These mischievous little beings are often blamed for giving Brownies a bad name because of their antics. Survivalists to the core and children at heart, these little people can be found throughout the Sarvonian continent in groups called 'clans' that can be nomadic, semi-nomadic, or completely settled depending on the history of the clan. While none can know for sure where all the Sarvonian Aohu'o are and what they are doing, researchers in this area seem to constantly assume that they have been able to pinpoint all the locations of the settled clans. For their help they give thanks to other Brownies, elves, and hobbits.

However, as always, someone stumbles over evidence of a new clan or more information on an older one and researchers had to delve back into the world of little people. Half of those involved in the project have given up the endeavor to put a pin in a map where all the Aohu'o reside. They have decided that if they looked for a thousand life-times, or as one elven researcher of the Auturian Woods put it "until Avá wakes", they wouldn't find all these crafty little trouble makers.

General. At one point, the Aohu'o were probably their own people dating back to the separation of the Kingdom of Birni by Keekoo the Deliverer, though time has turned them into a mixture of most tribes that live on the Sarvonian continent. If tales are to be believed, there are Brownies from elsewhere in Caelereth named Aohu'o as well. One of their most common, widely told myths is that many ages ago they came from across the oceans, separated from the rest of their kind by a great fire and they were forced to take to the sea and flee. While only a myth, it is still the most commonly accepted explanation on how they arrived on Sarvonian shores.

Since their arrival, they have mixed with various bands of Brownies and due to this the group is sometimes referred to as 'foundlings', though Aohu'o (lit: "wandering") is the name recorded as the true one for these Brownies. However, this is no longer true for most known clans which have settled for various reasons. Most of these reasons involved an endangered population and leaders who saw the merit in settling into a somewhat secure place for a time. Stories of additions to the Aohu'o bands by those of other tribes that have lost their way, become exiled from their home, and even those that have just sought a way to escape the chaos of their original home can be found throughout the history of the various clans.

Milken and Llaoihrr foundlings exiles, refugees, and the sort are the most likely additions to this group as the Aohu'o have never been known to turn away their own kind even if years and possibly massive bodies of water separate them. Reports have even mentioned a few 'turned' Rat Brownies joining the ranks, but while they aren't completely shunned by the Aohu'o they are somewhat kept on the outside. However, it's more common to hear stories of Brownies from across the ocean joining a clan, namely Memnoor refugees and outcasts, than a turned Rat Brownie.
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Territory. The extent of the Aohu'o population on Sarvonia is unknown. With the constant stories and tales of little disturbances across the continent, it is impossible to get a number that is even close to accurate. Rumours on the winds telling of paths being tended near Bardavos, Marcogg, and Nyermersys on the same day have led to the belief that there is more than one nomadic group of Brownies tending to the continent's paths for the little prizes merchants, travelers, and guards sometimes leave.

At the current time, 1669 a.S., there are eight known bands of Aohu'o (plus one believed to be myth) throughout the continent, with settled and semi-nomadic bands ranging from the Sharadon Forest, just north of Bardavos and the Narfost Plains in Brendolan Province, to the Kanapan lands in the cold north. Though there are always possibilities of other bands (nomadic, semi-nomadic, and settled) between and beyond those regions.

One place the Aohu'o are not readily found is the City of Magic, Ximax. While they seem to have a good population of Redbarks throughout the clans, there are not a lot of these Brownies at the Magical Academy of Ximax, even though they boast a Tower of Life Magic among the towers of the outer circle. The Aohu'o are largely family and clan based with a very simple tribal government and lifestyle that causes tight bonds to form within the clan, so most magic users among them remain with the clan, learning from an elder life magic, or Brownie magic, user. Nomadic clans will often avoid the city as well to prevent one of their young life-mages from being snagged by the lure of power. Therefore, aside from those that break the bonds of their clan and depart, the area around the magical city is free of the pesky Aohu'o.
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Lifestyle/Culture. Survival is the main goal of the Aohu'o, though having some fun is their second goal in life. The Aohu'o are well known for being pests, annoying, 'bothersome little beasties', and just plain mischievous little beings from one end of the continent to the other. In the Goltherlon Forest, it's not uncommon to be met with a shower of bittersweet fruit or become prey to the playful antics of the Aohu'o dragonriders and their mounts. However, no clan has perfected the art like the Stained Clan of the Auturian Woods, who have been deemed worse than vermin in the homes of those living in the area, though their camouflage and lack of true harm in their pranks has kept them from being wiped out. However, in the interest of their first goal, survival, they stay away from the Tethinrhim Academy of Archery for the most part. At least it seems this way as the traditional marks of their presence are rarely found and any 'attacks' on the academy are done more by the youth when passing in the area.

Due to these bouts of mischief, some of the more superstitious folk in the area have taken to hanging garlick around their home in attempts to ward away the Brownies when they are thought to be in the area or are known to have settled in the area. However, garlick isn't nearly powerful enough and any amateur herbalist or local hedge witch could tell you that onions are the way to go. The strong smell repels the little pests and most know or have heard of the consequences of getting too close to this particularly pungent vegetable.

Aside from being mischievous survivalists, the Aohu'o are seen as being the closest to the true Brownie religion and intense worshippers of the spirits. As said before they are a group of misfits. Parts of most known Brownie tribes have flocked to the various clans of the Aohu'o. One of the reasons behind seeking out one of these clans, or even just leaving their original tribe and stumbling on an Aohu'o clan, is the search for a way back onto the right track, to the right religion. These clans are close to nature, so much so that their version of spoken Browniin is closely associated with natural sounds. While they are considered closest to the spirits, most clans worship and respect the spirits of their mounts more so than those around them as the creatures they ride provide protection, food, and transportation, all of which are important to even the most settled clan.
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Clans Overview. Being between about fourteen and sixteen nailsbreadth in height, these little people are somewhat difficult to find even though unknown numbers of bands of them can be found from the southern tip of Southern Sarvonia, Strata, to the northern most point of the lower half of the continent, the Tandala Highlands in Nermeran province. There is even one known band living north of the Kanapan Peninsula, in Northern Sarvonia at this time (1669 a.S.), though there is always the possibility of more.

The size of the people makes these Brownie clans difficult to find though a few of the more settled clans have been recorded by various sorts of travelers. The travelers range from humans, elves, and hobbits, which have seemingly enjoyed the antics of the little creatures from time to time, to their own kind, the Llaoihrr and Milken Brownies. Even a few races that don't record the encounters are known for hunting down and eating these creatures even though they don't make much of a meal. While for the most part, those races considered more civilized have mostly stopped using the old Brownie receipts, orcs, goblins, trolls, and ogres are still believed to munch on these little creatures every now and again. Brownies also been found as pets from time to time in small human settlements if someone is smart and quick enough to catch them.

One nomadic Brownie tribe has even been located and followed for a time to gain information. Here is a brief description of the known Aohu'o bands, or clans, on Sarvonia:

Celebrations/Special Occasions. While some clans have their own festivals, events, and other such periods of gathering (ex. the Rider Memorial of the Sweet-wood Clan), there are a few celebrations that the Sarvonian Aohu'o all celebrate in a similar manner with only slight differences occurring between clans. The main celebrations include:

History/Origins. The Sarvonian Aohu'o strongly believe in an old legend of their people that explains their appearance on the continent. Their elders tell stories heard from the elder's of their childhood and beyond that they were swept from their homes with a cloud of embers at their heels, forcing their ancestors to brave dangers of the Land of Waters. After an untold time traveling they landed on the shores of Sarvonia, though at which compass point is unknown.

This legend had continued to trickle down through the generations, even becoming a reality for those Brownies from the Milken, Llaoihrr, and occasional other tribes that add themselves to the ranks. Because of this, the Aohu'o stubbornly argue that they are not on their own and some of their kin still reside in a solid land across the Land of Waters. Therefore, those living on the Sarvonian continent are called the Sarvonian Aohu'o, though those that know of these mischievous little Brownies just call them the Aohu'o as this other Brownie continent has yet to be verified and the common folk don't care much for technicalities.

Looking back in Brownie history, one could see that during the Wandering Years, Keekoo the Deliverer sent off groups of Brownies to various areas to avoid the influences of the other races. History also shows that the Milken Brownies were originally a group from across the sea that landed among the Helcrani in Milkengrad. Though, whether they truly came from the same area as the various bands of Aohu'o is unknown.

However, at this point, it is hard to tell these roaming, or sometimes stationary bands that don't count themselves as part of the Llaoihrr or Milken are truly Aohu'o. Most known clans have some background, myths, legends, and links to their ancient paths, while some don't. It is customary for each clan to have at least one Lore-holder, who keeps track of the history of the clan, passing down the knowledge of past lifetimes and their own lifetime to their successor. Some researchers of these Brownies believe that the Lore-holders have taken place of the Shamans of their past. There are even arguments among those that believe themselves human experts on Brownies, who believe that Lore-holders are the same as the Shamans of their history, but rather than being nomadic they remain with one clan.
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