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omplex and yet simple, kind and loving, a hint of humor with a dazzling amount of charm. - That's ME!

Definitely a chocolate lover. Love to write, paint, draw - create in general. My Mum said that if you've ever seen a Dolphin giving birth that's what giving birth to me was like - after having to wait an extra 2 weeks and I've not changed much since. Putting things off for as long as possible and then doing it 'at the last minute'.

I completed high school and went and worked for McDonald's in the vein hope of management. After 2 years of 'next weeks' I left and worked for a bank and then a recruitment company and now I work for my brother's IT company where I design websites.

Live with my mother, brother (23) and sister (18) all of who I love dearly. We have a dog Penny (old) and a 3 foot fish tank FULL of Guppies which I breed for a little fun.

I'm always thinking about the next story that I'm going to write and have it be the next best seller. I just need the time and a stable computer to do it!

My friends have often said that I'm an interesting person to be around because you never know what your going to 'get'. I love a wide range of things from computers to art to Sports Entertainment (WWF).

Life is an addiction - give up and you're gone!

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gfx gfx
Female - Born and plan on staying!
Date of Birth
October 9th, 1980
Web Master
English and what ever language it is that my sister speaks
Sydney Australia (2000 Olympic City!)
Nationality Australia 3rd Generation Aussie (Australian) A mix of English and Scottish
ICQ: Uragel, 54203738
Yup, this is what I do for a living *grin* My personal site is
Foster Home
and I'm also working on my own world,
The Battling Wizards/Klintorth RPG Website
Favourite Book
"The Witches of Eileanan" it's a 6 book series written by Kate Forsyth
Favourite Music
Love Bon Jon Jovi, have done since I was knee high. That's about my only long time favorite. In general I like anything from Enigma to Metallica - weird but that's me! :)
Favourite Game
Creatures. It's an artificial life game, which my website is 'dedicated' to.
Hobbies Most of the time I'm messing around with the computer either doing web design or working on my website. Love to write!
Favourite thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD My Mum and my Teddy Bear that I've had since I was born. Oh and chocolate - I'm a die hard chocolate fan :)
General pet hates People slurping when they eat! It drives me nuts! Also back ground noise on a phone, the crackling noise ek, drives me bonkers!
Santharian Focus
Idea Giver, Writer. Newbie and Herbarium Moderator
Joining Date
December 1st, 2001

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gfx gfx
gfx gfx

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