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Ahh... the story of me, myself, and I. First off, I would like to let you know that I am not the best of one to write about myself, so, this will likely be short. If it is not short, then that is because I suddenly got imaginative and actually did a lengthy bio.

I am known to have a different personality by different people, depending on where and how they know me. At school and most of real life, I am the quiet one, the dark and brooding boy who you don't know what they're thinking, but you know it can not be good (Muahaha). However, on the internet, I am highly chat-able, quite capable of humor, and an all around nice guy to talk to. Mostly, because my 110 average WPM fingers speak much better than my mouth.

Now, why such a difference, might you be asking? Well... first of all, you won't be getting an answer. Second of all... see first of all.

In regards to myself and my accomplishments.... well, suffice to say, there are none. I try and keep a low profile, and so I never do anything really spectacular... well... there was that one time....... but that is another story...

I go to school, yeah, like a normal teenager... err, normal teenagers are dropouts, aren't they? So, I guess I should be saying, I go to school, like some teenagers do. I own a 3.5 GPA, which could be higher only if I tried... but alas, I have far too much imagination and so on to waste on such unimportant school work. And people wonder why I have so much free time on my hands. Muahaha.

Now, I was born, like normal people are, in a hospital in the small town of Auburn (at least that is what I've been told). I have lived here in Grass Valley (right next to Auburn), for my whole life, and not once has my family moved. I hate planes, and I hate traveling... of course, those are very bad qualities to have when you plan on moving to Tokyo, Japan when you grow older... but that's besides the point! Yes, you heard me, Japan. I am learning the Japanese language, though unfortunately, my school does not teach it, the programs I use are highly below quality, and the person who was trying to teach me earlier I have lost contact with. Plus, the online translator I use has, sadly, gone off the web. Well, it's still there, but when I type something in and push the enter key, it gives me the poor, poor message, "This page can not be found."

Oh well, I have strayed off the point. I have one sister, at the time of this she is 22 (or 23, not sure ~_~), and a brother, who is at this time 13. I, myself, am 14, to be 15 in the next nine days, at the time of this writing. I believe I used the term 'at the time of this' far too much in those last two sentences.

My life has turned grand ever since that time, a few years ago, when I stumbled across an online RPG over at Yahoo. It was called, "New Worlds", and was one of the best I had ever been in (and it was the first that got me started in all this). I was in it for over a year, maybe two, until eventually, all of the members quit, and my old friend there moved on to another RPG, which I joined for awhile, but got tired of and quit. During the time of my RPing at "New Worlds" I came across an Outlaw Star RPG, known as "Outlaw GWX". I roleplayed there for a year or so, made a few friends. Until the fateful few days came when the two people who kept the whole thing going, who were internet boyfriend and girlfriend, broke up. And that was the end of that story. So then, I turned to searching for new sources. To look for new worlds, ripe for exploration. To seek out new life, and new civilization. To boldly go where no one has gone before.... wait... sorry, Star Trek wave just passed over me... Back to the point, I searched the ezboard archives, and came across this world. This wonderful world known only as "The Santharian Dream". And I have been here ever since.

As you will be able to tell further down on my bio, I am a heavy Star Wars freak. I RP Star Wars, I study Star Wars, I know Star Wars. Ask me anything, and I can give you a good answer (though I am rather rusty at the moment, mind you). Primarily my knowledge is of SW ships, and from that li'l ol' TIE Tank (a TIE fighter with caterpillar treads), to the 16 kilometer long Eclipse-class Star Destroyer, I know it all.

My knowledge of Star Wars also is sided by my knowledge of swords. I know most of the various sword designs of both medieval and oriental manufacture. I will not be listing them here, as there are far too many.

Well... enough of what I know.

How about you? ^_~

Well, I believe that is all about me. Turned out longer than I had originally planned, but oh well. Good bye, good luck in whatever you do, and remember, "The Force will be with you..." - always!

Gender Male, though according to some online test I am half and half... hmm... o_O
Date of Birth August 20th, 1987
Profession None, unless student counts as a profession. But, since it does not pay, it can not be counted as a profession.
Languages Ah, my wealth of knowledge. I know English (primary), Japanese (secondary, minor fluency), and Spanish (tertiary, minor fluency)
Location Grass Valley, California (It's in the United States in case you didn't know ^_~)
Nationality USA American
E-Mail You can contact me at
Instant Messenger MSN:
Website Somewhere around the web... stopped working on it a long time ago...
Favourite Books Lord of the Rings series, Sword of Truth series, and the Star Wars Extended Universe books
Favourite Music Not one for music, sorry. Though if I had to choose it would be them folks, Enigma.
Favourite Game Secret of Mana all the way! Best dang darn RPG ever made! I shall smack anyone who says otherwise!
Favourite Anime (Anime is a TV series for those of you who don't know what an anime is) Neon Genesis: Evangelion (If you couldn't tell from my e-mail ^_~)
Favourite Movie The original Star Wars trilogy, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Star Wars: Episodes 1 and 2
Favourite Actor Liam Neeson (Qui-Gon Jinn), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Harrison Ford (Han Solo, Indiana Jones), Sean Connery (Basically every role that he' has played ^_~), Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episodes 1 & 2), Sam Neil (Alan Grant, Merlin)
Hobbies Playing/beating video games (primarily RPGs), roleplaying on various forums, watching anime (subbed, mind you, not dubbed), drawing (primarily anime/manga style, which is why it can not be used for Santharia *sigh*), reading, and pondering the great many wonders of the universe (not our universe! *smack* The various universes that exist in the various RP stories I am in, such as this one, Santharia)
Santharian Profession I prefer to concentrate on all things magical, ranging from the definition of the Elemental Schools to the development of spells. Additionally I enjoy to work on the Kasumarii or weapon issues.
Favourite Quote "Indeed."
Favourite Action Smacking.
Joining Date August 11th, 2002 (nine days before my birthday, yeehaw!)

Santharian Works

Bestiary Wraith, the  
Magic Level 1 Fire Spell - Flame Control
Level 1 Fire Spell - Rise Flame
Level 2 Fire Spell - Light
Level 3 Earth Spell - Deadened Senses
Level 3 Water Spell - Frost Shield
Level 3 Wind Spell - Clap of Thunder
Level 4 Fire Spell - Firebolt
Level 4 Water Spell - Liquidization
Level 4 Water Spell - Wave
Level 5 Water Spell - Freeze
Level 5 Water Spell - Spear of Frost
Level 6 Water Spell - Treacherous Embrace
Level 7 Fire Spell - Rays of Heat
Level 7 Water Spell - Water Extraction
Level 9 Water Spell - Ice Enchantment
Level 10 Fire Spell - Extended Life
School of Fire Magic, the
School of Water Magic, the
Misc. Swords of Caelereth  
People Arkan Delath, the Pirate  
Races/Tribes Kasumarii Men, the  
Treasures & Oddities 5th Anniversary: Member Voices  

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