The following recipes, or 'receipts' as most Santharians call them, have been collected from all over the continent of Sarvonia. For the collection as it appears here we are greatly indebted to "Dame Sausade's Cookery Boke: Being a Collation of Receipts From Variouse Parts of Sarvonia".

Dame Sausade tells us that she has tested and tasted each and every dish included, and readers of the Compendium who desire further instruction in cooking may apply to her Dameschool in New Santhala at their convenience. Readers are also always welcome to send her new receipts which they have developed that may be of interest.

Most ingredients are available throughout Sarvonia, with only a few of the specialty spices and flavorings being hard to find outside of the cities; however, our well-established trade routes enable most aspiring chefs to have access to almost any product on the continent!

Please enjoy the recipes which we have provided for you - and if you try them, Etherus-make-thy-tongue-keen so that you may enjoy them even more!


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