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k, first of all, I was forced and tortured to write a new bio, my lame excuse for writing only two sentences was exposed as such ;)


Alex aka Grinch (with his dog as the guest star)

Well, so I'll start from the beginning. A long time ago, there was a paradise where Adam and Eve lived in, and when they got together... *one hour later* ... and finally there was me! Born in the summer of 79. A well-behaved boy loved by his parents and teachers all the time! - Or not ;) I was quite an agile boy, so I tried out almost every form of sport. Football, tennis, ice hockey, volleyball, judo, table tennis, little marathons, skiing etc. This would get longer than the Adam and Eve story, so I'll stop here ;) I have quite some cups and medals at home which I'm still proud of ;)

Time passed by and at some point which comes for everyone, I had to decide what to become. A tennis-player or an archeologist. I was a good tennis-player but I'm also quite lazy sometimes and those two things don't agree with each other ;)

I don't know where that passion for archeology came from, maybe I watched Indiana Jones too often as a kid, but there is more about it, because I still want to become one, but time is not on my side ;)


View picture in full size Grinch in his Santharian form

So, tennis was canceled by me, and archeology was canceled by my parents. I had to come up with a plan C. Plan C was something I really had to like - important for me - but something that maybe was not as spectacular as the other two professions: "I will become a programmer!" I said to myself.

So early in the morning I took my backpack and my iron ration and started my long and dangerous journey! Through the fields of fallen warriors and enigmatic woods, I finally found my teacher. It was a little greenish thing, that always said "May the force be with you!" or something like that. I had no idea, it was really strange. You won't believe me. It took me five years and finally I finished with a "Higher School Certificate" in my hands. I did the last tests in the academy in Baden. I prepared for it with a good friend in a summer house which was only one village off. Well, we didn't really learn that much, as you can think, but we both passed and still don't know how by today ;) The force was with us!

So, now I'm here and as long as I don't become an archeologist one day, I will work with Arti on Santhworld to make it to what he and we have in mind.

Thanks for reading, consider yourself huged if so ;)

And BTW, many of my sentences end with a ";)". Please just ignore it, I'm already in therapy because of it ;)

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gfx gfx
Date of Birth
August 29th, 1979
German, English,... I'm planning to refresh my French which I learned at school. Currently I'm still stuck at the planning process ;)
Nationality Austrian
MSN: see e-mail address  
Website *zonk* (Note: Think about the famous "zonk" sound here, which was part of a German game show. When the candidate discovered just got a stuffed animal instead of a car behind the curtain he/she had chosen, you'd hear the typical zonk sound...)
Favourite Books
Ok, I'm not the most passionate reader, but I do like fantasy books. Of course "Lord of the Rings" was pretty good, altough a bit long-winded sometimes ;) And I'm a fan of the Eragon books, they were great, and I'm deeply waiting for the last volume of the book.
Favourite Music
I like U2, Guster, Pink, Linking Park, Placebo ... you get the picture ;)
Favourite Games
Role Playing Games! I played them all, none can evade me. Altough time is always short! My favourite are: Oblivion, Gothic, Baldurs Gate, Everquest, WoW... - I also like offline shooters - sometimes, only if I'm in a bad mood ;) I like "Rainbow Six Vegas" and "Stalker" for example - both were pretty good.
Hobbies I don't like calling everything by name. My hobbies are things I like to do in my free time. I think thats their definition afterall ;) Well and that are so many things and even the same hobbies are kinda different for each one, so I refuse to name them here explicitly ;)
Santharian Focus
Santhworld Experience - Working with Artimidor in particular on the Santhworld script language, conditions and variables, item management, the interface, sound system and many more things
Joining Date
May 12th, 2008

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gfx gfx
gfx gfx

gfx gfx

The Best Innovation Award 2007
Winning Contribution:
"The Santhworld Lorehold Project"

The Lorehold - as the first module of the Santhworld project - is quite likely the most intruiging, diverse and addictive project since the beginning of the Santharian Dream. And of course it most certainly is the best innovation of 2007, as decided by the Santharian developers themselves. Combining puzzles and discoveries with bits of Santharian lore from every imaginable source, the ever expanding Lorehold grounds are truely a work in which Artimidor and the large amount of "guest contributors" involved can take great pride! So congratulations to the Lorehold Project, may your development never end!

The Best Innovation Award 2008
Winning Contribution:
"The Santhworld Nepris Module"

The Nepris Project, as part of Santhworld, wins this award for the second year running for the ingenious new battle system developed in 2008. Players gasped in horror as translucent slime creatures attempted to engulf them, struggled to complete the challenging quests and waited in anticipation to discover if and when they would need that random lump of cheese. These spectacular new interactions realized mainly by Grinch, creatively integrated by Art, have proved such a big development that Santhworld, due to these extension, has earned the prize again this year. We look forward to whatever the multitude of developers have in store for us next!

The Best Innovation Award 2009
Winning contribution: 
"The Uninvited Interactive Story"

The dynamic duo of Artimidor and Grinch stepped away from the Nepris game development long enough to provide us a wonderful diversion... Uninvited. Entering the world of mystery and suspense, Uninvited took players on a journey of discovery. “What was that sound? Who’s up there?” and “What lies behind that locked door?” are just some of the questions players ask themselves while playing this rather spooky adventure. Using the features of Santhworld once again, Artimidor and Grinch have proven the popularity of the gaming engine in Santharia. Uninvited is certainly a worthy addition to the Santhworld family and well deserves the “Best Innovation Award 2009”. Way to go!

The Best of the Rest Award 2011
Winning contribution: 
"The Mysteries of Nepris, Part II"

The Best of the Rest in Two Thousand Eleven Has been voted by people's acclaim,
And declared to be Santhworld - mysterious heaven, That brings an entire group fame.
We must praise our dear sage first and foremost, of course, Who invented the conceptual game,
But also the artists who've worked like a horse, To visualize all of the same.
For Nepris the Second has outdone the First, Though the First surely could not be called 'lame',
Enthralling and frustrating, our heads fit to burst, Entrapping both master and dame.

The writers have laboured on twists and on turns, To make a mysterious plot,
And soundmen and actors and sketchers of ferns, We truly do owe you a lot,
Plus hugs to the Grinch, who's a techie at heart, And helps us all out of a spot!
So thanks to the many who've made this success, A bit of the whole in the pot,
Santharia distilled, like delectable stew, Good whether you finish - or not!

Commitment Badge 2011
Grinch is hereby charged, not with the crime of stealing Christmas, but rather with something far more serious... He is charged with being committed to the Santharian Dream.

Let us review the evidence... During 2011 Grinch engaged in the following acts:
- Coded Nepris Part II and updated Nepris Part I in conjunction with his co-conspirators Artimidor, Shabakuk, Seeker, Judith, Talia and others;
- Coded The Santhworld Hall of Fame with his co-conspirator Artimidor;
- Stood still long enough for a portrait to be painted of him;
- Worked with Seeker on the Coding of the upcoming 'Treasure Shoals' Game; and
- Answered questions posed by the players who were struggling with Nepris.

Prior to 2011, Grinch provided similar assistance to other parts of Santhworld, including the Trivia Quizes, The Enemy Stirrith and Uninvited.

For all of the above, and for many other things that he's sure to do behind the scenes of Santharia, I find Grinch guilty of all charges laid against him. The evidence on the table speaks for itself, Grinch has shown his commitment to the Santharian Dream and I am pleased that his commitment is being recognised through this laudation and his commitment badge. Congratulations Grinch!


Rest 2011 - The Santhworld Hall of Fame

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