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 was born on the 24th of February, in 1984, at ten minutes past midnight. And the world has never been the same since. (I'll leave it to the observer to decide whether it's been for the better or not.)

Picture of Roel aka Miraran

I spent the next 21 years in a fairly small town called Alblasserdam, meanwhile managing to get reasonably educated, finish every interesting book in the local library (and a lot of the not-so-very-interesting ones), driving my parents occasionally insane, and trying to kill my five-year-younger brother before he killed me. (So far no luck by the way.)

-Insert dramatic trouble-filled adolescence here.-

Early 2006 I accidentaly wandered into the Santharian Dream whilst looking for a PbP-RPG to join. I never really made it to the point of actually joining a game, since before long the Development pages were discovered, and I had begun writing my first entries. Over the next year I got more and more into the project, managed to get my own region to develop, and, the very reason I'm typing this all down, was made a member just before Christmas.

A decision, I am sure, that Artimidor is regretting 'till this very day. There's been arguments. There's been outright rebellion. There's been truely awe-inspiringly awful Christmas parodies.

And most importantly, there's been the forging of a great many friendships great and small, ranging from the (relatively) local Santharians, through a certain British Orc, all the way to exotic places as Korea, Canada, and the frozen mountaintops of Tibet Austria.

There... that is about all I suppose. All I'll be telling you anyway. Yes, you can ask questions. And no, answers are not guaranteed. Life is much more fun when you don't see it coming.

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Date of Birth
February 24th, 1984
Dutch (native), English (good), French (very poor)
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Nationality Netherlands Dutch
Messengers None
www.santharia.com (what else?)
Favourite Books
Oh my... Authors: Robert Jordan, J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Pratchett are probably my all-time favourites. - Books: The Devils wears Prada, Alice in Wonderland, Sophie's World, Watership Down, The 13 1/2 lives of Capt'n Bluebear, and many, many more...
Favourite Music
Do I really have to choose? How about the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lais, Fay Lovsky, Tom Dicke, Linkin Park... I'll stop now, this page will be getting way too long if I include everything.
Favourite Games
The Colonists of Catan, Genius, Beananza, Starcraft, the Elder Scrolls, Myst... I'm sure you get the idea.
Hobbies What? You think I have a life next to working and writing for the Dream? What kind of person do you think I am?
Santharian Focus
Nybelmar, Herbarium, Bestiary
Joining Date
April 2nd, 2006 the Mirjah Bird was added onto the site.

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The Best Bestiary Entry Award 2008
Winning Entry: "The Flying Sponge"

Perhaps as a testament to the sheer quality of Bestiary entries in 2008, this category leaves us with a tie between Tharoc Wargrider and Miraran Tehuriden. It seems that the vast choice avaliable was wittled down to the characterful and very well written Eanian Warg of this year's Rising Star Tharoc and Mira's delightfully exotic Flying Sponge. Both of the dedicated developers are deserving of this bitterly contested award, being two high-quality contributors in a variety of the Dream's aspects. Congratulations Mira and Thar!

Commitment Badge 2008
Miraran stayed perfectly consistent in his commitment to the Dream, as he also received the Commitment Badge last year already, so he decided to defend it in 2008 obviously... Still master of the botanical universe in Santharia he's overseeing and creating horrible green stuff, at least that's what he claims - as contrary to that many a researcher has made it out alive and well when returning from the greenhouse. Having tried his hands on all possible categories last year, Mira along with Deci also helped out with getting the Dev Awards 2008 into gear, a work that now pays off when you're reading this page. Let's hope Mira earns his third badge next year already!

The Best Masterwork Award 2007!
Winning Entry: "The Drifting Woods"

Miraran's masterwork in order to gain membership, the "Drifting Woods" on the northwestern shores of Nybelmar, was put up officially on New Year's Eve of 2006. Nevertheless it it's still counted as a 2007 masterwork. And a huge effect it had for 2007 indeed, as it was full with ideas for beasts and plants, history and myths that were realized later in 2007, either by Miraran himself or one of his Nybelmarian colleagues.While all nomnated masterworks are truly remarkable works, Mira's Drifiting Woods stand out, also in regard of the influence it had for further development. That's the way it should be-  well done!

The Best Race/Tribe Entry Award 2007
Winning Entry: "The Ter'ei'Vikn Men"

Races and tribes are complex and time consuming stuff to concept and get down on paper. Miraran didn't shun the effort that is involved with such an entry and followed his ideas of the Drifting Wood area through by adding the "Ter'ei'vikh Men", the "Bug-People" as their Morcini neighbours use to call them. With this entry in combination with the Drifiting Woods background the continent of Nybelmar gets another interesting species that differs considerably from already established tribes, and thus makes developing in Nybelmar fascinating for other developers as well. The Ter'ei'vikh - a tribe that makes a difference. Brillant work, Mira!

Commitment Badge 2007
Mira has shown dedication to the Dream in 2007 not only as Herbarium Moderator, but also as a very focussed developer regarding the region of the Drifiting Woods. Here he developed entries on beasts, plants, the place itself of course and a thorough tribe entry. Furthermore he inspired others to help in the region and thus set an example how such local projects should work.


Bestiary 2007 - The Mossmounds, Commentor 2007

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