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Arim Jungle Cat, the
Cairnhoom, the
Festra Flying Snake, the
Filachara Mollusk, the
Le'tan Bird, the ("Sweet Song Bird")
Jegra Lizard, the
Jupa Ape, the
Krog Draught Beast, the
Lisdra "Witch" Snake, the
Lukrinam (Spraying Snake), the
Needle Fly, the
Nirakaa Fish, the
Verain Lizard, the
Yepran Toad, the ("Whistle Toad")
Geranium Flower, the
Herena Vine, the
Keelo Tree, the
Khomilchfruit Tree, the
Kitjuran Tree, the
Caelerethian Philosophy
Nature of Tiquaitan Thought, the
Ghost and Horror Stories (1)
Inconvenient Nephew, An

Chapter I: An Uncomfortable Return
Chapter II: Secrets and Arrows
Miscellaneous Poems (1)
Mourning Songs, Dirges and Chants (1)

Nybelmar: A Collection of Chronicled Happenings

Crossed Swords and Sunset: A Duel at the Ashen Palace
The Right of Champions: A Duel between Rivals
Poems for Children (1)
Poems of Nybelmar (10)
Blood Magic, the Arcane Art  
Bloodstone Mineral, the
Kiiahk Craft, the
Miraje Finger Blade, the
Percussion Instruments of Caelereth, the
Sanryu Concept, the
Shatterhead Arrow, the Anpagan
Drakus the Long-Lived, the Sanrier
Eluda'shi Lashmara, Marmarran Witch Queen
Hiartun Rarkan, the Second Kogian
Kijuur Destius, the First Kogian
Lyrian Meurtian, the Third Kogian
Mila Venraius, the Fifth Kogian
Yian Tisare, the Fourth Kogian
Faen Plains, the
Marmarra, the Zhunite Citystate
Marmarran Queendom, the
Miarzan, Farming Settlement
Mylthis, the Town of
Races & Tribes
Scepteres of Tarshiin, the Tiquaitan Men, the
Odes to the Team (1)  
Treasures & Oddities
Anniversary Poems (1)  

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The Best People Contribution Award 2009
Winning entry:
"The Sanrier Drakus the Longlived"

Decipher took this award with his monstrous “Sanrier Drakus” an entry that vividly and dramatically captured one of the Dream’s most infamous Blood Mages. Decipher has been nominated for this award in previous years, as he has an inspiring gift for effectively depicting unique individuals, and has succeeded most eloquently here. Congratulations, Deci!

The Best Magic Contribution Award 2008
Winning Entry: "The Arcane Art of Blood Magic"

Entries in the category of Magic are mostly Ximaxian spells, so it's always a pleasure to see well thought-through, yet not overly complex other systems that also represent a major factor in a developed Caelerethian culture. Last year Decipher already laid the groundworks with his Sanryu Concept, in 2008 he got to the Arcane Art of Blood Magic in order to introduce it properly into his Marmarran Citystate - which also made it to the site this year, rounding it all up. Thus, for an entry well written and also as a thanks to continuity, it's Decipher again who cashes in on the Best Magic Contribution Award 2008! - Congratulations, Deci!

The Best Magic Contribution Award 2007
Winning Entry: "The Sanryu Concept"

With the "Sanryu Concept" Decipher didn't write a regular spell as is common in the Magic Forum, but constructed the framework for another entry that is still to come - Blood Magic, an arcane art of working magic used by the Marmarrans of Nybelmar. The Sanryu concept proved to be fresh, original and very versatile in its usage, and also was a concept that was thought through and thus believable. All in all: Good reasons to give the Best Magic Contribution Award of 2007 to Beastmaster Deci!

Commitment Badge 2008: Decipher Ziron
Always a reliable Bestiary Moderator, Decipher also got into majorly important works this year as far as Marmarra in Nybelmar was concerned. Several People and Places entries resulted from that, each one better than the last one. Add to that poetry, Herbarium stuff and the Arcane Art of Blood Magic, which brought him the Magic Award 2008, and you get a good idea how a creative and constructively working Santharian member should be.


Bestiary 2007 - The Let'an Bird, Masterwork 2007 - The Town of Mylthis, Poetry 2008 - Descending into Gold, People 2008 - The Fourth Kogian Yrian Tisare, People 2008 - The High Sorcerer Lyrias Meurtian, Bestiary 2009 - The Yepran Toad, Race/Tribe 2009 - The Tiquaitan Men, Poetry 2009 - The Poetrpiests are Coming, Places 2010 - The Scepteres of Tarshiin

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