Now for something completely different in our Anniversary special edition: Exclusively for the 5th Santharian Anniversary, spell creator #1, namely Silfer, decided to do a very unqiue spell - well, he didn't take it as serious as usually with this one, as you will find out. However, the spell you can read below is made exactly according to the Santharian development scheme and can be cast by Santharian development wizards... - But check for yourself.


SPELL EFFECT. A spell highly valued by any developer knowing it, Teleport allows for quick and safe passage between the various rooms of the Santharian HQ. It is also widely used to quickly vanish from sight of someone, and also to avoid flying clubs, hammers, maces, and other particularly nasty weaponry that always lies easily acessible in some corner of the room.

It is not precisely known how this spell works, however, several theories have been made among others than the magic masters. One theory says that it is not the developer who casts the spell, but that the HQ itself, abiding one's wish of teleporting, grants that power. Another theory, on the other hand, contradicts this, and says that teleporting is simply a product of energy, cr'll, willpower and experience. Others again argue that it is a spell coming from the webmaster himself, as he started this world.

No matter how Teleport works, it works only for those who are experienced with Santharian development... however, both mage, cleric, barbarian, and webmaster alike possess it.

CASTING PRODCEDURE. The most common casting procedure for this spell is as follows: One does some mystic movement, than says the formula, and well... vanishes.

MAGICAL FORMULA. "Turns around and vanishes", or just "Vanishes". "Teleports away to avoid Dal's demon ducks", or any other similar formula is also quite common.

TARGET. Technically, this spell should allow to be used on others than oneself. However, one of the holy "RPG Commandments" states that one cannot control others. Thus, this is a self-spell.

REAGENTS. While none are required, a place within the Santharian team is said to tremendously increase the effect of this spell.

MAGICAL SCHOOL. Development Magic.

SPELL CLASS. Convenient Magic.

RANGE. One can teleport anywhere in the world of Caelereth, with the exception of places magically sealed to teleporting.

CASTING TIME. Instant for short range, and up to 30 minutes for long range. (If I would need 30 minutes to escape Dal's ducks, how could I still be alive?)

DURATION. Instant effect, no duration.

COUNTER/ENHANCING MEASURES. To counter this spell, one can bind a developer to a library chair, or one could also lock them up in Arti's dungeon. Eventually one could hold them by magic, but that is not at all easy.

There are no known means of enhancing this spell.


Information provided by Silfer Darkflare View Profile