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' was sitting there, in the warm California sunlight, pondering whether the pleasure of making a daisy chain would be worth the trouble of getting up, when all at once I saw a little white rabbit. The dear little creature looked so intent on where it was going, and I could not help but follow it. It vanished behind a hedge, and when I peeked behind the leaves, I found a hole. Curious, I crawled through it, and quickly found it much larger and much deeper than I expected. There was a quite unexpected drop, and I went tumbling down, down, down. And I fell into the Dream.

I came to Santharia as a child, and since then have lived in many places and done many things. My heart always leads me back here. It is the homeland to which I am always returning. I grew with the Mahood Euwen and Silkel trees in Santharia’s forests, and have lain in her alt’tho and fallen asleep to the sound of her aelirels. I have sculpted her mountains and composed in her tongues. I have known her joys and her sorrows, because they were mine, as well.

When I was young, I must have somewhere in my mind believed that Artimidor had built it all for me, that, even before he knew me, he created Santharia to be the playground of my creative energies and experimentations. And as I grew, so did Santharia, and it was both growing together, like trees melding together in a wood. I hope he will forgive me for what I have done wrong and love me for what I have done well, just as I love him for giving me a place and a family I can always come home to.

I fell into the Dream when I was young. Now, many years later, I am still dreaming.

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Date of Birth
January 24th, 1986
In flux...
English (native), Japanese (secondary)
Nationality USA American
Messengers None
Favourite Poets
John Keats, T.S. Eliot, William Shakespeare, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Li Young Lee, etc.
Favourite Books
Peter S. Beagle, J.R.R Tolkien, Sir Arthur Doyle, etc.
Hobbies Writing, reading, pedagogy, philanthropy, dance, singing, graphic and document design.
Santharian Focus
Various, though, aside from developing plants and beasts, writing poetry and making a little magic.
Joining Date
July 26th, 2002

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Aelirel Bird, the
Aglan Slug, the
Ash Falcon, the
Cat, the Avenor
Cat, the Barn
Cat, the Brendolian
Cats, Domestic, the
Cats Overview, the
Cat, the Puvtar
Cat, the Strata
Cat, the Wilderon
Ceruwing Butterfly, the
Deer, the Snowy
Dergimar Fly, the
Crakelet, the ("Featherdrake")
Eagles Overview, the
Elfcat, the Aurorian
Ferlawyng Creature, the
Fire Dragon, the
Flies Overview, the
Fox, the (Shir)
Goat, the Capricus
Goat, the Cragok
Goat, the Domestic
Grass Snake, the

Gynnia Bird, the
Herín, the
Kraken, the
Leapor, the
Lightning Drake, the
Lingradau Wild Cat, the
Lín'már'jóh, the
Malise ("Honeybee"), the
Mice Overview, the
Mithanjor, the
Mithralfish, the Common
Oyster, the
Oracau, the
Pard, the
Resonance Dragon, the
Shenora Spider, the
Seeán Beetle, the
Shingar, the
Spiders Overview, the
Starback, the
Stone Mouse, the
Sunset Fish, the
Tarep, the
Tryster, the
Uncil, the
Ximax Cat, the
Cosmology and Myths
Wind Constellations, the  
Aomár, the
Allia, the
Anemonel Flower, the
Ashwude Tree, the
Baych Tree, the
Birch Tree (Overview)
Birch Tree, the Black
Birch Tree, the Mithril
Birch Tree, the Red
Birch Tree, the White
Birch Tree, the Yellow
Cerubell, the
Cerubell Squash, the
Dalferia, the
Death Shroom, the ("Queprur's Footstool")
Faberíge Plant, the
Frogstool, the Pale
Goldenbell Bush, the
Green Frog, the

Harlot's Hood, the
Honeynut Squash, the
Knifegrass, the
Lémertía, the
Lýth'bél, the
Maiden's Step Flower, the
Maple Tree, the
Meldarapple Tree, the
Merloea Tree, the ("Sýs'há Tree")
Mutliweed, the
Oak, the
Peat Grass, the
Poeritt, the
Riverberry, the
Rizjo Plant, the
Shade Grass, the
Shadow Lily, the
Silkel Tree, the
Squrim Moss, the
Syrrus Moss, the
Undertoe Herb, the
Yahrle, the ("Staunchweed") (poem)
Wheat Grain, the
Ziflel Plant, the ("Wizardweed")
Gnomish Tongue, the  
Ballads of Caelereth (2)
Battle Songs (1)
Bird Sonnet
Lady of Chrynna Dabney
Chapter 1 - Arrival at Chrynna Dabney Castle
Chapter 2 - Dinner with Lord Edmond Valfort
Chapter 3 - The Last Duchess
Chapter 4 - Walk through the Gardens
Chapter 5 - Late Autumn Sunlight
Chapter 6 - The West Wing
Chapter 7 - The Castle Alight
Chapter 8 - The Pit and the Poison
Chapter 9 - Edmond's Confession
Chapter 10 - Death in the Castle
Chapter 11 - The Secret of Chrystine
Like the Wind
Chapter 1 - Seyella's Call
Chapter 2 - Premonition
Chapter 3 - Into Goltherlon
Ghost and Horror Poems (1)
Love Poems (5)
Miscellaneous Poems (11)
Mourning Songs (2)
Odes to the Team (7)
Poems of Nature (4)
Prayers (15)
Religious Poems (2)
Songs of Merriment (2)
Songs for Travelling (1)
Cár'áll, the (the Magical Aura)
Enchantments, Magical Art of
Level 1 Wind Spell - Reflection
Level 1 Wind Spell - Vanish
Level 2 Wind Spell - Confusion
Level 2 Wind Spell - Enlightenment

Level 3 Wind Spell - Telekinesis
Level 6 Wind Spell - Refresh
Level 8 Wind Spell - Comfort
Shadowmancy, the Magical Art of
Understanding Magic Through the Cár'áll (Lectures)
The Fabric of the Dream
Wind Magic, the School of
Xeuá, Principle of
Aramyrian Disease, the
Armoured Fan, the
Galcardel Metal, the ("Magebane")
Mage Grabber Disease, the
Pearl, the
Quartz Crystal, the
Sungems, the ("MezkhirrilErons")
Anilya the Everbright, the Magic Patron (prayer)
Black Butterfly Rovers, the
Blood Eye Cult, the
Aerelian Lakes, the
Alianian Hills, the ("The Acornlands")
Aurora Plains, the
Churican, the Isle of
Goltherlon Forest, the
Jernais, City of
Tandala Highlands, the
Stone Fields of Peat, the
Ximax, the Magical Academy
Ximax, the Magical City
RPG Constitution, Article I - The Administrators
RPG Constitution, Article II - The Character Creation Moderators
RPG Constitution, Article III - The Game Moderators
RPG Constitution, Article IV - The Character Creation Mini-Moderators
RPG Constitution, Article V - Amendments
Races & Tribes
Diorye'oleal Elves, the
Dogodan Halflings, the
Erpheronian Clothing, the
Erpheronian Men, the
Golgnomes, the
Helmondsshire Halflings, the
Halflings ("Hobbits"), the
Paélrhem Elves, the ("Cloud Elves")
Dalireen, the Hobbit Deity Nehtor, God of Healing (Prayer)
Treasures and Oddities
5th Anniversary: Member Voices
Adventure of the Northern Shadow
Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Poems for Lucirina (5)

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The Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award for Productivity and Heart
If there is a common thread that runs through the very center of Santharia, through the whole of it, it would be Productivity and Heart. This is what separates the Santharian Experience above and beyond other sites that fit into this genre. The people who gather here, who pour their creativity into this world, are a special breed. They are true Santharians at heart, not just writers of Fantasy. But, even among these special people, there are those who stand out; whose very being signifies what it really means to be a Santharian. Rayne Avalotus is one such person. She is not merely a writer of elves; she IS an elf. She IS a mage. There is so much of her soul that comes across in her creations, that one cannot help but be swept up in them. Not only in a Development role, but on the Role Playing side as well. No one has gone to the lengths she has gone to, or put as much of herself into the restructuring of it than she. And through it all, she handles herself with unflinching grace and dignity. Her contributions, of which there are many, are always done with an attention to detail and calibre of quality that few can match. Rayne Avalotus, in short, is the very epitome of Productivity and Heart.

The Sage of the Year Award 2011
A little elfling, also known as dreamress Rayne, has joined our ranks already back in the olden days of 2002. Well, that particular elfling might have had a bit of a break every now and then from development after busy, busy first years - but she made sure not to lose her browser's bookmark to the site, and boy did she return in 2011! Rayne got the team project on the Santharian City of Magic, Ximax, under way - and also to a satisfying end! -, then started already the next team effort, this time on the province of Vardýnn. More than 60 pages of fan fiction from her quill made it on site this year, along with such delightful entries as the Ferlawyng Creature, the Isle of Churican or the Paelrhím elves, which already gives a glimpse of that elfling's versatility. And on top of that Rayne is always around when magic is being discussed, or whenever a hand is needed to help with the RPG Board reorganisation. Need we say more? Just this: Rayne of course is our Sage of the Year 2011! A round of applause for outstanding commitment to the Dream!

The Best Magic Contribution Award 2010
Winning Entry: "The Magical Art of Enchantments"

There is a saying: It is quality, not quantity that counts. The Magical Art of Enchantments by Rayne Avalotus demonstrates this on two counts. First, the entry, though not overly long, gives a wonderful explanation on magical enchantments, so that even the non magical among us can understand the complex interactions of cár’áll and ounía. The second is Rayne herself. Often away dealing with her busy real life, when she comes back to us, she dusts up a flurry of excitement, working on several projects at once and helping many of us with our own entries. And in all of that, she achieves a level of quality most of us can only aspire to. Here is hoping that a little Rayne will fall on us again in the coming year.

The Mithril Quill
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The Best Commentor Award 2011
To comment or not to comment, that is the question that Rayne has answered during the past year with a resounding 'COMMENT'! Whether beast, place, magic, plant, styrásh, literature, tribe or person, Rayne's suggestions and assistance has helped many a compendiumist, including myself, to improve their entries, correct their spelling and improve their grammar. Her efforts have resulted in terminology similar to Uri Checks and Judicizing... to have your entry Rayned upon. So make sure your apostrophes are in the proper places, your split infinitives are unsplit, your sentences don't run on, your spelling is correct and your cases and plurals match up before you put up that exclamation mark asking for comments. - Keep up the commentary Rayne, and may you continue to Rayne down upon the Santharian Dream for many years to come! Thus we have the honour to award you with this year's very special Commentor Award drawn by our dear Bard Judith, the Mithril Quill! May it inspire you on your dreamy ways and the entries you comment on!

The Best Bestiary Contribution Award 2011
Winning Entry: "The Ferlawyng Creature"

It's not a dragon, nor a fish or a snake, neither is it a bat. Though it has been compared to all of those beasts, this strange creature is nothing less than a Rayne contribution for the Bestiary and as such something unique and entirely special. You better believe it. Handled with great care for details the magnificent Ferlawyng of the Drifting Woods is described as a cross between all the mentioned creatures and more - it is magical, but also might be cursed, but one better not attempt to tame one... Often its existence was doubted, though it now seems proven that this mystical beast actually does exist. At the latest once you've read Rayne's entry which makes you believe in it - even if it's only dreamed up...


Race/Tribe 2011 - The Paélrhem Elves, Places 2011 - The Magical City of Ximax

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