The Ro-memnoor tribe, known simply as "Memnoor" to other races, lives just within the Ethereal Void on the continent of Aeruillin. The most open of the Brownie tribes, they will accept as their own anyone who will contribute for the good of the tribe. Theirs is an utopian society, holding firmly to the maxim "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need", and are generally non-religious. They are unique in that they survive by harvesting the bounty of other worlds through the Void on one hand, and Lightworm riders braving the deserts on the other. They have established several colonies in other worlds.

Appearance. Memnoor ethnic types are many and varied, with a substantial minority being composed of exiles, refugees, and students from many different races including humans, elves, dwarves, and others, many of which end up marrying Brownies. Those of Brownie background in Memnoor generally come in red, yellow, golden, bronze, and white shades. All others have the tendency to be easily spotted by predators in the desert, especially greens and blues, making their life expectancy quite low. Return to the top

Coat of Arms/Sign. None. Return to the top

Territory. A small area at the junction of the Desert of Light, the Plain of the Dead, and the Ethereal Void, as well as colonies in several other worlds. The Memnoor also patrol the Desert of Light, and have trading contacts with nearby nomadic peoples and towns, especially Thybross and Nythera. They mainly live just inside the Void, in an area reclaimed from the Void and shaped by a combination of magic and imagination into a area both safe from the dangers of the desert, and endlessly varied in its terrain. Return to the top

People. Members of the Memnoor tribe are extremely hard-working. They have a very pragmatic outlook on life, and tend to believe that science, the detailed study of phenomena, holds the answer to life's questions, hence being either agnostic or atheistic. They also reverence the Book of Aheh, but solely because of the dedication they observed in the life of its writer.

Housing. When new land is formed in the Void, new houses are sometimes also formed. Their design is limited only by the imagination of the one that is anchoring the new land to the real. A few also live in the desert, mainly in tents made from animal skins. Return to the top

Clothing. Memnoor clothing is difficult to describe, as individuals have a wide selection of styles to choose from, but few materials. Leather is the most common material, but just about everything is available in limited amounts. Clothing tends to be light, both in color and in thickness, for those that venture at all into the desert. Return to the top

Diet. The Memnoor diet can be depressing for the outsider. A bit of gardening and farming is done in the almost-real lands reclaimed from the Void, and a few desert plants are salvaged, but much food is meat prepared from just about any animal that the Memnoor can get their hands on. They catch and eat every species of creature that lives in the desert, and will also summon creatures through the Void from other worlds solely in order to kill, cook, and eat them. Return to the top

Weapons. Weapons are also very diverse, but tend to fall into two main groupings. Weapons for desert use are mainly iron, with swords, clubs, and weighted nets being the most common. Parts of various desert plants, especially the puliquay, can also be adapted into weapons for desert use. Weapons for use inside the Etherial Void are often made of glass, on the assumption that the transparent is almost not there and therefore more effective in the unreality of the Void. This assumption proves true more often than not. Return to the top

Occupations. Magic teachers, magic users, those with good imaginations, and anyone else that works hard, are all highly valued among the Memnoor, although farming, sewing, blacksmithing, and many other occupations can be found as well. Everyone works for free, and is free to take of the products of other's labor as needed. Return to the top

Government. No one is really in charge among the Memnoor. People contribute freely whatever they are talented in, whether storm-making, farming, or making pottery, taking in return what they themselves need. It is widely believed that this type of governance, an utopian communistic lifestyle, could never work anywhere except for on the edge of the Etherial Void. Return to the top

Production/Trade. The Memnoor are unique in Caelereth in that they trade extensively between worlds. Every world is different, and what is as common as sand in one may be as rare as diamonds in another. Memnoor will travel from world to world, eventually returning home with necessities (such as iron, clothing, and food) and luxuries for the tribe's use. To facilitate this process, small groups of Memnoor have gone to live in specific other worlds, setting up gathering and trading stations. When Memnoor travelers show up at their doorstep, business can be taken care of quickly and the visitor sent on his way. Some of these trading stations are quite long-lived, and there are reports of groups of Memnoor emigrating permanently to other worlds. Some trading is also done with the nomads of the Aeruillian deserts, and with towns to the north. Return to the top

Natural Resources. Only two: sand and the Void. Return to the top

Holidays, Festivals and Observances. The main festivals are Worlds' Day (anniversary of the first successful scouting trip to another world), the Day of the Book (anniversary of the Book of Aheh being written by a human visitor from another world named Eissos), and Void Day (celebrating the time when the Memnoor had learned to work with the Void rather than against it), as well as Whisperday (Whisper was the Memnoor of mixed blood that established the magical interface that allows the Memnoor Brownies to communicate, by sight and by sound, through any tuned receiver throughout the lands of Caelereth). Return to the top

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(YEARS 8.500 B.S. - 3.400 B.S.)
3979 b.S. Southward Departure of the Keekoo Brownies
The Brownie Keekoo the Deliverer sends out the third and last group of Brownie colonists from the Auturian Woods where he had gathered them. This group should eventually become the Memnoor tribe.

ca. 3970 b.S.
to 2970 b.S.
The Wandering Years of the Southern Brownies
The Brownie band migrates southward. They begin to make themselves a home in the Sharadon Forest, but soon find that it is already inhabited by the Maeverhim tribe of elves.

They continue to wander in a southerly direction, but almost as soon as they have passed out from under the eaves of the forest, they encounter members of the Avennorian tribe of humans. There the band finds themselves encaged and kept as pets, just as some of their ancestors have been in the time of Keekoo, and many of them are taken out to sea with whalers and traders. An uprising and mass escape takes place in the dead of night as the ships are anchored just off of Thylascuran on the Aeruillin continent.

As many as escape that night flee into the Plain of Esaechorodd. From there they gradually migrate south, passing through the Sands of Maechalan and the Plain of the Dead, before they finally make it to the edge of the Etherial Void.

(YEARS 3.400 B.S. - 1.655 B.S.)
2970 b.S. The Memnoor Brownies settle just inside the Ethereal Void
The battered descendents of the third group sent out by Keekoo stagger into the Ethereal Void at a point between the Plain of the Dead and the Desert of Light and find relief - and torment. They are betrayed and attacked by the products of their own fevered imaginations. But they no longer have the strength to recross the desert and so have no choice but to stay. It takes many years for them to make their peace with the Void, but eventually they develop a unique culture that uses the uncertainties and unrealities of the Void to their advantage.


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