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íve always imagined it to be a hot early summerday. The sun had just dawned in the east and the birds were singing in the trees in their full glory. But I canít remember anything of the weather really, the curtains were closed when I first saw the world. Still, it was a beautiful place were I arrived at that day and I cried loud so everyone would be sure that I was there. It was exactly one minute past ten when I came upon the earth, but my parents ignored the minute: they thought I would always be too late. Thus the register says Niek van Uden, born the 7th of June 1984 at 10.00h.

Picture of Niek

Fortunately there was no Big Brother watching me that first year. I was happy and cried out to the world all the time how much I liked being around, though my parents somehow misjudged the crying as something annoying. They stayed on top of the stairs just outside my room until they thought I was asleep. I usually wasn't and cried out the moment I heard them trying to descend as quietly as possible on the old creaking ladder.

I grew up, as happens with all children. I had a little baby-sister just before we moved out of our first house. No longer the large garden I was used to, no longer the dampy rooms and corners full of spiderwebs. We said goodbye to everyone and went to a better place. I was to sit in the front of the truck that moved our stuff and felt like conquering the world. Our new house would be the scene of my further childhood. From elementary school to highschool I stayed there. There were many more children in the streets here, I played with them, stayed with them in the small playgarden and when I grew older we played football, or should I say soccer, at the field. It must have been in this house I had two important items that would change my life: my first accordion, and my first computer.

The first one was my accordion, a gift from my parents, who thought that music was part of the education. I was given the choice of one instrument, and I chose accordion. I still donít know why actually, I suppose I liked the sound of it or I liked the teacher, a lovely young lady, so much. But I chose it, and since then there hasnít been anything Iíve done so much everyday so regulary. No other fantasy project, computer game or imaginary play was able to rival with it. It will probably be my future or if you wish destiny to play, bring music to the stage.

There was of course that second item, a 286 green-black monitor featured computer. I had wonderful times playing simple games like Digger and Pacman, but the thing broke down in the end, and we had a new one from an uncle, this was with colours and more games and it cost me a lot of free time.

Niek performing a solo on the accordion
Highschool came, and being the best of my year with barely any faults in a major test which basically decided your next career step, I went to the Gymnasium, or Grammar School as some call it. It had seemed the most logic step, my parents had been there as well, and I didnít like the atmosphere of the other school communities, consisting of thousands of pupils in classes with ugly furniture and weird teachers.

Now the Gymnasium seemed like a good choice, though I couldnít find my way blindfolded at the beginning as I should be able later. To a 12 year old boy, the building was huge, with all kinds of different wings, different teachers and different pupils, though it was and still is one of the smallest schools in the city. Six years it was my second-most visited place and those six have have moulded the eager young brain into what it would become day: open-minded, hungry for knowledge, lover of classical culture and art in general.

I couldn't choose after highschool: my love was music and writing, but my courses were physics and math. Having visited all technical universities to no avail I chose the Conservatory (Music College), which I will finish this year (2006). At the same time I started at University, starting in Communication and Information Studies but quickly changing to Cultural Studies, which was much more to my liking after all. The combination of a practical professional education and academic courses on the side has proven to be very fruitful, but very busy as well, taking away some years from Santharia. But we're catching up...

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Date of Birth
June 7th, 1984
Student of Music and Culture, parttime Dreamer
Dutch (native), English, a little German
The Netherlands
Nationality Netherlands Dutch
ICQ: 42130988  
Demian Ensemble
Favourite Books
Anything I read, to mention a few titles: "The Devil and Miss Prym" by Paulo Coelho, "City of the Blind" by Jose Saramago, "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel, "The Discovery of Heaven" by Harry Mulisch, "Baudolino" by Umberto Eco.
Favourite Music
There's too much good music in this world! Influential musicians and/or pieces are: Astor Piazzolla, J.S. Bach, 3rd symphony by Gorecki, Canto Ostinato by Simeon ten Holt, Miles Davis, Bela Bartok, James Crabb.
Favourite Games
Roleplaying, either pen-and-paper or play-by-post. Catan, Carcassonne, Morrowind.
Favourite Movies
Incomplete and in no particular order: Hero, Festen, Bowling for Columbine, Magnolia, What the BLEEP do we know, Shakespeare in Love, Amťlie, Pulp Fiction.
Hobbies Playing accordion, piano, composing, writing, listen to music, walk.
Santharian Focus
Historian, composer.
Joining Date
December 29th, 2000

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The Best Musical Contribution Award 2007
Winning song:
"A Day at Keep Mistrash"

Gean Firefeet wins the battle for Best Musical Contribution of 2007 with his piece "A Day at Keep Mistrash". It is truly an epic composition, as rich as a movie theme and marvelously involving from the first bowing and dipping horns, a delight that invites to delve into the world of Santharia. This masterpiece corresponds also perfectly with Grunok's entry and Quellion's illustration of it, adding a sense of medieval life and historical relevance to the Manthrian keep. An award that is well deserved!

The Best Poetry Award 2008
Winning poem: "Fair Lady in White"

Gean Firefeet is of course known for his skills in song and verse, and rarely passes up the opportunity to add to our collection of poetry and lyrics. His piece "Fair Lady In White", inspired by a description of the ghostly White Lady apparitions, is one of his many masterpieces that grip you with the emotions contained therein. This year, despite the talented competition, it has even been awarded the ephitet of "Best Poetic Piece Of 1668", so let's hear a warm applause for our fiery-footed bard! Congratulations Gean!

The Best Musical Contribution Award 2009
Winning song:
"The Nightshade Carnival Theme"

As we could not decide on the best musical contribution of 2009, we celebrate the victory of "Nightshade Girls Of The North Sarvonian Carnival"! Or, well, something along those lines anyway. Geans masterful interpretation of the dark wonders found at the Nightshade Carnival tied this year with Alysses celebration of North Sarvonian Girls and their many good qualities. While we remain puzzled by Alysses strangely detailed knowledge of these qualities, it stands to reason that Gean's many visits to the Carnival were, indeed, "Business, not pleasure" as he asserted to us many, many times. Either way, we may be glad and proud to have two such talented musicians amongst our numbers, so let's hear it for Alysse the Likely and Gean Firefeet!

The Best Poetry Award 2009
Winning poem:
"Song to the Wind"

This category was won by one of our well-known and gifted bards, Gean Firefeet, for his lyrical entry ďSong to the WindĒ. Although he is very busy in real life, Gean still finds to time to drop gems such as this lovely piece into our Dream, and so we are delighted to present him with this award. Well done, Gean!

The Best Musical Contribution Award 2010
Winning song: "We Heard What She Said"

A regular candidate for the music category  is Gean Firefeet, who shares the award this time with the organ playing Petros. Inspired by the bawdy verses our special orcish contributer Tharoc Wargrider put together with the help of his no less bawdy friends, Gean set out on his mission to provide the musical accompaniment for whatever, well, "she has to say" (because that's what the drunkards heard). This jolly music is played up and down now in the New-Santhalan taverns as long as there are new ideas for bawdy verses - and it looks like there is no end to that. Thus, once again, we'd like to honour Gean's musical piece with an award. Well done, more please!


Music 2008 - Dusk is Here, Poetry 2008 - Oh Ravenport, Thou Surely Art, Magic 2008 - Fire Spells Level 5: Fiery Feet, Commentor 2008

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