At times in life we have to leave a well trodden path. Make a first step in another direction, first  being unsure and stumbling when setting the foot, needing to get used to it, not knowing where this way will lead and whether it is the right choice for us. But eventually, once the first steps are done, we will gain courage and follow this path to our destiny, having trust that somehow we are guided towards a goal still far, far away. - And so we also have to leave a well trodden path when life ends, not knowing for sure where it will lead us. But this path also begins with a first step, and one step will lead to another, and with each step courage will come. Have trust, Lucirina!

 was a darkness she had never experienced before. The darkness was so awful, so wide and so utterly consuming that she felt lost within it, wandering aimlessly like a lost child.

Her eyes could not see anything beyond in front of her except a yawning expanse of inky black all around and above her that stretched to unimaginable heights.

She could not remember how long she had been walking, it could have been a mere second or an eternity, but walking was a sight better than sitting down weeping hopelessly so she continued to just… walk.


A New Path

View picture in full size Picture description. A New Path for our songbird. This image was dedicated to Lucirina by her Chilean compatriot Ingeborg (Cecila Flaten), montage by Artimidor.

And it helped to keep her sane. Concentrate on putting one foot forward and then swing the other forth. Repeat and repeat again. Over and over and over.

The mere act of walking had become a tool to keep her from screaming endlessly into the desolate darkness.

Perhaps this was hell. Not a chasm of tortured, wailing souls writhing in pain or burning lakes of fire as they say but hell was to be doomed forever to travel in a neverending purgatory of no beginnings and ends, to be always tired and alone in the darkness.

No, she told herself, I must continue. I must not lose hope. If hope is lost, then everything is gone.

So she walked. And walked. A hundred years it seemed to her or perhaps time here, in this place, was only the length of the third eyelash on a child’s left eye. Who can tell? Who can know?

But this we do know. All journeys must end eventually, even the ones that are the longest and hardest.

Finally, a flickering little light, no larger than the width of a thumb, appeared directly in front of her and heartened at the sight, she walked with renewed determination towards it.

The illumination grew as she moved nearer and at last she was near enough to see the shadow of a figure within that amazing and astonishing light.

All around that brightness, the corresponding gloom crept with its silent menace but try as it might, it could not touch or taint the light that burned with a white-blue radiance or the woman within it.

Yes, she saw now that the figure was a woman. Standing very still.

The woman’s features could not be discerned clearly or maybe because she had been in darkness for far too long to see properly.

Who are you?, she asked fearfully.

You know me. The woman’s voice was unbearably beautiful, laden with a world’s love, gentleness and sorrow.

I don’t… she started to say but stopped as something inside her shifted. Yes, I think I do know you.

The fear was still there, remnants of another life with its conditionings but a wild joy and hope started to rise as well, seizing her with their joint song.

Have you come for me?

Strange. Even though she could not see the face, somehow, she knew that the woman was smiling.


At the affirmation, she hesitantly turned her head slightly to look back into the darkness behind and surrounding her.

I… I do not want to go.


Because it’s not fair! I've had so little time. There’s still so much I haven’t done or seen!

No, it is not fair. But this is not the end. Your journey has only begun.

My journey?

Come with me and you shall see for yourself. For there are other worlds than the one you left behind.

The sad, beautiful woman held out her hand and a new realm of possibilities suddenly opened up as she extended her palm. It was frightening but incredibly alluring at the same time.

But something still held her back although she wanted to reach out and take the woman's hand so very badly. She was remembering the gurgling laughter of a very young girl child and the remembrance of that laughter and the achingly sweet face that went with it made her hesitate anew.

My family, my friends, those who loved me well… I can’t bear to leave them.

You won’t. You will always be with them. Do not worry, you will see them again at the journey’s end, where the paths all converge into one.

Do you promise?

Yes, I promise.

She sighed, a part of her unwilling to leave all that was familiar and safe but she wanted to see what the other side was like as well. And that part was rising swiftly to conquer the fear. She nodded.

I am ready.

Take my hand.

She took a deep breath and moved forward. As she did, the woman’s face became clearer and she saw with wonder that the woman's eyes were closed as though she were blind.

Then, Lucirina Telor Vevan thought no more as she tightly clutched the hand that Avá offered and took the first step forth onto a new path.

(For Ana Maria)

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