We are fortunate to have the most famous Santharian bard in our development ranks, namely Masterbard Bard Judith the Unbelievable. Judith, a woman with the energy of a nuclear power plant (but fortunately not that dangerous), doesn't only write masses of Compendium entries, draw illustrations and valuable comments to Forum posts, but is also well known for her odes to other team members. According to the heavy demand to present all these wonderful pieces at one page we took the liberty to collect her poems, which she wrote on the occasion of members returning after longer absence.

The poems are ordered descending by date of arrival. What more can I say? - Enjoy! But lets start with the first song then:


Deklitch Hardin

(Athviaro Shyu-eck-Silfayr)

A Description

How to describe in
A few words Deklitch
Well, to start with, Hardin
Is always ready to
And to think and to ponder
What you mean to say
And wonder
At what marvels there
Are in this world;
Of a Packox or where
It might be found.
But most of all I say
That Deklitch is
Person with a heart
That will never hesitate to
The latest challenge; and
For that I shake
His hand
And hope that one
Day I will be like


A Philosophy

Never give up; never give in
This is the mantra of Deklitch Hardin
Through storm and wind
Sleet and rain
He battles on, again and again.

He writes just like a man possessed
Of a spirit under duress
To write and write and untangle the mess
Of what happened in ages past

Live every day and write every word
Nurture each, like a little bird.
And verify each rumour that you've heard

Upon your soul, give of your best
And then, work done, your pen may rest

Now last of all and all of all: Work hard at it.


A Thanking

It is said that once in ages past
Four great mages breathed their last
The truth of this we may never know
But some pointers there are that do still show.

Yet what can all of these avail
Buried in a time-forged hail
That covers each fact
And may never give them back?

Deklitch, we know, will answer; for he
Is the one to whom falls the victory
Of Eight Winds Bay; he can say
Better than anyone, yea or nay.

Better than this, however, he wrote it down
Now all you need is a pensive frown
To convince the librarian and so you
Can taste this wonderful, enlightening dew.

The knowledge of a man will pass and fade
The strength of a man fails with the blade
But the words on the page last beyond their years
For this recorded knowledge, we have no fears.

So lastly, we thank you, for making it clear
Just what may have happened that fateful year
And if ever you need someone still compos mentis
You know where to look; ask an apprentice!



(by Deklitch Hardin)

Shabakuk, Shabakuk
Compendium Member,
Shabakuk, Shabakuk,
People Moderator,
Most fearless of gnomes, for he always roams,
Shabakuk ... Shabakuk ... Shabakuk

You have travelled far and wide
researching that which people fear,
You have learnt about Fymbels and Uglings,
You have reported on rumours
Of the Gobbleswap and Evil Ear,
And regale us with songs that Kassandra[1] sings.

Shabakuk, Shabakuk,
Raise a glass or two!
Shabakuk, Shabakuk,
We raise this glass to you,
Compendium Member, People Moderator
Shabakuk ... Shabakuk ... Shabakuk

[1] Kassandra is a gossiper bird that travels with a cutlass-bearing, dirty-swearing woman who calls herself Lili the Elfcat. If the stories of one Orly Greenfield are to be believed, Shabakuk once had a chance encounter with this Lili, and later included pieces of Kassandra's banter in his collection of gossiper songs. [Back]


Valan Nonesuch

(by Deklitch Hardin)

(With apologies to The Addams Family Musical)


Artimidor: Ah the intoxicating smell of the Ruins of Cort'Mangar, once in a while, we gather to honour the latest person to complete their Masterwork and join the ranks of the members. Come every researcher of the Compendium ... member, guest and apprentice, and let us celebrate what it is to be Valan. Come to me our latest member: he with beard so long, cloak so black, and comments that are as blunt as his most beloved butter knife! And tell us what it is that Valan Nonesuch hopes for.

Darkness, grief, and unspeakable sorrow.

I love it when you speak of such beauty!


When you are Valan:
You know the ins and outs of the groshmite.

When you are Valan,
you know about sleepill.

Artimidor and Judith:
You never see the disk in shades of gray;
and the game of Godsdice you can play.


Azhira and Altario:
When you are Valan.

You have travelled to the Saloh Coast.

Azhira and Altario:
When you are Valan.

You need to know the touch of death.

Azhira, Altario, Judith and Artimidor:
He doesn't care about the world outside and what it wants from him!
When you are Valan you do what Valan always does!


Valan Nonesuch!

Will you remain as Valan forever and ever.

I will remain as Valan ... even though the first night we met.

You were here as someone else:

Takashi Logan and composed one entry.

How we gasped. And then you returned to us as.

Niccoli Faust.

But through it all you have always been the Santharian thinking engine!


When you are Valan

You grab a hob-bow and arrow!

When you are Valan.

You rule the armoury!

Search out the baniop!

Research Delirium.

Seeker, Shabby, Decipher, Seth:
And write the Fiddles on the Falls!

When you are Valan, you've gotta do it all!


And on this special night we summon everyone to join us in this celebration!



When you are Valan you have a very special duty. When you are Valan you're obligated to the compendium! It is Valan first and Valan last and Valan by and by! When you are Valan: the standard answers don't apply! When you are Valan: you do what Valan does or:

*Valan grumbles*




(by Bard Judith)

A big green orc, befanged and dark,
With weaponry galore,
Comes blundering in, ignoring kin,
Sits down, and starts to snore.

That Chondra roast we planned to toast
Is half-devoured - how?
Three loaves of bread are all but dead,
But crumbs remaining now.

The warg outside he loves to ride,
Is fretting at her chain,
The ale is gone, the brandy too -
He's driving us insane!

Who is this orc, this warrior bold,
Of nerve and gas and wit?
His appetite leaves maids afright,
(Or chomping at the bit..)

Disturb him naught, mine host - you thought
At first to waken him?
Or turn him out, your laws to flout?
Ah, do not be so dim!

Though brutal brow may seem enow
To judge your client by,
Or daggers lurched, or boots besmirched,
His soul is soaring high.

Your orcen guest, at our behest?
A scholar, to exhort,
Of honour sooth and friendship's truth,
A leal and loyal sort.

So hail our Tharoc, praise him now,
But quietly, I'd ask -
And make no peep whilst he's asleep,
Just fill his brandy cask!



(by Deklitch Hardin)

(with sympathy to the Banana Song)

Who’s this Remusian
From the Ice Coast in the far n-orth
Alt, me say Alt, me say Alt, me say Alt
Me say Alt, me say Altario
He’s from the Ice Coast in the far north

Day and night tryin’ to keep warm
Livin’ on the Ice Coast in the far n-orth
Fightin’ the foe wit’ spear and sword
Livin’ on the Ice Coast in the far north

Come, Master Golden Shield, tally me the wison
Roamin’ ‘cross the Ice Coast in the far n-orth
They’re stretched out right across the horizon
Swimmin’ icy rivers in the far north

It's two ped, three ped, four ped SNOW!
Right across the Ice Coast in the far n-orth
I say two ped, three ped, four ped SNOW!
Right across the Ice Coast in the far north

Alt, me say Altario
He’s from the Ice Coast in the far n-orth
Alt, me say Alt, me say Alt, me say Alt
Me say Alt, me say Altario
He’s from the Ice Coast in the far north

The snow capped ranges known as Gathorn oh!
Just south of the Ice Coast in the far n-orth
Hides the deadly Fisah-eck-Shanno
Terrifies all who live in the far north

It's two ped, three ped, four ped SNOW!
Right across the Ice Coast in the far n-orth
I say two ped, three ped, four ped SNOW!
Right across the Ice Coast in the far north


Rayne Avalotus

(by Talia Sturmwind)

Last night - the morning was not far away -
I had a dream, of jewels in a sky so blue
and Xazure blooms adorned with dew.
A happy smile lay on my face all day.

It‘s ev‘ning now, the light is dim and gray
but I see hues of blues before my eye.
What was it that I saw today and why
was I so deeply touched - I cannot say.

The night approaches, I do dream once more
and suddenly I see a glimpse of blue
again. I know I‘ve seen it once before,
that brilliant violet and indigo,
in eyes, so glistening, on clothing too!
It‘s Rayne! Welcome back, my friend of yore!



(by Deklitch Hardin)

This song was first performed in the Zhunite City-State of Cyras on lyre and flute simply as a musical piece. The words were initially written as a poem... it was discovered that the words matched in with the music and so a performance was given while Miraran was within the borders of this, the greatest of all the Zhunite City-States. The refrain is designed to be sung by a choir of no fewer than fifteen members. A range of voice types is preferred. Each verse is sung by a soloist, a different soloist for each verse is preferred, though we can get away with fewer soloists in a pinch. The music is designed to be played on the most noble and stately of instruments, the lyre and flute. To provide the crescendo of the piece during the final verse and refrains, it is recommended that multiple lyres and flutes be used to truly lift the listener up to the skies. The strongest and loudest of the four soloists should be used to sing the final verse, so that the sound of the massed musicians doesn’t drown out the words. If such an individual cannot be found, it is suitable to use all the soloists to sing the final verse.

All the greenhouse residents,
Whether short or tall,
Grasses, Shrubs and Succulents:
Miraran knows them all.

Each meat eating plant that wants to
Eat sentient or beast or fish,
Mira will research and study so,
They all get their favourite dish.


Each vine that cuts or strangles,
Every herb that will heal or harm,
And those part fauna part animals,
To Mira they’ve all got charm.


The messenger pigeons that fly there,
Each carrying a Compendium note,
Of them Mira claims he’s seen no hide or hair,
As he strokes his pigeon feathered coat.


Should you receive an invite,
To see such greenery,
Please run away with all your might,
Or you no more we’ll see.




(by Deklitch Hardin)

Based on the song Joseph's Coat from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

Seeker wanted to find magic that was quite dark
He hunted, researched, hired ships and disembarked,
He travelled here, he travelled there
Without success at all

Through his travels across a multitude of lands
Crossing jungles and deserts of shifting sands
With his eyes, Seeker did spy,
Wonders both great and small

While he couldn’t find a magic spell
He did see things both fair and fell
But what really grabbed his attention
Was Elving heart of the elven nation

Seeker’s tattoos upon his head
Made some who saw him full of dread
And he had trouble finding a dance partner
Most people refused to be his dance partner
He wanted to make all his dreams come true

Seeker wanted to show the Compendium
What the world of Caelereth had to offer them
So Seeker made himself a palette
A multi-coloured palette to use

Seeker’s palette was magical
‘Twas made of wood
It could be folded up quite easily
The workmanship was really good

And this is why, it caught the eye
The colours would never run out
And when Seeker painted a forest scene
The palette had just the right shades of green

What a magical palette of many colours
How he used his palette of many colours

And without a moment of rest
He headed north, south, east and west
And he painted with his palette of many colours
How he used his palette of many colours

It had karikrimson and korwyn and herne and
Cinnabrown and sou’cald

Everyone was amazed
At just what they saw
Some had been fearful
Of him before
But now this palette
This magic palette
Has helped us see the dream

And when Seeker paints a scene
Whether ocean blue or forest green
His amazing palette makes it look fantastic
Displaying skills that are quite artistic

His Remusian looks majestic and smart
And the Chyrakisth is a fearsome work of art
What a magic palette of colours
How he used his palette of many colours

It had karikrimson and korwyn and herne and cinnabrown
And teki scarlet and nor’sidian and ochre and barsa
And ruby and parchment and cerabell and elken
And fawnhide and old gold and charcoal and carrootene
And helm and mershell and yealm and wild rose
And drasileaf and horn brown and sevari’s and dovegrey
And santh purple and cyhalloi and waterberry and whenstone
And prominent red and burnt elm and strata butter and eo leather
And turpan and amethyst and allia and sulcho
And vontromarine and rekjin clay and pendrowe and yrom flower
And aesh ice and strat’orange and ancythrite and emeraude
And aeruillin and bavcoral and viperene and injerashine
And azure and aquene and udzera and thaeleen
And burnt elm and lyth’be and fawnhide and emeraulde
And sou’cald


(by Deklitch Hardin)

Based on Hard Knock Life from the musical Annie.

It's the mollusc life for Seth!
It's the mollusc life for Seth!
Without her knowledge, we’d all forget!
About the parasitic limpet!
It's the mollusc life!

Karnarma sheep dig
fast not slow,
We know ‘bout the
Selpie now
Mulloske style!
Gnackers anchored,
for a while!
It's the mollusc life!

Did you read ‘bout the Hunter and the Red King?
Do you hear duscars howling at twilight?
Over there can you see a hiveling moving?
No one would know ‘bout ‘em if Seth didn’t write!

Seth is there if it’s creepy or it’s slimy!
Seth is there if it cries or if it shrieks!
Seth is there if its teeth are sharp and shiny!
These creatures would make anyone else freak!

crustacean life!
exoskeleton life!
semi-aquatic life!
No bones about it life!

Seth studies mullog beliefs too
and their origins could be true!
Seth’ll put you in the Compendium
If you’re wiggly or a crustacean!
It’s the mollusc life!

Violence is not the answer …
But you will get points for showing your working.

Give to Seth a brand new quill
Send the Sage her travel bill
Give Seth reams of parchment to fill
Reading her entries is such a thrill

It's the mollusc life for Seth!
It's the mollusc life for Seth!
Seth’ll put you in the Compendium
If you’re wiggly or a crustacean!
It's the mollusc life
It's the mollusc life

It's … the … mollusc … life!


(by Gean Firefeet)

Azhira, only here a year,
Already you, a human mage
Have made the North into your stage.
Your research, as it does appear
Tells of the half-orcs you hold dear,
And of a tower, veiled in mists,
Where evil from the past persists.
All fine additions to the North
We hope that many more come forth
And you remain within our midst.

Aurora Damall

(by Bard Judith)

A new dawn - a new day -
Injera now is rising.
And with that bright fresh face appears
our Dawn, it seems - surprising!

Aurora's back, so let us all
Welcome her with merry strain,
Clasp her hand and greet her warmth,
Tis time to day-Dream once again!

Decipher Ziron

(by Talia Sturmwind)

From Nybelmar, so far away, he came
to search for knowledge with enduringness,
but also does he help - it is his aim
to share his wisdom freely; much progress
is made at Western shores, the gods may bless
his further work between these famous walls.
Be welcome Deci, hear your muse‘s calls.

Alysse the Likely

(by Rayne Avalotus)

Alysse, your crimson locks and shining eyes
Reflect the gentle flame that burns within -
So full of life and light, yet soft as baby sighs -
That calms the soul and makes the shadows thin!
And in the features of your style there lies
The brilliant outline of creative mind;
No lifeless words or text could dare disguise
The radiant invention just behind
With beasts you raise, with seeds you sow.
No sister’s shadow darkens your bright face,
For here, so many people come and go
But you have found your true and rightful place
We revel in your brilliant work, and then
You write something to awe us once again.


(by Rayne Avalotus)

Dear Artemis, the essence of the sand
That sweeps across Aeruillin, along
The silent desert plains, your gentle hand
Created here a place for life; your strong
Imagination made from out the bare,
Unfertile lands unique and cultured tribes,
And gods and goddesses, both true and fair.
In writings, perfect detail well describes
Ethereal wings of dark and light, of jewel
Adorning crown of gods; the grandest things
Beheld that flourish from you writer’s tool -
Such exaltations your fine writing brings.
May inspiration guide you here to stay
To write of desert life, and dream of fae.



To Shore She's Come
(by Bard Judith)

We all have heard the call of the sea
(The winds and waves do sound!)
She beckons you, she flirts with me
(Oh heave the capstan round!)

Now Amuwen our sailor lass
(The winds and waves do sound!)
Has come to port and a happy pass
(Oh heave the capstan round!)

To shore she's come with a worthy mate
(The winds and waves do sound!)
Back to the Dream and her joyful fate
(Oh heave the capstan round!)

Then welcome her, and her husband too
(Oh make a merry sound!)
Let hornpipes on the quay ensue
(And pass the bottle round!)

Oh pass the bottle round, my friends,
Oh pass the bottle round!
Drink up the grog and toast 'Good Ends!'
And pass that bottle round!

(ends with a flourish on the tinwhistle and
an imitation seagull screech just for atmosphere...)

Santharian Bound
(by Bard Judith)

A hornpipe for drum and fife:

Yo-ho, yo-ho for the song of the sea,
And the sea-sick sailor's cry,
"Land-ho, land-ho!" so happily,
And the bosun won'dring why.

Yee-ha, yee-ha, our sailor girl
To the Forum's now returned,
"Hurray, hurray!" - oh happy day,
We'll hope she's not wind-burned.

Oh Amuwen, we're happy men
And women waiting here
With a rose bouquet and a fish filet
All ready at the pier.

Ahoy, ahoy, shouts the sailor boy,
Don't let that lassie shirk,
She's Santhward bound at the forum found,


Bard Judith


Art though Jeyriall Disguised?
(by Rayne Avalotus)

Bard Judith, art thou Jeyriall disguised
In mortal form, for thou art just as fair.
When found, thy lovely semblance quite surprised,
With thy most sparkling eyes, thy auburn hair
Cascading ‘cross thy shoulders and thy arms
To shimmer in the eye of jealous sun
Who wishes she had half thy youthful charms.
The truth I speak, for dare I say that none
Could ever doubt that light upon thy face
Thy smile, which brighten even darkest nights.
Thy warming heart, so filled with modest grace -
Both in thy manner and in all thou writes!
With kind maternal love and friendship’s fire,
Dear Bard, thy very presence can inspire.

The Bard is Back!
(by Xarl Bluestride)

Xarl picks up a Wand of Symphony, and begins to sing:

The bard, the bard, yes Judy's back
Let's pass that tankard round
The bard, the bard, yes Judy's back
With happy rejoicing sound

My muse has been bugging me
Tarquet's been slugging me
And I've been without cause
But now you're back
To take up the slack
And nearly without pause

The bard, the bard, yes Judy's back
Let's pass that tankard round
The bard, the bard, yes Judy's back
With happy rejoicing sound


rousing chorus)

Kythreetl: The Bard?
Capher: The Bard!
Arti: Yes, Judy's back!
Faugar: Let's pass that tankard round!
Eskon: The Bard?
Tarquet: The Bard!
Xarl: Yes, Judy's back!
All: With ha-ppy re-joic-ing sound!

(fireworks, symphony, grand finale, etc.)

Xarl: Good to have you back!

Anaea the Marked

(by Bard Judith)

Welcome poem after Anaea's disappearance for several months:
Anaea of the desert lands so long has been away,
Her footstep on the sands unheard, her mount left free to stray,
We wander in a torrid zone, where all the springs are dry,
And wonder where the maid has gone. "Anaea, come," we cry.

The Shendar hangs her veil-draped face, the warrior sits and pines.
Alas, her beauty and her grace shall not again combine!
Anaea of the dappled brow, your absence sorely grates,
For you have gone we know not how, nor why the surly hates.

But hark, a steed upon the plain - and hoofbeats pounding near!
What form is that, that grows amain, what shape to us so dear?
Who swings herself from saddle bright, her bridle hung with charms?
Anaea, maid, come forth from night, come run into our arms!

Oh, pour the drink and slay the calves, and spread a mighty feast!
This day we shall not do by halves, nor stint her in the least!
Hail her as welcome in our tent, and let the maidens bow,
Anaea who in illness went, comes back in glory now!

(And in reply to Anaea's Sor'inyt poems.)

Amazing Anaea
Marked out the lines
Written in rhythm
Posted with passion.

Colour most carefully
Chosen to say
Dark, light and silver
Golden and blue.

Harken all hearers
Epic of power
Story told clearly
And history made.

Praise her you poets
Tell of her talent
Team member make her
Workload to bear!



The Bard quickly glances towards entranceway where commotion is taking place,
realizes what's happening, and composes an instant ode to Dalá...

Dear Dalá, Dear Dalá
(by Bard Judith)

(plink plink...tuning lute)

Dear Dalá, dear Dalá
We've missed your sweet face,
And also your valour,
Your beauty and grace...

Now roll out the carpet,
And everyone bow,
For Dalá, dear Dalá
Arriveth - right now!

Line up all the choristers,
(Pipe down in the back!)
And let's sing the chorus...
(Did I hear a 'quack?')

Dear Dalá, dear Dalá,
Though long you did roam,
Santharia's ready
To welcome you home!

(plink plink from lute, strangled squack from duck,
applause from all those gathered round)

Dalá Dragon Mistress
(by Bard Judith)

And here's another one after Dalá's voyage to Hong Kong:

Dalá Dragon Mistress hath returned from afar,
Bearing bounteous bags with shopping full.
In strange exotic countries she hath travelled far and wide,
(Hong Kong, you've got to reckon's never dull!)

The Guardian of our Gossip will preside upon the board,
As once she did in bright-gone days of yore,
And castigate all mortals who write what they should not,
(A benevolent dictator, that's fer shore!)

Hail the Queen of Daemon Ducks, strew flowers at her feet!
Fill the air with paeons to her name.
Dalá, darling Dalá, we have missed thee sore in sooth!
(Mostly coz there's no one round to blame....)

(strews flowers, sings loudly, looks around at the applauding crowd
and decides to sneak away before Dalá looks too carefully at the last lines....)

A Prophet of the Dream
(by Rayne Avalotus)

Dalá, who dreams of dark and mystic things
And calls to words beyond our mortal sight,
Thy voice echoes songs the dragon sings
And soft thy words resemble dragon’s flight.
Thy sacred pen is magic, for it creates
The spells thy casts to calm my timid mind,
Enchant my anxious heart, to open gates
And here, thy strange fantastic stories find
An eager spirit, hanging on each word
Who will, in admiration, listen close.
Do not allow thy vision go unheard!
Our truest seer, show thy tales in prose!
Oh, a bard, they say, an author deem,
But I, I see a prophet of the Dream!


(by Bard Judith)

"We said hello, Drogo...
Well, come in, Drogo!
It's so nice to have you back where you belong!

Lookin' swell, Drogo... give'em Netherworlds, Drogo,
Tilt that flagon off the wagon, keep on braggin'

I know yer still flayin'....and yer still slaying
All those dragons in the highland - happy day!
So - don't be bored, heroes - find his sword, heroes,
Drogo's back and he won't go away again!"


(by Bard Judith)

Bard Judith grabs her lute, tamborine, and gwengori:

"Hail the lovely Elienta,
From her coffin rises now,
Waving character descriptions,
She survived but don't ask how..."

(clash and clang of gwengori, ripple of lute notes)

"Beer and soju have sustained her,
And the brew as coffee known,
As o'er test and quiz she's toiled,
And the seeds of grades have sown."

(caliope whistle, jazz piano background)

"Though she swear she be a zombie,
I for one believe her not.
Eyes so bright can't be decaying,
And that brain is more than rot..."

(hollow honking of clown's horn, more melody on the lute)

"Once again, dear Elienta,
Grace us with thy humour keen,
Post thy messages so merry,
Not so long remain unseen.
Take thy place, oh Asia's queen!"

(rounds off the composition with another gwengori clang,
bows, and falls back exhausted into her chair)


(by Bard Judith)

"Ooooh, Faugar is back,
Bring out the ale
And lift yer tankards high,
Here's a toast to the artist lad
May his flagon never run dry!

Oooh, Faugar is back,
Nail down the chairs,
And mend the table frame,
He broke up the bar the night afore last,
With that dagger-throwin' game!

Ooooh, Faugar is back,
Lock up the cows,
And keep the girls inside...
For sure the boy's got fiery blood,
Or at least a dragon's hide!

Ooooh, Faugar is back,
Faugar is back,
Let everyone give a cheer!
Hand him a pen or some paint an' a brush,
And pour me another beer!

Legolas Acher

(by Bard Judith)

"In spring the elf maids sing and softly sigh,
Which one will catch the handsome archer's eye?
The woods are newly green, and flowers bloom,
The harts come dancing from the supple trees.
Yet Legolas's mind contains no room,
No lissom maids or tempting venison he sees.
Only the long clean line of arrow nocked,
And bow full-drawn on target, ready locked.

Only the long clean line of arrow sped
Makes any song in Legolas's head.

And now one for Lego from Xarl:

Legolas returns, Legolas returns
Let the arrows now be shot on high
Legolas returns, can you help me with Drell burns?
Because these stinking critters 'round me lie!

The team has been less active
(Far less typo-ridden too)
But hey, lest you shoot me
The elfmaids around have been increased by two!
By two-ooo

Legolas is back, Legolas is back
And so around me all Diegos sing
Legolas is back, and ...the demon ducks attack?
Hey wait, the Diegos are taking wing!

Our sanity is failing
We can't tell what Urie's saying
So would you return for our mental health?
Since normalcy is tiring
And my great muse is dying
I'd like it if you could finish this yourself

Legolas is back, the bowman with the knack
For him we'll pass another tankard round
Hail Legolas' return, him for whom the elfmaids yearn
But to his armory; he's bows to count!


(by Rayne Avalotus)

Oh Lucirina! Bardess of the night
Whose dancing shade shines in descending dark
As though thy very form were made of light!
And song! Thou singest as the sky-born lark!
Thine music falls so light upon my ears
And carries me to places far beyond
Where now I sit here slipping from the years
And wand’ring through the blooms and sultry frond
Thy whisp’ring voice, a soft melodic guide;
Crescendos to the sky, then rippling streams,
Within gray Grothar’s clouds, then Baveras’ tides,
Then softly, slowly, deep into a dream.
And should thou ever search hard and long
For joy; Sweet bard, it lives within thy song!



(by Bard Judith)

"Of artists rare and painters great,
Santharia sings of Quellion.
His pictures do our pages grace,
Or we'd be in rebellion.

By Elfwood honoured, us acclaimed,
Good Quellion should be lauded.
A golden paintbrush do we bring,
The while he is applauded.

So shout to Quellion, pour the wine,
And say that we're not sorry
That his vast talent here is set,
His star in shining glory!"

Talia Sturmwind

(by Rayne Avalotus)

Wise Talia, I need not know your age
To know that thou art youthful as the day
When morning’s infant brilliance shines. Yet, sage!
Thy honesty, wisdom gleams within a ray
That guides all minds into your subtle grace,
Endowing each within hunger for to learn,
And to explore each beast, each hidden place
As deep within that love for knowledge burns.
But yet a youth that never disappears
Seems always shimm’ring in thy lovely eyes
With light that goes untouched by passing years.
Oh flaming candle, star that never dies,
I’ll fill my mind, release my soul, set free
My heart, until I am as young as thee!

Tarquet Galbar

(by Bard Judith)

T A R Q !

(frenzied crescendo of drumming. Animal squawks, roars, chirps and howls
overtone in background. Chanting starts again...)

Tarquet BeastLord
Weaver Maker
Hath returne'd -

Sound the knertmor
Beat the dark drums
Lo from far-off
Lands he now comes!

Tarquet Galbar -
Beasts raise voices,
Chant his name
And welcome hither -

Long on Auto
Bahns he's tarried
Long on country
Roads now dusty

We forgive his
Absence lengthy
Now rejoice
And howl together!

Tarquet BeastLord
Weaver Maker
Hath returned!

(This last stanza on a triumphant cacaphony of animal
sounds, and the drums pounding like a diva's heart
on opening night...)

Transcribed by Bard Judith for the Beasts of Santharia
July 2002



Awaken to the Dawn
(by Rayne Avalotus)

Awaken to the dawn, then sings sweet Wren,
Endearing maiden, lovely cool and kind,
With melodies and whispers of soft glens.
Her beauty rivaled only by her mind!
For she, a sage of ancient elven lore
Dust know the history of her own race
And surely there’s no heart could help adore
Her shining smile! The eyes that light her face,
And shimmer bright in deepest hue of green.
They seem to gently echo graceful tune.
And silken stands cascading soft and sheen
Remind of autumn leaves beneath the moon.
Thy life and laughter, beauty and thy voice -
They give the world a reason to rejoice!

Of Wine Gums
(by Bard Judith)

Overheard on the streets of Bardavos one day
and subsequently recorded by Bard Judith

Oh the wine gum it is evil, and it makes a brave man snivel,
As indeed I am most willing to relate,
If you put too many yummy little wine gums in your tummy,
I am sad to say you'll meet a gummy fate!

For an ancient man I met, leaning on a parapet,
And this sorry story he to me did tell,
And he opened wide his mouth in a manner most uncouth,
While breathing forth an odourifous smell.

“Once I had a set of teeth, bright on top and full beneath,
And the women on the street would smile and call,
But the wine gum in its flavour sang to me with fruity savour,
And now I have no bloody teeth at all.

“Oh a stomach I possessed, where a gruldar you could rest,
It was flat and smooth and never made a sound,
But the wine gum I’d devour, by the parpalm-pickin’ hour,
And my belly, it is hanging like a hound.”

As he told his sordid tale, from his mouth came such a gale
That my scent-weed hat was nearly blown away,
And it’s under there I hide all my wine gums safe inside,
So I bade that poor old rotter a good day!

Oh, the wine gum it is sweet, and the flavour you can’t beat,
As indeed I am most willing here to sing,
But it’s evil to the core, and I’ll eat that sweet no more,
For I have no teeth to chew the bloomin’ thing!



Avá's Dreamer
(by Bard Judith)

When rambling in a dreary net of word
And image splashed with liberal disregard
For style or substance, boring or absurd,
Then with what fervour comes the wand’ring bard
Unto her garden, sustenance and rest
That named Santharia is. On every page
More wonders, more creations of the best,
And all presided over by one sage;
One sage Artimidor, who toils long
To bring the mortal world immortal song.

Then hail him, and rich plaudits to him give,       
And write his name in stars that he may live.

In the Cellar of the Santhalian Castle

(by Xarl Bluestride)

The cellar of a castle
A dusty, ancient library
A man sits down to work
And he begins to deeply study

His quill is scratching,
He'll go get a new pen.
But first, to translate
The sagas of the long-lost and foreign

His wine's a bit dry
It's not a good year.
This will not sway him
From the tales of darkness and fear

His bread tastes funny...
Not sawdust again!
The apprentices WILL pay
but after "The Life of Elfqueen Wren"

The room is now darker
is Black Magic alight?
No, you wise fool!
Day has, as ever, turned to night

His candle is sputtering
As he scratches on
The Great Sage Federkiel
Will be found, comatose, at dawn

His candle will be out
His head will be down
Sleeping on the job?
The king smiles under his crown.

And here's a Yule-tide collaboration
starring the miraculous Miraclaus and his elfy helper:

(by Decipher Ziron & Miraran Tehuriden, and Deklitch)

Miraclaus - is it you?
Is this the fabled Miraclaus or just a fire mage in disguise?
Picture d
rawn by Quellion.

Christmas 2007

‘Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to all!’,
Miraclaus proclaims, standing so tall,
And with is elf Decipher by his side,
The two depart from their mystical ride,
Gifts and presents they’ve brought for you,
And possibly even a chuckle or two,

‘For the Master Sage a quill!’ he yells,
Throwing the feather adorned with bells,
‘For Talia Sturmwind, brave desert guide’,
‘A Christmas red hat of Ráhaz Aka hide’

‘Altario! Maestro! Melodic wonder!’,
‘An ogre chest drum to heighten your thunder!’,
‘Tsk Tsk Tsk, Master Coren delayed’
‘A sparkling gold clock, Brownie-hand made!’

‘Judy our dear Bard gets her just dues!’,
‘With this here pair of curl-pointed shoes!’,
‘Magical Mina receives now this deed.’
‘It's good for a large bag of great bunny feed!’,

‘Earth Mage Drasil, Master of Beasts!’,
‘A glittering robe for all formal feasts!’
‘To Irid al'Menie, the literate prodigy’,
‘A fresh set of scrolls for your trilogy’,

‘And to our Twen, Mistress of Fire’,
‘Perhaps this fine garment to spark some desire?’
‘To that Arceon fellow, a rising star’,
‘This steed for you, to take you afar’

‘For Grunok the Exile, Our orc beauty Queen’,
‘We give you this mirror of silvery sheen’,
‘For Master Ruil, smith and Sword Master’
‘A newly forged blade to cause some disaster’,

‘Before we forget the Aeruillian beauty’,
‘A solid gold sceptre for her queenly duty’,
‘For the brave Morcaanan, Dragonly Scholar’,
‘A fireproof vest with fashionable collar’,

‘Last but not least, Alysse the savage!’
‘A box of Krath chocolates for you to ravage!’
‘And on a final grace, Smith of other lands’,
‘A pair of woolly gloves for you to warm your tired hands’

Thus spoke the couple, merry as can be,
delivering the results of their shopping spree.
And Miraclaus said, "This would be all!
We'll see you next year, in this very same hall!

And to all those unmentioned,
working hard unsung,
Take joy from these verses,
Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas 2008

The scene is set with the duo again,
Miraclaus stands beside an elfy friend,
And with the Sarvonian festivities in full swing,
The two foreign fellows begin to sing!

Deck the halls with boughs of Holly
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
'Tis the season for orcish folly
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

A side of baneg, roasted tender
Fa la la, la la la, la la la.
Artimidor is the first attender,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

A glass of jiin, we'll drink it down,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
A' last year's sorrows we will drown,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Snow falls heavily from Santhalan skies,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Whilst mistress Val tends butterflies,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Whilst Brownie and hobbit dance with glee,
Fa la la, la la la, la la la.
Spot Tharoc vomitting behind the tree,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Joy and merry, Judith's rhyme,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Flowing banner, Faugar's d'sign,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Mistress Irid tells a tale,
Fa la la, la la la, la la la.
Morden's dwarves drink all the ale,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Whether snake, taenish or fish,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Master Hylphan consumes the dish,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Gean's tune, applauding hands,
Fa la la, la la la, la la la.
Whilst Talia joins, Lady of Sands,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Coren is late for the ball,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Whilst Mannix greets us one and all,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

And as the song draws to an end,
Up jumps Deci, the elfy friend,
"Listen you all, hard workers, each one!"
Season's tidings, happy holidays...


Dek the Halls of the Compendium
(by Deklitch Hardin)

What do you get these members for Christmas?

What do you get Bard Judith for Christmas
When she already has a lute??
What do you get the Master Bard of Bardavos
When she don't need her own horn to toot?
For she already has a room at the Compendium,
And she's friends with the dwarfs for life,
So what do you get Bard Judith for Christmas
when she already has a lute?

What do you get Azhira for Christmas
When she already has the mists?
What do you get the shamaness of the north
Where she rules with two iron fists
For she wouldn't like little cute bunnies
Unless they breathe fire and eat meat
So what do you get Azhira for Christmas
When she already has the mists?

What do you get Alysse for Christmas
When she already has a gent?
What do you get a proud barbarian
Who always lives in a tent?
For she has no need for a house
Or a stable for her horse,
So what do you get Alysse for Christmas
When she already has a gent?

What do you get Sage Federkiel for Christmas
When he already has a dream?
What do you get the Webmaster of Caelereth
Who has a multi talented team?
For he already knows all about Santharia
And Magic and History too
So what do you get Sage Federkiel for Christmas
When he already has a dream?

What do you get Lady Ta'lia for Christmas
When she already has an Aj named Swing?
What do you get a lady of the Shendar
One so skilled in the art of surviving?
For she is skilled in the art of swordplay
And she knows how to read the stars
So what do you get Lady Ta'lia for Christmas
When she already has an Aj named Swing?

We'll give them lots of brand new entries
For the compendium
We'll wrap 'em up with uris to help the authors
And we'll get entries finished in Twenty Eleven
And that's what you get those members for Christmas,
When they already have a lute/the mists/a gent/a dream/an Aj named Swing.


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