On October 13th 2004 the Santharian Dream lost one of its dearest members through a completely unexpected and shocking violent act (more details at the page In Memoriam of Ana). This tragedy didn't only leave us Santharians here from the development team and at the role playing community with a hole we cannot fill. Lucirina (Ana Maria Salinas Norbakk) was lost all of a sudden to the many friends she had gotten to know from all over the world via the internet, she is missed by her loving mother in Chile and most of course by her little daughter, Juliana Alexandra.

Pictures by Luci's mom, movie by Artimidor.

Born in 2001 Juliana was no more than 3 1/2 years old when the tragedy happened. Just a few months before Lucirina's death she had introduced her daughter herself to the Dream and we were happy to put her in the ranks of a Santharian Mascot, a position she shared with Bard Judith's new-born Kathrine Joy. As Santharian name for our little mascot Lucirina chose "Juju Whirlwind", as Juju was her nickname anyway in real life and acting like a whirlwind was precisely with what she kept her mommy busy. Lucirina promised to keep us up to date with new photos on Juju and on the progress of her education, so that we jokingly already considered building a cheerleader team with all our mascots once they have grown up. - Unfortunately Lucirina herself is now not with us anymore to complete this endeavour. However, as Santharians we have not forgotten her and also will gladly try to live up to our responsibilities we have towards a friend and our mascot. Santharia is more than a world building site, it's a site bringing people together sharing the same interests, but also a bridge between cultures, religions and races - and as a team we can help in a joint effort to contribute to something for Juju her mom cannot give her anymore.

Therefore various members have committed themselves to set up a fund and to regularly transfer money to it in order to finance Juju's studies when she grows older. While we cannot substitute Luci for her, we can make it easier for Juju's grandma to deal with the situation and give Juju some security in her later life, which she's now lacking. Contributions to the fund of course are made completely on a voluntary basis, as Santharia per definition is a non-profit project and will stay that way. However, if you like the site and would like to show us your respect somehow, there's no better way to show us as to put it into the Juju fund.

The fund at the moment exists in form of a savings book in Euros, considering the fact that the Euro is a much more stable currency than Chile pesos. We plan to collect money for some years and later lock an accumulated sum to get even more interests. Money transfers within the European Union are free, other countries will have to pay a certain transfer fee, so here it is advised to gather a certain sum before contributing. Transfer is also possible through PayPal. If you're interested in donating some money, feel free to contact me at and I will provide you with account details.

I'd like to personally thank everybody in advance who helps with
contributing to the Juju fund - I'm proud to be a member of such a generous team.

Artimidor Federkiel

Webmaster of the Santharian Dream

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