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t a young age, I was torn from my mommy on February 26th, 1983. Well, not so much torn, but to this day, I can still see no reason to leave that sanctuary. I did, nonetheless, and to the horror of my parents, Iím sure, the doctors sent me immediately to another, larger hospital in a neighbouring town. Before I was 6 hours old, I was being sped down the highway in a lit up ambulance some 50 miles or so. It turned out that my motherís perfect package wasnít perfect, and indeed, I had Spina Bifida. This, in my case, meant that a protrusion in the skin was growing out of my lower back, which my mommy told me resembled a rabbits tail. It was predicted that I would never walk, maybe never feed myself or use the toilet by myself, but my parents took me home anyway. They were joyous, as you can imagine, when I began to show signs of control and movement in my lower half. I was walking normally at the normal age, and I guess I became potty trainedÖ.

I grew up perfectly normally, except that once a year I had to take a car ride to see a specialist, who always seemed amazed by my walking skill. I thought I must be a very good walker, or something, because this gentleman gave me a lollypop for walking to the table and back. I played all sports available to me in my small town, which meant Baseball in the summer and Hockey in the winter. I wasnít good at either. When contact became legal, I was forced to the cheering section, because any bump or hit in the wrong place, and I might end up in a wheelchair. I tried curling to pass the time I used to spend playing hockey, but I found quickly that this game is an old person game, or at least, not a Cam Houle game. I quit and spent a year idle, with nothing more than books to read. I read J.R.R. Tolkeinís masterpieces at the age of about 11-13. I reread them many times, and fell in love with fantasy.

I went to school, and got through my grades with little or no attention given to my classes, but thus is small town Canada. The teachers just shuffle you along, grade by grade, unless you really are trying, but not getting it. I played all school sports, but kept getting cut from the soccer team. I grew a little angry with my coaches, so, just to spite them, I practiced at my farm alone, for hours a day. I picked up many skills and maneuvers that I used in my next few years in soccer, as this had replaced baseball as the popular sport, thank God.

High school came along, and I devoted my energy to sport and girls, instead of my schoolwork. Now, I have little or nothing to show from any of the three, except I can slam dunk a basketball, punt a football 60 yards and do a bicycle kick in a soccer game. This is useless though, on a job resume. One class I didnít mind, though was English. I was able to write stuff down, and was given praise for it. Until I wrote a fantasy short story called The Yellow Rider, or some such. My teacher lectured us about plagiarism and all that, and stated that he had taken one story to the publisher, who informed him that this story COULD NOT have been written by a high school kid, its way above their heads. I checked every paper, and mine was the only one with a mark of 100%, and a written lecture on downloading stories from the Internet on the back. My head grew nine sizes that day.

Around August of last year, I had graduated from high school but kept living my life as though I was still a student. (NOTE: I am still living this way!!! LOL) I had a lot of time to myself, so I surfed the web a lot. I found Santharia through Caelereth, and the rest is history.

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Date of Birth
February 26th, 1983
Student/Zamboni Driver
English (native), and moderate French
Hague, Saskatchewan, Canada
Nationality Canada Canada
Messengers ICQ: 16047749 (Punter)
Iím not important enough for a web-site!
Favourite Books
Umm... The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings series, especially the third book. Just starting into The Silmarillion, sounds good though. Umm... I liked Call of the Wild, The Hatchet, and various others.
Favourite Music
My taste in music is fickle, it changes by the week. I like anything with a beat.
Favourite Games
Board: Risk; Card: Any Poker; N64: Perfect Dark or Mario Tennis or Madden 2002; PC: Myth and Myth II or Railroad Tycoon II or The Sims or even good hunting games, if Iím in the mood.
Hobbies Writing, soccer (or football for you Europeans and others), any other sport thatís fun and competitive. I like dogs as well. Oops, almost forgot to mention the ladies!!!! My main hobby is the ladies!
Santharian Focus
Idea Provider, Miscellaneaous Forum Moderator
Joining Date
October 21st, 2001

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