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Artimidor Federkiel 
Site creator, responsible for web site updates, hundreds of Compendium entries, maps, Flash movies, and many more.
1998-11-01 Webmaster, Artist, Multimedia Designer, Forum Admin
  Grinch Grinch
Grinch's specialty is the Santhworld side of Santhaira - he's working with Artimidor in particular on the Santhworld script language, conditions and variables, item management, the interface, sound system and many more things that make Santhworld modules so enjoyable

Santhworld Developer

Australia Deklitch Hardin Deklitch Hardin
Dek is interested in Kyranians and Blessed Sea Elves, wrote key entries like the one on Eight Winds Bay and also enjoys writing the occasional merry song, story or poem.

RPG Admin, People's Moderator

  Quegon Quegon
Quegon is famous for his profound knowledge concerning ferrets, of which he has developed already various Santharian species.

Expert on Ferrets, Bestiary and Herbarium Contributer

 Belgium Irid al'Menie Irid al'Menie
Irid likes to write, be it small horror stories, fairy-tales or even Santharian detective stories! Aside from that she develops Compendium entries whenever inspiration hits...

Story writer, general world developer & role playing enthusiast

  Marvin Cerambit Marvin Cerambit
Marvin likes to develop spells, especially related to the element of fire, and of course the orcs are also his passion.

Expert on Orcs and Magic

Canada Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin
Altario primarily works on the Remusian Men and Iceland Coast stuff up there in the Sarvonian North. He's also Admin and RPG Moderator on the RPG Board.

Remusian Men expert

  Alysse the Likely Alysse the Likely
Alysse enjoys contributing to the Bestiary, the Herbarium, but also writes own stories for our Library.

Bestiary, Herbarium and Story Writer

  Bard Judith Bard Judith
Working on a almost everything, dwarves in particular and adding to the Herbarium. Judith draws pictures and composes musics as well. She's a true multi-talent.

Expert on Dwarves, Herbarium Mistress, General Multitalent

  Katryna Joyeuse Katryna Joyeuse
As Bard Judiith's little daughter I’m only very little yet and my life consists mostly of nursing and sleeping. And looking around at the world with big dark serious eyes. And a few years later I plan to develop some stuff for the site... Yay!
2004-01-27 Babe-In-Arms, Santharian Mascot, and Bardic Apprentice
  Finnael Finnael Drakkar
Finnael focusses mainly on coats of arms. He provides designs, which Koldar converts to 3d pics. Finnael also works on various bestiary entries.
2002-10-18 Coat of Arms Artist, Bestiary writer
    Tyrian Jadewalker
Tyrian focusses on bestiary entries, helps with preparing entries every now and then for the update. He also plans to contribute with the LT RPG game.
2002-01-12 Bestiary Writer
  Valan Nonesuch Valan Nonesuch
Valan is one of our Miscellaneous Mods, where he mainly focuses on weapons and the like. He has also been seen developing beasts, games and a bunch of places.
2009-04-03 Master of the Santharian Armoury
 Chile  Lucirina Lucirina Telor Vevan
Lucirina enjoyed writing poems, stories and songs and every now and then describing a beast or two.
2002-05-22 Bard and storyteller, occasional Zoologist
   Juju Whirlwind Juju Whirlwind
Along with Katryna Joyeuse, Bard Judith's little daugher, Juju as Lucirina's little one represents Santharian Mascot #2. Her main purpose seems to wreak havoc and keep her mom busy;)
2004-04-18 Santharian Mascot
  Ingeborg Ingeborg
Ingeborg is a profession artist focussing on oil paintings. We're glad to have the opportunity to integrate her works into the Dream:)
2004-07-31 Artist


Greybark Ferretmaster
Brownie expert in every respect you can think of, from the Brownies of Akdor to those living at the Etherial Void.
2000-05-10 Story Writer, World Designer 


Concentrates on the western part of ancient Santharia, particularly on Milkengrad and Centorauria.
2000-03-07 History Writer, World Designer
 Germany Talia Sturmwind Talia Sturmwind
Adding things here and there, but mainly working with Gean on the Shendar tribe. Also can draw lovely pictures.
2001-12-27 World Designer
  Shabakuk Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang
Shabakuk's interests are manifold. They center around discovering weirdness, be it animal, plant or lore. He's also moderator on the People Forum.
2009-01-05 People Mod
Malaysia  Khiera Khiera
Khiera is one of our most active members on the RPG board, always giving her best to help newcomers to find what they are looking for. She has a firm hand on Character Creation and will assist you whereever she can if you have questions.
2003-10-28 RPG Administrator
Netherlands Gean Gean Firefeet
Specialist of the Santharian south and everything related to the kingdom of Stratania.
2000-12-29 Story Writer, World Designer
  Miraran Miraran Tehuriden
Miraran likes to develop plants and beasts, especially in the region he has settled in - the northwestern shores of the continent, specifically the Drifiting Woods area.
2006-04-02 Nybelmar Developer, Herbarium, Bestiary Writer
Norway  The Akorn The Akorn
Need a beast or two? Ask Akorn and he may help you out:) Akorn also likes to work on typical Santharian weapons or games.
2002-10-18 Bestiary and Miscellaneous Writer
Poland Faugar Faugar
Draws various unique Santharian artwork, mainly portraits for the People and Races sections.
2000-04-02 Artist
New Zealand Grunok the Exile Grunok the Exile
Grunok likes to develop places and stuff related to these places within the confines of the Santharian kingdom. Thus Grunok manages to fill important gaps, delighting us with lots of details!
2005-09-04 Developer of Places and associated incidentals
Russia Silfer Darkflare Silfer Darkflare
Silfer mainly focuses on magical things, he's especially adept in creating spells, but also doesn't shun to write poertry or stories every now and then.
2002-02-02 World Designer, Spell Designer
Scotland  Seth Ghibta Seth Ghibta
Seth's home is in the Bestiary, where she mostly deals with wriggly things therein. Aside from that she enjoy writing up various myths and legends.
2008-12-05 Bestiary and Myth/Lore Writer
Firewyre delights us with her botanical knowledge and her speed with writing dearly needed entries.
2005-01-31 Herbarium and Miscellaneous Contributer
Singapore Dalá'Valannía Dalá'Valannía
Well known for several chapters of the "Katya Dragonseeker" story, Dalá can already be counted to the Santharian inventory.
1999-06-20 Story Writer, World Designer
Spain Quellion Quellion
Quellion draws a great variety of themes (people, landscapes) mainly using graphite, ink and Photoshop.


Sweden Isilhir Isilhir
Isilhir prefers to draw in the classical, traditional mediums such as water colours, acrylics, gouasche and so on. His focus is on epic pictures like battles and fantastic buildings, but he also does portraits and beasts.


   Nalfaren Nalfaren
Nalfaren is one of our places specialist artists, capable of capturing fantastic atmosphere with his detailed paintings, be it elven forest, waterfall or stormy night...


   Victhorin Victhorin Norilin
Victhorin concentrates on developing various things related to the dwarves on the continent of Nybelmar, be it beasts, plants or people.

World Designer

Romania   Smith in Exile
Smith concentrates on writing (whether it is about places, tribes, religion, people), usually on Nybelmar. He also contributes to the Mysteries of Nepris RPG.

World Designer,

Turkey Coren FrozenZephyr Coren FrozenZephyr
Coren's central focus in the Dream is western Nybelmar - usually places, people or tribes. He also submits poems for the Library and writes on an own novel.

Nybelmar Expert, Writer

United Kingdom Wren Wren
Works on elven tribes like the Yllferrhim and the Quaelhoirhim and places descriptions. Wren is also Santharia's no. 1 singer - check out her songs!

World Designer,
People Moderator

  Artemis Artemis
Artemis concentrates on the development of the continent of Aeruillin and the all things related to the fae.

Aeruillin Designer and Fae Mistress

Jeshannon provides us with various fae pictures and valuable additions for the Herbarium.


  Rookie Brownbark Rookie Brownbark
Rookie Brownbark, as the name already implies focusses on the Brownies, particularly the culture of the Llaoihrr Brownie Tribe.

Brownie Expert

  Tharoc Wargrider Tharoc Wargrider
Tharoc Wargrider is one of our Compendium orcs. As such he has first hand information on all things orcish. Writing about beasts and plants or even a story and bawdy verses nevertheless also pose no problem for our resident orcish fellow.

Orc Expert

Vladeptus is one of our composers. In the future, given time, he may contribute as a writer as well.


 USA Azhira Azhira Styralias
Azhira explores Northern Sarvonia, especially the northwesten part of it, where she focuses mainly on the Kaae'dár'shín half-orcs, the Osthemagar region and everything related to it.

Northern Sarvonian Expert

  Chronusian Chronusian
Chronusian works on various beasts of Caelereth, ranging from fish over ulgaroth to drasil, but also has settled down in the Santharian province of Enthronia, where he enjoys developing the region further.

World Designer

  Fox Drasil Razorfang
Drasil has a special interest in magic, respectively in Earth Magic, and likes to help out in the Bestiary as well.

Bestiary Expert

  Drogo Drogo
Concentrates on developing Northern Sarvonia, ranging from barbarians to elven tribes located there.

World Designer

  Erelen Erelen
Erelen uses his talents with pencil art and digital painting in Santharia, drawing everything he can lay his hands on, be it a shark or a wizard's staff. Santharia, beware!


   Eratinalinfalah Eratinalinfalah
Eaitinalinfalah may be a strange name, but his pictures of elven Avá'ránns and other character portraits speak for themselves...


  Eshóh K'ryvvlen Eshóh K'ryvvlen
Eshóh helps out with illustrations for various Bestiary, Herbarium related, and miscellaneous things mostly using Photoshop and Painter. She's a great help whenever there is a gap to fill concerning illustrations;)


  Fox Fox
Fox  prefers to concentrate on all things magical, ranging from the definition of the Elemental Schools to the development of spells. Additionally she enjoys to work on the Kasumarii or weapon issues.

Magic Expert

  Garret Arroway Garret Arroway
Garret is at home at the Bestiary, as she likes developing wolves, dogs, bears etc. - pretty much anything dangerous. She also is responsible for the Caltharian tribe in southern Sarvonia.

Bestiary Expert

  Kalina Merenwen Kalina Merenwen
Kalina is part of our team of RPG Board Administrators, but also enjoys writing stories and brainstorming for new ideas to be realized.

RPG Admin

  Lady Tiaa Lady Tiaa Lywin
Tiaa mostly works in Aeruillin.
She has created the Sand Elves and their religion and plans to add a good deal to the ecosystem of the south.

Aeruillin Expert

  Morcaanan Morcaanan
Morcaanan has developed to our official dragon expert, filling gaps whereever he can in this respect. He also enjoys writing poetry.

Dragon Expert

  Pikel Thunderstone Pikel Thunderstone
Pikel mainly deals with Druids and all that is related, as well as the Ice Tribes region of Northern Santharia, and dabbles with Ximaxian Magic.

Druids Expert, Ice Tribes Expert

   Ralrok Ralrok
Ralrok is mainly responsible for the MP3 soundtrack you can listen to here in Santharia.


  Rayne Avalotus Rayne Avalotus
Aside from role playing, Rayne likes to work on plants and beasts and especially enjoys writing poems.

World Designer, Poet

   Seeker Seeker
Seeker enjoys illustrating all kinds of Santharian entries, be it beasts, people, places, weapons - Seeker can do it all!


   Thuja Thuja
Thuja works on several things which may look "not so important" at the first glance, but are essential to make a world like Caelereth even more believable.

Working on Beast, Plants and Places

  Val O'Neil Val O'Neil
al is the resident butterfly expert, frogs and bugs are also her forte. Occasionally she also might try her hand at a drawing.

Resident Butterfly Expert and Developer of the continent of Cyhalloi

  Vesk Lyricahl Vesk Lyricahl
likes to work on bestiary entries and to develop everything related to trolls.

World Designer & Troll Expert

  Viresse Viresse
Creator of races, tribes and their things, but also likes to work on people entries, beasts and stories. In short: another real Santharian multi-talent.

RPG Moderator, World Designer

  Xarl Xarl Bluestride
Concentrates on developing the Psyrpents race as well as the Kasumarii and Magic in Caelereth.

World Designer,
Magic Moderator