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Pic of Holger

Holger in the middle of the night...

ell, writing your own bio seems kind of odd. Well, what do you want to know? I was born in the midst of February in 1980 in an unknown town named “Mühlheim a.d. Ruhr” in the maybe better known “Ruhrpott” the centre of steel industry and carnival in Germany.

Maybe that is the reason I hated carnival till very late in my life (where I learnt to live with it).

Just a year after my spectacular birth my parents, my sister and me moved to a neat, little village at the outskirts of Munich, Bavaria. Here we met our last family member, a Collie that fled from its former owner right into our arms.

So, the perfect family completed I lived a rather peaceful life from there ever on… Hey, wait, the story is not finished I guess!

Outfitted with the stubbornness of a “Göbber” (nearly a village quote by now) I nevertheless always have been a dreamer.

Since the time I learnt to walk there were worlds opening their gates in my mind, from fantasy to the fantastic. Naturally I read the classics, Lord of the Rings and the like but for me these were only the starting points for my own adventures. Naturally I wanted to draw what I saw in my mind and though I can’t tell I already accomplished that I still try. Naturally I wanted to write my own stories! Well, we better forget that part…

In 2000 I (finally) stumbled over a site, with pretty confusing layout and navigation so I forgot about it. Anyway I revisited the Santharian Dream several more times and then even regularly because “Heck, there were so many ideas and stories to explore!”

Finally, I decided that I could contribute something to the Dream and so with my first Photoshop version I tried my hand on a Santharian Coat of Arms - the Shield of Voldar – and shyly sent it to the webmaster of the site who – surprisingly! – approved it!

And so I started out my Santharian career from Coat of Arms-designer to world builder to Fontmaker to wanna-be artist and I have to admit that by now that I see the Santharian Dream as much as my Dream as anyone else’s…

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Date of Birth
February 15th, 1980
Student (Media Design)
German (native), English
Inning am Ammersee (near Munich)
Nationality Germany Germany
Messengers ICQ: 87137127  (Mangalore)

or visit Koldar's Elfwood Gallery:

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Favourite Books
"Lord of the Rings" (Tolkien), "Im Westen nichts Neues" (Erich Maria Lamarque), Riftwar Saga (Raymond Feist)
Favourite Music
Prodigy, Offspring - and approximately hundreds of others:)
Favourite Games
Computer games: Freespace I+II, Das Schwarze Auge (Realms of Arkania) I+II, Rogue Spear, Unreal Tournament und Civilization.
Board games: Risiko, Monopoly
Hobbies Reading, drawing, designing Fantasy worlds, working with 3D-Studio Max, go out with friends, celebrate, drinking(!). No sports, however:)
Santharian Focus
Coat of Arms Artist, Font & Map Maker, World Designer
Joining Date
September 3rd, 2000

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Mhorashty, the Sephet Demon, the
Demons of Caelereth, the Silffin, the Mythical Swordwhale
Battle for Kormendale, the  
Styrásh Principles (pic)
Styrásh Symbols
Santharian Styrásh Font (Mira'Shjim Runes) Download
Aseyan Creation Myth, the  
Level 3 Wind Spell - Fist of Thunder  
Aca-Santerran Politics
Aca-Santerran Military
Aca-Santerran Society
Broadsword, the
Centoraurian Shortsword, the
Dagger of Gral, the (pic)
Draskovaer Blade ("Bladeaxe"), the
Erpheronian Broadsword, the
Lightwater, the
Orcish Warbow, the
Orcish Warfare, the
Pain Remedies, the
Saki Game. the
Swords of Fury, the
Asthalon, the Black Lord
Curogana, the Tharian Queen (pic)
Koldar Mondrakken
Order of Armeros, the
Order of the Fallen, the
Tephron, the Helcrani Anactar
White Knights Order, the
Delvynnar, City of Nacre
Menemroon, the Wizard
Milkengrad, Coat of Arms
Mythe (map colorization)
Nermeran, the Province of
Nybelmar, the Continent of
Nyermersys (+Map,+Coat of Arms)
Orcal, the Kingdom of
R'unor, Coat of Arms
Santharia, Coat of Arms of
Voldar, Coat of Arms
Races & Tribes
Ashz-Oc Orcs, the
Astyrhim Elves, the (CoA)
Avennorian Men, the (CoA)
Caltharian Men, the
Centoraurian Men, the
Chyrakisth Orcs, the
Coór'hém Elves, the (pic)
Diorye'oleal Elves, the (CoA)
Erpheronian Men, the (CoA, +pic)
Goblins, the
Helvet'ine Kuglim Men, the (CoA)
Fal'cone Kuglim Men, the (CoA)
Kassite Men, the (+pic)
Kaýrrhem Elves, the
Korweynite Men, the
Kyranian Men, the (CoA)
Losh-Oc Orcs, the
Murmillion Men, the
Ogres, the
Orcristh Orcs, the
Orcs, the
Osther-Oc Orcs, the (+pic)
Rhom-Oc Orcs, the
Santerrans, the
Stratanian Men, the
Tethinrhim Elves, the (CoA)
Ylfferhim Elves, the (CoA)
Aca-Santerran Beliefs
Aseyan Religion, the (Korweynite Belief)
Barkhas, God of the Sea
Queprur, Goddess of Death

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