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ince I have moved around a bit in my life, here is my bio based on where I lived at the time:

Bradly in front of his goldfish pond

Bradly in front of his goldfish pond

Oklahoma (ages 0-7)
Well that sums up those days, I was born and started growing.

Ohio (ages 7-9)

This is when I began catching frogs and other creatures. I remember asking my Mom before we moved to Ohio if they spoke English there (I was worried).

California (ages 9-12)
Went swimming a lot. Got into a couple of fights. I began to realize girls weren’t so creepy after all. This is also when I started drawing. I remember I had a shirt with a cool cobra on it. I drew that cobra over and over and over again.

Virginia (ages 12-16)
Yep, girls were cool. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. This was when I began reading cool books from the fantasy aisle of book stores. My drawing started to get better. My parents got me a cool colored pencil set.

Florida (ages 16-18)
Mad at parents for moving again. Girls still cool. Drawing started to reach an apex.

Utah (age 18)
Began school at Brigham Young University. I considered majoring in an art field. I quickly realized (as I was applying for the graphic design school) that I really did not enjoy drawing things that I "had" to draw. As a result, my application was poorly done and I was not accepted into the major. But was invited to "try again next semester". This was a turning point for me, as I didn’t want to be a starving artist, stuck drawing stuff I didn’t want to draw. I decided to pick a different major. But I wouldn't have to worry about that for two years.

Colorado (ages 19-21)
Served a mission for the church. This is when I learned Spanish. Yes, I was one of those missionaries who wears a suit and tie and rides a bike and knocks on doors and teaches people. It was a great experience.

Utah (ages 21- 27)
Finished school at Brigham Young University. I met and married my wonderful wife Emily (girls still cool). Got two degrees, BS in Accounting and Masters of Information Systems Management.

Virginia (27-today)
Began work as an IT Auditor. Worked for PicewaterhouseCoopers for 3 years and currently work for S.W.I.F.T. (Belgium-based bank messaging company). I work in the Virginia office. I have 3 great kids, 1 boy and 2 girls. By this time I hadn’t seriously drawn for many years. In November of 2008 I discovered that one can actually draw on the computer. I began playing around with GIMP. Then I found this wonderful place called Santharia, and it has been all fun and games ever since. Thanks, everyone. This has been such a fun experience.

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gfx gfx
Gender Male
Academic Degree B.S. Accounting, Masters in Information Systems Management
Date of Birth
26th December, 1973
IT Auditor
English, Spanish (but it is fading)
Virginia, USA
Nationality USA American
Messengers None
Website Check out Seeker's gallery at Deviant Art:

Favourite Books
"Dragonlance", "Belgariad", "Les Miserables", "War and Peace", "Treasure Island", "Iliad", "Lord of the Rings", "Brothers Karamazov", "Interview with a Vampire". Scriptures (Bible, Book of Mormon, D&C, PoGP)
Favourite Music
Changes regularly
Favourite Games
Chess, Settlers of Catan, Bohnanza, Werewolf party game.
Favourite Movies
"Conan the Barbarian", "Lord Of The Rings", "Harry Potter", "The Chronicles Of Narnia", "Star Wars", "Legend", "Terminator" 1 & 2, "Fifth Element"
Favourite TV Shows "The Office", "Heroes", "LOST", "Everybody Loves Raymond", "MMA".
Sometimes I watch "America's Next Top Model" with my wife. Don't tell anybody.
Hobbies Genealogy, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Racquetball, Running, Messing around with my Goldfish Pond and Aquarium, and of course drawing for my Santharian friends.
Santharian Focus
Illustrating entries
Joining Date
3rd March 2009

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Aelirel Bird, the
Aglan Slug, the
Bavereye Beetle, the
Blackbeetle, the
Bladeserpent, the Ancythrian
Black Unicorn, the
Bogsnapper, the
City Rat, the
Crystal Spider, the
Dark Stryke Shark, the
Death Dance Butterfly, the
Feylien Bug, the
Flitter-Twitch Butterfly, the
Gamosh-Ra, the ("Lightning Demon")
Glass Winged Butterfly, the
Gossiper Bird, the ("Babbler")
Gull, the Sarvonian
Hiveling Creature, the
Injóh Bird, the
Imp, the Magical Creature
Kaimun, the
Kanapan Terror Bat, the
Kor'och fey Mologh Horse, the
Krrroa'haxpattl Monster, the
Krumhorn Beast, the
Kyrattin Cattle, the ("Longhorn")
Lich Creature, the Undead
Lightning Drake, the
Lingra Wild Cat, the
Malise, the ("Honeybee")
Moon Shark, the
Red Diamond Butterfly, the
Sephet Demon, the
Skeetoh Fly, the
Slimer, the
Swamp Stalker, the
Taurian Mythical Race, the
Taenish Bird, the
Téi'-Hái Demon, the ("Magic Bane")
Thiefling Monkey, the
Tsor-Shotak, the ("Giant Mountain Lizard")
Watcher, the
White Deer, the Sarvonian, the
Wisp Apparition, the
Santharian Wallpapers (4)  
Basiloc Herb, the
Baych Tree, the (2)
Bone Tree Apparition, the
Carabery Tree, the
Cavernfire Bush, the
Cerubell Flower, the
Doch Nuts, the
Dreamer's Breath Flower, the
Forget-Me-Not, the
Frogstool, the Pale
Hearth Bush, the
Haloen's Tail, the
Hrugchuck Grass, the
Kail Vegetable, the
Maple Tree, the
Never-Sit-Still Mushroom, the
Tear Frost Flower, the
Thar'oc Weed, the
Trinity Herb, the
Vubuaz Insect, the
Windsong Grass, the
Zifel Plant, the
Lurking in the Mists
- The Gift
Storm of Three Nights
Staffs of Ximax, the Eleven (6) Witchcraft, the Magic Art ("Black Magic")
Aohu'o Sweet Spiced Mead, the
Antislar Fire Blade, the
Avennorian Ships, the
Baton, the Black Birch
Book of Knowledge, the
Compendium, the Santharian
Coronal of Thromgolin, the
Crimson Rose, the
Crystal Dagger, the (2)
Dainbel Pie, the
Delma Longship, the
Double Kilij Blade, the
Elemene Tabulata Book, the
Farseer Device, the
Forsaken Blade, the
Halfmoon-Axe, the Morgerim
Hob-Bow, the
Horn of the Heavens, the
Jamliso's Healing Ring
Khrumm Scimitar, the
Loibl Bread, the
Mirbal's Game, the
Odomon Sword, the
Pain Remedies, the
Re'voq Dagger, the
R'unorian Commoner's Dagger, the
Sengren Axe, the
Striker Club, the
Soap, the
Surgical Procedures, the
Svaq, Gnomish Drink the
Tear of Blood, the
T'lark War Buckler, the
Tri-Bones Game, the
Tripoint Polearm, the
Twelves Dive Game, the
Zarathian Dagger, the
Annils Norgerinth, the Avennorian Hero
Anilya the Everbright, Magic Patron
Blood Eye Cult, the
Drakus the Long-Lived, the Sanrier
Dula the Witch
Gaulivan, the Eophyrhim Hunter-Cleric
Gouran, the Injerín
Lyeael'k the Crimson Berserker, the Pirate (2)
Menemronn, the Mythical Wizard
Order of the Fallen, the
Stormcloaks Guild, the
Thaelrin the Relentless, King
Academy of Ximax, the Magical
Auturian Woods, the
Aerelian Lakes, the
Alvang, Fortress and Enclave of
Caaehl Mountains, the
Ciosa, Manthrian Port City ("Port Cael")
Deepgorge Mine, the ("Bandit's Chasm")
Elving, City of
Eph'denn, Heaths of
Glistening Well of Goltherlon, the
Kalta'Goor, Isle of
Karthmor Ruins, the
Marduran, Manthrian Port City (2)
Milkengrad, City of
Orcenroth Pit, the ("Orcerrinth")
Osthemangar, Mists of
Qel'tra'loh, the Skydom of ("Island of Skies")
Ria Building, the Tethinrhim (3)
R'unor, the Islands of
Salsair, the City of
Scattersand Shoals, the
Shaded Forest, the
Tak'dinal, the Chosen Keep of
Thalambath, the Turban Capital
Tombs of the Gourdynn, the
Venlaken, Encalve of
Wyrmrot Spire, the
Races & Tribes
Chyrakisth Orc, the
Eyelian Men, the ("Tamers")
Ice Tribes, the
Maryóns, the ("Watersprogs")
Orcristh Orcs, the
Osther-Oc Orcs, the
Remusian Men, the
Rivermaids, the
Susilgerim Dwarves, the
Vertan Men, the
Zarathian Men, the
Etherus, Santharian God of Excess
Grothar, Santharian God of Weather
Seyella, Santharian Goddess of Destiny
The Enemy Stirreth, the (Adventure)
Treasure Shoals (Adventure)
Mysteries of Nepris, the (RPG)
Medal of Meritorious Service, the  
Seekerets of Digital Paintings  

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Medal of Meritorious Service

The Jeweled Palette of Artists and Artisans
Just as Sages of the Santharian Kingdom can be awarded medals to commemorate their scholarship and academic ability, and bards gain rings as they acquire new skills, so too, can great artisans and artists be recognized by their peers. The Santharian Compendium has been foremost in championing the cause of both recognizing and designing tokens of recognition in these areas, and are now pleased to announce, that for the first time, in this year we are presenting the "Jeweled Palette" to honour our Santharian artists. The full palette of four hues is shown here, each stone and its characteristic colour representing a season and a different virtue or achievement in the field of art:

Spring - Emeraud - Creativity & Inspiration / Summer - Topaz - Craftsmanship & Skill
Fall - Ruby - Productivity & Heart / Winter - Saffire - Dedication & Perseverance

It is our sincere pleasure that the Compendium presents
Seeker, Fire Mage & Wanderer
with the full Jeweled Palette, in recognition of his competence, creativity, energy, and passion for the Dream!

The Sage Award

The Sage of the Year Award 2009
The clear winner in the most prestigious category of the Santharian Awards was no other than Seeker, our gifted artist contributor, and as of lately also Moderator of the Miscellaneous Forum. His fantastic illustrations range from eerie bone trees over large Places pictures like the Starcharts Astrendum in Ciosa or the City of Elving, to orc portraits, even to Goddesses, a buch of weapons and extraordinarily beautiful herbarium stuff - our 2009 hero's diligence and dedication are unending. Seeker's co-operative efforts and his enthusiastic encouragement to others have made him a truly valuable addition to our Dream, which we cannot afford to miss. Seeker, your talent for artwork is equalled only by your gift for friendship and you have thus won the admiration and respect of many of your fellow Dreamers, so we can only say: Congratulations on your brillantly done job in 2009!

The Sage Award

The Best Newcomer Award 2009
One of our brightest stars this year, the richly deserving Seeker was this year’s winner. Not only a brilliant artist but also willing to work with others and able to accept comments and critiques with appreciation and respect, Seeker soon surpassed many others by the sheer volume of work that he put into Santharia. His meticulous research and commitment have been clearly demonstrated in all of his illustrations. Well done, Seeker, it is an honour to have you working with us!

The Innovation Award

The Best Innovation Award 2010
Winning Work: "An Overview for Almost Everything"!

"An Overview for Almost Everything", as we must term Seeker's grand and sweeping series of reforms, perhaps does not deserve praise for innovativeness so much as it does for sheer vision and effort. From one end of the Compendium to the other, from library stacks to sculleries, from greenhouses (true bravery!) to the armouries, Seeker has been striding with mage-staff in one hand and a fresh broom in the other. Dusty old entries were routed out and brushed off, ancient piles of disorganized parchments were set to rights, weapons were counted, supplies taken inventory of, gaps duly noted and orders for purchase sent in... Such a reorganization, from the bottom up, was sorely needed and greatly appreciated. Seeker has worked with the extant and the existing and gotten it into a readable, usable format, without imposing his own dictats or attempting to change (literally hundreds of) other entries to suit some artificial concept. He has created boundaries and clear demarcations which show us far more effectively what we have - and where we have gaps - that do not set demands or restrictions on future developers; rather, they provide guidelines and suggestions for continuity and consistency.

In a project so vast and encompassing, the passion and control of a fire mage was needed, and Seeker rose to the requirements nobly... all this while indulging his brush with our requests for more of his art and illustrations! - Praise, kudos, laurels, appreciation and as much krakalimari as he can eat in one sitting, to our wonderful... Seeker!

The Artwork Award

The Best Artwork Award 2010
No less than 46 (!) pictures were uploaded to the site in 2010 done by our artist wonder Seeker alone. Many of these pictures were done in top-notch quality as well which might take others years to accomplish! For that alone Seeker deserves a special award this year... er... sorry, wrong laudation... er... I promise to get back to that somewhere else. Forgive me, it's easy to be carried away when looking at such numbers. Anyway, one of these grand pictures by Seeker was actually a three-parter with top, center and bottom of a gigantic tree representing the Tethinrhim capitol, the Ría. And at whatever part you're looking, it's just full of atmosphere and fascinating details, a forest that is fully alive in that tree building, breathtakingly representing a part of Santharian elven culture to the T. Looking at the picture one gets easily immersed in its beauty and it's almost as if you suck in the tranquility and peacefulness of the place instantly. Just look around: Do you also smell the brush, the mosses, the dew on the leaves, can you hear the birds chirping? All that conveyed so convincingly in a single picture - outstanding work!

The Best of the Rest Award

The Best of the Rest Award 2010
Winning Work: "The Enemy Stirrith" (Santhworld Module)

Hark as I sing this saga, of harrowing and sinister adventure!

Frightening, full-flavoured, fear-inducing, and fully fascinating:
this is the sophisticated new module for Santhworld as seen by Seeker.
His tale-telling talent thoroughly terrifies and transfixes,
while worryingly wicked warrens wreak war and weakness
on poorly prepared players, who pout upon pursuant
death or dismemberment. Do not doubt, dither, or delay:
Play 'The Enemy Stirreth'!

The Best of the Rest Award 2011
Winning contribution: 
"The Mysteries of Nepris, Part II"

The Best of the Rest in Two Thousand Eleven Has been voted by people's acclaim,
And declared to be Santhworld - mysterious heaven, That brings an entire group fame.
We must praise our dear sage first and foremost, of course, Who invented the conceptual game,
But also the artists who've worked like a horse, To visualize all of the same.
For Nepris the Second has outdone the First, Though the First surely could not be called 'lame',
Enthralling and frustrating, our heads fit to burst, Entrapping both master and dame.

The writers have laboured on twists and on turns, To make a mysterious plot,
And soundmen and actors and sketchers of ferns, We truly do owe you a lot,
Plus hugs to the Grinch, who's a techie at heart, And helps us all out of a spot!
So thanks to the many who've made this success, A bit of the whole in the pot,
Santharia distilled, like delectable stew, Good whether you finish - or not!


Best Masterwork 2009 - The City Hall of Elving, Best Artwork 2009 - The Baych Tree & The Frozen Tombs of Gourdynn, Best Artwork 2010 - The Temple of Grothar, Best of the Rest 2010 - Digital Paintings: Seekerets, Best Artwork 2011 - The Aerelian Lakes

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