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Picture of Coór'Efér

And here it is - a first exclusive picture of Andrew aka Coór'Efér after he was engaged with his beautiful Helene - fresh from Denmark! Aside from writing hundreds of pages for his Denilou story featuring Brok (a name adopted from his dog) and enjoying good beer, Andrew currently obviously also tries to uncover the depths of his musical talents... - What more is there to say? We're glad that in your adventurous life you've finally found back to Santharia, Coór'Efér - we don't want to miss your unique postings at the Forum... *grin* - Ah yes, and finally congratulations to your engagement from the whole Santharian team!

Gender Male
Date of Birth September 30th, 1980
Status Happily engaged with Helene
Profession Serving at the UK army
Languages English (native)
Location Kirklington (North Yorkshire)
Nationality United KingdomUnited Kingdom
ICQ Seven, 47691610 

Andy's Home

Favourite Book "The Lord of the Rings" (J.R.R. Tolkien)
Favourite Musician Mark Knowlef, Dire Straits
Favourite Game Hexen II online
Hobbies None (except playing Hexen II online and flirting at the forum)
Santharian Profession Writer
Joining Date June 6th, 1999

Santharian Works

Library The Coming to Denilou
"The Battle for Denilou"
Chapter I - The Calling
Chapter II - Kaa
Maps Denilou (Concept)


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