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Ana Maria aka Lucirina

Picture of Ana Maria (standard edition and in Goth mode)

ucirina: My life started as most lives do: I was born in Oslo, Norway, on a warm summer night. Most of my childhood I spent traveling between Chile and Norway to visit the family of my dad, who was from Chile but lived in exile in Norway where he had met my mom. I grew up speaking three languages and maybe that is where I got my liking for learning new and interesting languages.

My teachers and most adults considered me to be a hyperactive and troublesome child. Well, I used to escape from class and climb into the highest trees so they couldn't catch me. My classmates thought I was crazy and I must admit that I had very few friends in Norway, most of my childhood friends live in Chile. When I was 10 years the catastrophe hit me and my family: my dad died and we left Norway behind to go and live in Chile. I have had my bad days and nights adjusting to my new country but I am content here. I have a wonderful daughter that I adore who is now 3 years. Together with Judy's little one she's now one of the Santharian mascots - check out her membership page here.

Lifes has had its ups and downs with me and I truly hope that it will be done tossing me around soon... I am getting dizzy.

Artimidor, supplement: Ana Maria/Lucirina moved to Canada in mid-2004 and married in August of the same year. She was very happy to finally make this important step, she also moved to a new appartment and started a brand new life. Lucirina shared her happiness with all of us here on the Santharian Development and RPG Boards, and we were glad to see that her life seemed to have made a turn for the good.

Lucirina's daughter Juju

Just when Lucirina got back to Santharian development again and contributed her first entry after the busy marriage and moving times, the unbelievable happened, which was a shock to her family and to her close friends here in Santharia alike. We learned that on October 13th 2004, only two months after her marriage, Lucirina was stabbed in her new appartment in Canada by the hand of her own husband. She died of her injuries, leaving her then 3 year old daughter Juju behind, whom she also had introduced as Juju Whirlwind as one of our Santharian mascots.

Lucirina will always remain in our hearts and minds as someone who not only shared a dream of creating a fantasy world together, but also as a long-time companion and - to many of us - even a close friend. We therefore dedicate this site to the memory of our untimely lost and unforgettable member, and are proud that we could share the same path in the last years of her still so young life. The works Lucirina did for Santharia will never be forgotten.

Sing No More, Birds
An Elegy for Lucirina by Bard Judith

Sing no more, birds; the notes you breathe are sorrow.
Old news that breaks like ice and wounds again.
Each day will bring no new hope for the morrow,
And all the sky is filled with sobbing rain.

Sing no more, birds; the very trees are weeping.
Mute is the wind that fingers every leaf.
Where is our bard? Ah, say she's only sleeping,
That she will wake to laugh away our grief.

Sing no more, birds; how can you pipe unchoking
When songbird sister now has taken harm?
How can we hear, our breast with anger stoking,
For want of her that lies in Avá's arm?

Sing no more, birds...

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Female... and enjoying every second of it. Cogswell.
Life Dates
Born on May 28th, 1978, died on October 13th, 2004
Veterinary Student
Norwegian, English, Spanish
Santiago, Chile
Nationality Chile Norwegian/Chilean
E-Mail None
Messengers None
Visit Lucirina's Elfwood Gallery

and her Lothlorien stories/poems page

Favourite Books
"Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien, "Songmaster" by Oscar Scot Card, "La ciudad de las bestias" by Isabel Allende and "Heksemesteren" by Magrit Sandemoe
Favourite Music
Secret Garden, Enya, Loreena McKennit, Enigma, lots of others...
Favourite Games
Scrabbles; Diablo II (hehehehe), Heroes of Might and Magic
Hobbies Reading, writing, trying to draw :P, listening to music, horseback riding
What I hat People who want to change me
Santharian Focus
Bard and storyteller... occasional zoologist
Joining Date
May 22nd, 2002

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The Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award for Dedication and Perseverance
While she could stay with us only two and a half years, Lucirina was a regular guest on the Santharian Forums, a constant in the ever shifting busy world that is Santharian development. Due to her love of animals she also focused on writing entries of that kind, and thus thanks to her we could welcome the Santharian mimsy, the Landesh pony, the mithral wolf, the injóh, the nightbird or the fascinating Quallian sys'nean in our world - to name just a few. Lucirina also enjoyed to write poetry and stories as can be seen when looking at the plethora of poems, songs, rhymes and chants which adorn our library bearing her name. As the dedicated Santharian bard that she was, Lucirina also finally created the Féarn'teloría, the "House of Songs", in the Injerín Shaded Forest, forever leaving her traces for future generations with this creation of a school dedicated to the education of singers, just like the one she was. Forever in our hearts, it is thus our honour to award Lucirina with our recognition for Dedication and Perseverance which she has shown in an examplary fashion.

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