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y name is Josephine. I am called Josie or Jos by my family, and Jofee or Princess by my fiancé (princess as in, "ahhh, sweet princess" when I am good, and as in "don't be such a" when I am less so). I am a rather loquacious, often overly flirty woman with a good head for most things but who doesn’t know her time tables. I am easily distracted from boring tasks but when I have my head in something interesting I can go a whole day without looking at the time, and then wonder why "x" part of my body hurts. I love cooking and various other homely pottering things (but not gardening or ironing. The results are great but someone else can get them there), and I also love motorbikes. Fast ones only please, and No Harleys Allowed! In respect to the loquacious thing: Beware. Only read this if you are feeling committed as I can tell you right now it is going to be long.


Photo of Santharia's most beautiful orc - Grunok a.k.a. Josie

I was born in Wellington – Lower Hutt to be precise. It’s a glamorous town at the bottom of the North Island of New Zealand, built all on hills overlooking the harbour. Its main distinguishing characteristics are the winding, vertiginous roads and the wind. By the gods, the Wind. Oh, and being the capital city of New Zealand. But meh, I try not to talk about politics, I tend to get rabid.

We moved from Wellington fairly early in my life, and pretty much kept moving ever since. Dad had a job with what was then a government department and so where they pointed, we went. Eventually, after many other trials and tribulations, we ended up in Auckland. Auckland is a strange place. It is the biggest city in the country, one of the biggest in the world I am told. It is decentralised to a great degree, with four mini-cities making up one… ok, I’ll say it: 'Uber'-city. It has the North Shore city, which is (duh) in the North, Waitakere city in the west, Manukau city in the south and the main city in the centre-east. The North Shore is where we moved to originally. It was the late 1980s, and Auckland was growing fast. It was just before the Great Stockmarket Crash and Aucklanders were self-confident, prejudiced and proud. This is probably the period when Aucklanders got the name "Jafa" (an acronym. If you ask me I'll tell you but for now suffice to say it's unprintable). The school to which I then went immediately excluded me as a "small town person", and I had no friends up until I was eleven, three years later.

Salvation came in the form of Kali - no, not you Kalina [note Artimidor: one of the Santharian RPG Admins], her name is actually Kali. This has caused a certain amount of confusion already :P... , a tall, pale expat Aucklander who had lived in Sweden for the previous six or eight years, and had developed a strong Swedish accent. After trying to get on the class' good side by teasing her for a while, my loneliness and curiosity got the better of me. As I remember it, our first conversation went something like this:

“What’s that?" asked I.
"(mumble)" said she.
"A what?" I replied, annoyingly trying to get a closer look at what she was doing.
"It's a map," she repeated, giving up on trying to conceal her drawing.
"Cool", said I. "What for?"
"For D&D," said she, repressively.
"What’s that?" I asked, completely unrepressed. And so she told me, and invited me to play a game with her sometime, and we have been friends ever since.

D&D, and then eventually AD&D, with Kali was my first introduction to role-playing, and up until recently my only experience of it. Fourteen years later I stumbled upon Santharia whilst I was looking for a picture of a mermaid, for inspiration for a painting on a hoodie I was making. I browsed around the site and noticed it had a role-playing side. I decided it was cool and before I logged off that day I had started work on my first CD, Grunok. I figured an orc was the best way to start off in any new world 'cos most orcs aren't expected to know anything but how to bash stuff, and that I could do. Now, only a few months later I sit here writing this as I become a member of the development side of the Dream. Needless to say the hoodie is still unfinished.

Other things about me: I have a brother called Colin and a father called Graeme – my mother died when I was thirteen. I am a recovering Goth, having worn black for about six years from ages fifteen to twenty-one. Retail is what finally pulled me out of it (and a young lady by the name of Desiree, but that’s another story). I am studying for a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Psychology (*sigh* no I am not psychoanalysing you right now). I am also a volunteer telephone counsellor for a New Zealand organisation called Youthline, and I mentor newcomers to help them learn to do the same thing, after they have passed their basic training. I live in central Auckland with my dear fiancé Dave who I will marry in 2007/2008ish. We are about a half an hour’s walk from anywhere, depending on the shoes you’re wearing, and are living in an apartment which is far too small for all the sheets and towels and computer parts we suddenly have but which is very warm in winter. And also in summer which is less good. Well, where to from here, you ask? *Ignores the shouts of "Enough already! This isn’t a bio it’s a bloody novel!"* My dearest ambitions are to move somewhere bigger so that we can get a cat, and to travel to Europe and Britain. That is all. You may go pee now. Really. You shouldn't hold it, it's not good for you.

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Female, often overtly so.
Date of Birth
15th of March, 1981. I now expect presents!
Student currently, studying psychology. If all goes well I should be a bona fide Dr Princess, PhD. by 2011. Oh gods, that's a long time away. How depressing.
English. I studied French at school and could probably muddle my way through requesting a baguette, or telling someone what my a/s/l is *rolls eyes* or telling them where my aunt is (sur le frigo – don’t ask me why, I have no idea). I also know a bit of Maori, but only what is used in psychology (Te Whare Tapa Wha) and what is used in general conversation (Kiaora bro, the whanau is hungry, gonna go get some kai).
Auckland, New Zealand
Nationality New Zealand Kiwi (New Zealander)
Let me know if you are going to add me, so I know whom to accept. I also use the Santharian IRC channel regularly.
Website, but there’s nothing interesting on it. Mostly I just use it for hosting images which I want to show to more than one person.
Favourite Books
Wow. Just one? Surely not. I have a favourite trilogy. That would be the "Black Jewels" by Anne Bishop. Other books I like are: The "Harry Potter" series, *mumble that sounds suspiciously like Anne McCaffrey*, Freda Warrington, but not all of her stuff – just "Dark Cathedral", "Pagan Moon", and a "Taste of Blood Wine". Heaps more but I can’t think of them at the moment. *Stoically ignores the cries of "gods be praised!"*
Favourite Music
This is harder to pick. My tastes range from classical (mostly opera, but some instrumental stuff) to Kiwi hip-hop (Scribe, Savage, Nesian Mystik), to mainstream stuff like Franz Ferdinand, Portishead, Pulp, Headless Chickens etcetera, to rock - Shihad, Limp Bizkit (Why do all these people have to spell their names badly? Honestly.) NIN, Muse, Faith No More etc., to metal (Bal-Sagoth, Ulvur, Satyricon, Arcturus…). I love Kiwi music.
Favourite Games
Hmmm. Elder Scrolls whatever-number-it-is: Morrowind; and Halo. The first one is better than the second one and I hate live coz I get pwned. The Sims I guess. Power cut games (charades, Chinese whispers, build-a-fort-with furniture-and-blankets) rock.
Favourite Movies
"The Crow" and "The Princess Bride" are my eternal favourites. The "LOTR" trilogy is great! As much as I love the book, the anachronistic language can be a barrier to my enjoyment of it. I do miss Tom Bombadil though. Red vs. Blue is great (
Hobbies At the moment, Santharian matters take up most of my free time, followed by my volunteer work as a counsellor (it's a weird kind of fun:P). If I had more time/money/sense this list would also include: reading books (mostly fantasy, some high fantasy); writing books (the same genres); singing, cooking, sewing, gaming, motorbikes, and shopping for pretty clothes. Six years in retail warped my mind, I'm sad to say. I used to fence, too, but I moved away from my club and then an ex stole all my gear and I haven’t taken it up again since. I may do again though.
Santharian Focus
Developer, mostly of places, but also occasionally of associated incidentals; story-mod and roleplayer.
Joining Date
4th of September 2005

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The Best Places Entry Award 2007
Winning Entry: "The Manthrian Port City of Marduran"

The tight race for the Places Award goes by nailsbreath to our orcish colleague Grunok, whose entry of the "Manthrian Port City of Marduran" convinced Santharian developers that orcs can be pretty thorough when doing their researches! Be it the detailed town description itself, the careful observations of the People living in this port or the reconstruction of the historical timeline, our little friend got down to the bottom of it until all parchments's on Grun's desk were filled with precious information. - Splendid work!


Places 2007 - The Manthrian Keep Mistrash, Commentor 2007, Race/Tribe 2008 - Serphelorian Men

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