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t the start of 1974, Brisbane was struck by a flood. Later in the year, just before Christmas, Darwin was devastated by Cyclone Tracey... then on the 31st of December, I was born. (The first two events were heralding the third, perhaps? I am the oldest of two children, and although my sister and I didn't always like each other growing up, we're now great mates in adult life. My parents are both professional educators, and I believe that is what formed in me a love for learning and a love to continue to learn throughout life. Dad's profession as a school principal, meant that we were regularly transferred throughout Queensland, and I attended 6 different schools through my 12 years of schooling, with 5 of those schools being in my primary school years.

Picture of Russell aka Dek
In 1992, I finished high school and went to uni to study accounting and finished this study in 1996. I worked as an accountant for a few years, and then went back to uni in 2002 to train to be a teacher. In 2006, I graduated as a teacher. I worked for four years as a teacher, and then in early 2010, had a meltdown, and haven't been back to the classroom as a teacher since.

I am currently doing bits and pieces here and there in IT, Training, Accounting and so forth. My next big adventure is going to be A Masters of Writing through Open Universities Australia.

My love affair with Star Trek began in 1989, where "The Next Generation" (the one with the bald guy, Patrick Stewart as captain) was being advertised as coming on TV. I remember sitting down and watching it and loving it, and watching all the Star Trek I could. From TNG, I watched DS9 and Voyager and in time TOS as well. I also watched the movies (honestly, what were they on during The Motion Picture and Star Trek V?) and in time went to conventions, occassionally dressed up. There was the infamous convention that I decided to wear my GarTrek t-shirt... that really didn't go over well with others there... some of them need to laugh at themselves a bit.

While studying at uni, I typed in Star Trek RPG, and came up, I investigated, and signed up, and subsequently have risen through the ranks to be the Captain of five different ships in the club. I've also been in various administrative positions around the club as well. Apart from the times when I had to take a step back for personal reasons, I've been an active member there since about 2005/2006.

I remember thinking while I was in Star Trek one day, surely there must be a fantasy site similar to So I went searching online, and I found I was hooked almost immediately, I went through and read articles, I read through the Santharia RPG information, and wrote up Deklitch Hardin. He got approved rather quickly, as I recall, and almost immediately went back to creating other characters. During this time, I remember being really interested in the Kyranians, and caught up with Garret in IRC to discuss the Kyranians. I actually think I need to return to giving some attention to the Kyranians. :)

I signed up on the Development side as well, and began writing entries. In time, I became an apprentice, and then was offered the opportunity to do a Masterwork. I am also co-Mod, with Master Anfang of the People's forum. On the RPG side, I became Mini Mod, then CD Mod and then most recently Administrator, as well as being Story Mod for the Home Sweet Home thread.

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Date of Birth
31st December 1974
Accountant, Teacher, IT Trainer, Author, Life Long Learner
English and a little bit of French
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Oceania, Southern Hemesphere, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy, The Universe.
Nationality Australia Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!
Messengers None used.
Favourite Authors
Books by JRR Tolkien, David and Leigh Eddings, Raymond E Feist, Terry Goodkind, Jack Whyte, Terry Brooks, Lewis Carrol, C.S. Lewis, Agatha Christie, Clive Cussler, William Shakespeare, Lee Child, Harlen Coben and Matthew Reilly.
Favourite Books
RPG Books in general (I love reading them and making up characters), history books, Star Trek books. The Bible.
Favourite Music
I really like all kinds of music, except for rap and heavy metal and similar genres. Billy Joel would just about be my favourite musician, I loved his versatility and styles, and the way that no two albums had the same feel to them. I love what Andre Rieu and The Ten Tenors have done for classical music and opera. I am a big fan of musicals... and could listen and sing along with them all day. Wicked was the most recent musical I saw and it was absolutely brilliant.
Favourite Games
Santharia,, Sims I, II and III, Civilization IV and V, Stick Sports (particularly football and cricket), Sporcle quizzes, crosswords, logic puzzles, suduko, Monopoly, LOTRO.
Hobbies Star Trek, Cricket, Star Trek, Music, Star Trek, Writing, Star Trek, Rugby League, Star Trek, Tennis, Star Trek, Reading, Star Trek, Walking, Star Trek, Eating, Star Trek, Watching Movies, Star Trek, NaNoWriMo, Star Trek, ScriptFrenzy. Umm, did I mention Star Trek?
Santharian Focus
Joining Date RPG Administrator, People's Moderator, interested in Kyranians and Blessed Sea Elves.
Joining Date
June 7th 2009

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The Best Masterwork Award 2011
Winning picture: "The Eight Winds Bay"

The Eight Winds Bay had been a tantalizing presence on the map of North Sarvonia for a long, long time, inviting our speculations concerning its appearance, its dangers, and its effect on the peoples and animals that live around it. Then Deklitch Hardin came along. A much-loved compendiumist and tireless creator of songs, games, and parodies, as well as describer of curious cattle, he made it his masterwork to undertake the long journey north and describe for us the awe-inspiring landscape and many wonders of the Eight Winds Bay. It is thanks to his courageous exploration and subtle powers of description that we know the fearsome nature of the whirlpool that governs all currents in the bay; that we appreciate the work of the reclusive Blue Druids and the gentle Blessed Sea Elves; that we marvel at the underground waterways and the mischievous rat brownies that dwell therein; that we chuckle at the miracle of the naked flying fisherman; that we shudder at the thought of the monstrous Terror of the Bay; and that, all in all, we wish to travel to the Eight Winds Bay ourselves to feast our eyes on its beauty and test our courage against its perils. Every writer of a masterwork wishes that his work may be useful to the compendium and serve as a reference for Santharian scholars for many years to come. Thanks to the excellence of his research and writing, this wish has become true for Master Hardin. Thus it is with the most distinct admiration that we congratulate Deklitch to his award for Best Masterwork of 2011!


Innovation 2009 - Sordoc the Great, People 2010 - The Kyrattin Trader Mittoris Tyrattis, Places 2011 - The Eight Winds Bay, Places 2011 - The Magical City of Ximax

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