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ell, how to start, how to start... I suppose it could go something like this:

In the beginning there was nothing.
It was kind of boring.
And so we'll hit fast forward.

That was how I started my first written fantasy world in English class, but I'd been making more without knowing it for years. Every time I tinkered with my Legos, Brix, Erector sets... Each time I filled the ship, castle, or weapon with a history. And so I built more to connect them. At one point, a good half of my basement was filled with the Kingdom of Magic and its epic battle against the Empire of Space. Yes, so I wasn't the most original kid in the world. This is why I like to work with established frameworks, so I don't have to weave the system out of whole cloth.

Yup, that's Jim!

Picture of Harry Potter, uhm no,
...Jim of course!

To return to my bio, because that's why you're reading this, isn't it? Alright, you've tolerated me long enough... Diegos, fetch this one a chair.

I was born in a hospital outside of Chicago, Illinois, US of A. I was the first child, and as such my parents had a harder time raising me than either of my siblings, a brother 2 years younger than me (who continues to annoy me by always being as tall as I am... grumble) and a sister 4 years younger. My brother and I had a fairly tight bond from... I think it was from the point where I offered to share my Coke with him at oh... lessee... 2 months. We together devised most of the Lego fortresses that composed my little warring world. He did the core, I did the elaboration and history. Unfortunately, baby sister decided that it needed destroying. Sigh... As you may have figured out by now, I'm not good at keeping to the point. Diegos, fetch some hot chocolate for our guest. And don't just microwave a Hershey bar again!


At some point I was placed in school. It became apparent to me that my only real competition came from my neighbor, Lee. I managed to outpace him at first, but he's passed me up by a bit now.... BAD ME!
Back to the point.

This encouraged me to dream things up in class, but as long as my work was good, my teachers didn't complain. One exception had the idea I had ADD. (For those who don't know, ADD is a brain disorder that involves hyperactivity, lack of attention span... you act like a 8-year old. This has become an expensive crutch for families and teachers who dont WANT an 8-year old, they want perfectly behaved automata. Idiots.) Said exception decided to speak to my parents about this... halfway along the line, after the teacher had reccomended Ritalin (ADD treatment) my dad let on he happened to be a doctor. (We live in Southern Illinois. Cows outnumber people 3 to 1 down here, and as such my father... On the scale of doctor=money, he's pretty close to rock bottom.) She decided to back down. As unpleasant as the episode was, it taught me that the world had its fools, but they were in power, so you humor them.

For this reason, I was much relieved when one day I accidentally stumbled on an online RPG while searching for a random word.
Since then, I've participated in a few, and was led to Santharia when the first collapsed. I always enjoyed the detailing more than the RPing, and as such... Well, you're reading this, so look down! See what I've made!

In High School, I'm content with being challenged at last, and as of right now I'm doing fine.

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Male, if I haven't made that apparent.
Date of Birth
February 15, 1987
High School Student (freshman at time of writing)
English, blundering through Spanish
Outside Decatur, Illinois
Nationality USA American
Favourite Book
Fluctuates, but Lord of the Rings and some of Peirs Anthony's work stays up there
Favourite Music
Anything that sounds moderately intelligent
Hobbies Tending to my Diegos, computer games, swimming, wondering what the world would be like if I could erase people from existence at will, and dreaming...
Santharian Focus
Psyrpent, Kasumarii and Magic Expert, Santharian Poet
Joining Date
September 17th, 2001

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gfx gfx

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