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ell, what is there to say about me? There's not really a lot to tell about my childhood, so I start much later at the first real important incident of my life:)

I was given my First Ferret "Pluto" (named after the planet) who at the time was a true ankle bitter, within a month he was a loving pet and I realised I was a Ferretaholic.

At the end of that year we also received a pure white ferret which we later named "Saturn". She had been abused and her tail had been cut off. When I first saw her the first thing that came to my mind was that a bruise on her side had grown into the fur itself and the fur was a black color. Saturn with some TLC turned from a viscious bone cruncher (I say this due to her ability to easy break bones) to a loving ferret - who, although she didn't like being held - was still much of an improvement from when I had received her.

Later we were given another abandoned ferret, this time her name was "Princess". She was cute cudly and the worst thing about her was that she liked to lick people alot. she was both by name and by nature a princess.

Completed Year 10 in 2000
Also discovered Santharia from an Add Exchange, originally I was led to Sorren (of which I was a co-developer during that time) then was led here. After that I became hooked instantly in the RPG Forums. I then disappeared for a year, only to come back (and although not many remembered me) I was still welcomed.

Joined Australian AirFoce Cadets (AAFC) in 2001
The AAFC shaped most of my current life, I'm still shaking off habits that I learnt in the AAFC such as Military Drill and Field Tactics.

Failed YR12 in 2002
This was mainly due to many family problems and my disinterest in school and a very bad and undefunded education system.

My history isn't that exiting and I have many stories to tell but they'll have to wait for another time:) Being so young I have many years ahead of me, a good amount of which I hope to spent with Santharia, although I might not be a novelist nor am I very good at English, however, that has never stopped me from trying to further Santharia...

Pluto, Saturn and Princess all died within a small amount of time from each other. Pluto died in his sleep, it was painless and he was later buried. Saturn died in her sleep as well, but only after suffering from what I can only discribe as schizofrenia. Princess was the last to die, her death was the worst, she broke out as what I once again can only call schizofrenia, we were forced to put her down, so that she wouldn't suffer. I know that they all are in a better place now but they'll always have a very large and warm place in my heart.

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Date of Birth
January 17th, 1985
Raymond Terrace NSW Australia
Nationality Australia Australian
Messengers ICQ: 118480051 (Quegon)
Favourite Authors
Terry Pratchett, Raymond E. Feist
Favourite Music
None specified
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy, Ultima Online, any Tycoon game and most first person shooters, Time Crisis
Hobbies Watching anime, Magic the Gathering, Ferrets!
Santharian Focus
Bestiary, Herbarium Writer, Ferret Expert in general
Joining Date
August 1st, 2001

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