The Arthyrón elves (Styrásh Arthyrón, short for Arthanhe'tyrón, "blessed sea") have always been rather adventurous for elves. First they left the Injerín elves, and became known as the Folkmore Elves, for the area that they settled. However they were forced to leave during the destruction of Parthenon by Gouran in 1649 b.S. In their flight of terror they found haven in the seas and upon the islands in the Eight Winds bay. Thus did they name themselves the Arthyrón. Since that time they have explored the rivers of North Eastern Sarvonia, and the Eastern Seas.

An Arthyron Elf

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Appearance. As with all of their kind, the Arthyrón tend towards a slender height, easily exceeding the height of a human. Their sharp, angular features and elongated faces only emphasize their height. Similiar to their ancestors, the Injerín, they lean towards having lighter characteristics. Their eyes are most often a soft grey, or blue, occasionally green as well. Their hair is nearly uniformly blonde. The most varying fact is that the Arthyrón do not share the same ephemeral quality as their kin. The years spent at sea and enduring the raging storms on their rocky islands have weathered them. Return to the top

Coat of Arms/Sign. The coat of arms is a single masted silver ship, its sail unfurled in the wind. It rides upon a blue ocean, with three stylized waves. The background behind the ship is black. This the combination of two older coat of arms from the seperate groups that make up the Arthyrón. One group held their ship as their saviour, while another held the sea as their deliverance, and each was used accordingly. When they became united, then the ship and sea were joined together. The three waves represent the three islands in the Eight Winds Bay, and the black background symbolized their flight during the Year of the Burning Night.
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Territory. The Arthyrón do not have a compact area that they call their own, rather it is a conglomeration of islands, ports, and towns. They occupy the islands of the Eight Winds Bay, the ports of Naurooth and Darooth, as well as the towns of Silven, Adlin and Worldquest. Return to the top

People. The Arthyrón are certainly one of the most odd elven tribes, if not the strangest. They are most assuredly the most curious. They have sailed rivers, oceans, hidden waterways, and rumours say even the great whirlpool in the middle of the Eight Winds Bay. Instead of disdaining, of pitying humans, they find them fascinating and enjoy their companionship. They have even been known to be feasting in the great stone halls of the Kuglimz'torik, or the simple tents of the Kuglimz'ura. They are also willing to trade with the orcs and dark elves of the region.
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Housing. Arthyrón differ from other elves in this area as well. Their houses are simple buildings made of stone or mudbrick due to the lack of wood on the island. The houses are most often square in shape, with a flat roof that doubles as the cistern for that residence. The houses contain several rooms including a central kitchen area, sleeping rooms and guest rooms. Return to the top

Clothing. The clothing is simple, yet ornate. Most often the Arthyrón wear the water repellent furs and skins of the nul'tum that they get from trading with the Kuglimz. The skin is fashioned into breeches and a light vest. The rest is then made into a cape with a hood. The clothing though quite plain protects them from the elements and is very serviceable. Shells of varying colors and shapes are then sewn throught the outfit in complex designs, some of the capes have full length historic scenes or mythological beasts.
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Diet. The majority of the Arthyrón food comes from the ocean and consists of several different fish, shellfish, and kelp. They truly seem to have no problem eating anything that comes from the sea, it has been said jokingly that they would even eat driftwood. The rest of their food, such as vegetables and meats come from trade with their neighbors.
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Weapons. The use of weapons is rather limited among the Arthyrón. It is near impossible to attack their rocky islands or well fortified cities. However, the crews of all their ships are trained and equipped to use bows and long spears. This stops attacks from river bandits or pirates.
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Occupations. There are three occupations, though everyone tends to be at least a little of each as is necessary to survive. Their are the merchants who trade far and wide, so that the elves might not only survive on their barren islands, but also prosper. The fisher hauls in the majority of the Arthyrón's food source, or can be called on as smugglers in case the islands are ever besieged. Finally there are the builders. Those men and women that provide the backbone of what is the Arthyrón people. For without their ships they would not last long.
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Government. The government is headed up by a council of six. There are two for the merchants, one for the river traders and one for the seafaring traders. There are also two for the ship builders, once again one for rivercraft and one for sea vessels. The fifth is the representative of the fishermen. Finally the sixth member is the one elected by the general people to best serve their needs. The sixth member's place is that of counselor and final vote in any decision as he keeps the people's needs in mind first and foremost.
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Production/Trade. This is the key part of this tribe. The Arthyrón are the only traders in all of Northeastern Sarvonia. From their islands they head south through underground waterway, through the Prominent Mountains, where they pay the Kurakim dwarves a toll, then emerge in daylight upon the Luquador River. They follow that route through the Shaded Forest down to World Quest where they pick up Kuglimz goods like Nul'tum fur, vegetables, and rough ornamentals, from the Injerín they get herbs and wood items. They also get metal items and fine ornamentals from the Kurakim. They will also at times travel the Liben River to trade with the orcs in the area.
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Natural Resources. [...]
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Holidays, Festivals and Observances. There are quite a few times during the year that the Arthyrón come together as families or communities to celebrate all that Avá has given them in nature. There are two times when all of the peoples gather. The thing that sets these times apart from the others more than anything is their quiet nature. It is said that only at these two gathering do the Arthyrón not laugh or smile.

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