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orn 1977, Sign of Virgo - which should mean I am a rather dull perfectionist, all in all. I know I'm a hopeless perfectionist, but I don't know about -dull-. I hope not o.O

Picture of Linda
Aside from that, I got my Wacom on my 20th birthday, I think it was, from my parents. At first, I told them that there was no way I could ever, ever, ever paint on that thing. I would use it only to fix my paintings once they were scanned. A week later, I was hooked. I find that I can experiment so much more when working on the computer. I grow bold: I try new things because I can save the original version of an image and I don't have to worry about a good picture being ruined for all time, because I tried something different with it. I was always terrified of that. My brush was shy against the canvas, and it stumped my growth.

As it is, I'm just starting on a path towards getting better. I love painting and I generally do it for fun. I'm planning a book on dark fairytales, and all the images are part of a world I've created. If you do not like fantasy art, or art of fae and elves, I suggest you look elsewhere. It's the world of the fantastic that fascinates me, you see. I don't draw big guns, and I don't draw realistic things: I simply don't want to (unless, of course, you pay me - in which case it's another matter altogether!).

On my spare time, I spend time with my friends, and my cat Azrael, and I think I am - for the most part - an easygoing girl. Somewhat temperamental, but I'd do anything for my friends, family, and cat :)

Last, but not least,
I leave you with a message Azrael just typed for you by walking across the keyboard:
er45å¨ä'1 § ´åå

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gfx gfx
Date of Birth
September 5th, 1977
Student/teacher/junior researcher
Swedish (native) and English
Nationality Sweden Sweden
Messengers None

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Favourite Authors
Tolkien (you know which books I'm talking about), Kristine Kathryn Rush (The Fey), Edgar Allan Poe (anything he has written… almost). Specific books I like especially are:  I, Lucifer, The Picture of Dorian Gray and of course Lord of the Rings.
Favourite Music
Bach, Orff, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Katatonia, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Opeth, Placebo.
Favourite Games
Computer game? Can't say I have any actual “favourites”. I like Baldur's Gate and Diablo 2. Roleplaying game? I've got one of my own. And then there's always the very good Vampire.
Favourite Movies
All three of the Lord of the Rings movies, Donnie Darko, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepers, Sleepy Hollow, Emperor's New Groove, The Shawshank Redemption.
Hobbies Reading, playing RPG (online and IRL), spending time with the cat, listening to music, dancing, drawing, writing…
Santharian Focus
Artist (Adobe Photoshop with digital pen)
Joining Date
December 1st, 2000

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gfx gfx
gfx gfx

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