, Hip-Hop and Rap.
Favourite Games
Computer strategy games
Hobbies Playing Chess, trumpet, singing, surfing the net, and learning about all of the wonderful people, cultures, and lands in our world. The net has provided that to him in a faster way than books.
Motto Put God first and then never stop learning to open up the doors of the infinite possibilities he gave you no matter who you are.
Santharian Focus
Writer for the Santharian Library.
Joining Date
September 22nd, 2001

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