The Maeverhim are the ethereal and peaceful inhabitants of the Sharadon Forest of southern Santharia. They live very high in the trees, rarely touching the ground. Oddly, they graciously welcome visitors that wish to visit, though they usually need a Maeverhim guide to escort them. These elves have embraced the element of Wind and have taken Grothar as a focus of their worship. Though few become "EarthBurned", their looks and distinctive speech are easily recognizable by the races. Through their selective isolation, they have advanced their own technology for their benefit.

The Maeverhim Elves
View picture in full size Image description. A Maeverhim elf smiling at a new visitor entering the Sharadon. Pic by Eshóh K'ryvvlen.

Appearance. The most notable thing about the Maeverhim elves is their aquiline nose. It is thin and elegant, giving the tribe a bird-like look. The nose increases in length as the elf ages, though rarely do they surpass a span in length. The finger- and toenails are naturally black, and the Maeverhim rarely clip them, furthering the birdlike appearance.

Maeverhim usually have either black or blonde hair, with either green or blue eyes. Variants are seen among the tribe, but they are not often. The Maeverhim are fond of streaking their hair with blue and green pigments.

All Maeverhim carry a "fading" color gene within them. As an elf gets older, the color dissipates from their hair, eyes, and skin. It is a very eerie thing to see, but as Maeverhim rarely leave their home, they have little problem with these transformations.

Maeverhim are very tall elves, at over two peds. With long necks, legs and arms, they seem to be in all places at once in the earth-bound cities. The Maeverhim are thin and have no awkward bony angles. They seem supple and elegant; no muscles are seen to move under their skin, and they have curves and angles in all the proper places. Many claim them to be the most elegant of all known elves, for their aerial displays on their invented forms of transportation gives the illusion of a birdlike grace.
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Coat of Arms/Sign. The Maeverhim use a tapestry of symbols rather than a coat of arms: The tapestry is a blue triangle, with one point down. The border is of silver and green entwined, with an elegant white bird, the Thyrindian Eagle, with feet extended painted in the center. The eye of the bird is that of the rune of Avá. In one foot is a branch of a willow, and the other holds a lightning bolt of Grothar. The Maeverhim enjoy teasing the travellers that visit by asking them what else the bird holds. When they answer incorrectly (as they usually do) they laugh cheerfully and explain that the bird holds the wind in its wings.
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The Maeverhim Emblem

View picture in full size Picture description. The Maeverhim emblem shown on tapestry. Image by Viresse.

Territory. The Maeverhim live high in the trees of the Sharadon, north of the Narfost Plain. The Sharadon completely envelops the tree-top town of Seraia, a cheerful place known for its hospitality and uniqueness. The Maeverhim are very friendly with visitors, but can easily punish a criminal severely if the time demands it. Return to the top

People. The Maeverhim may very well be the oddest tribe of elves known. They differ from many of their elven brothers in that they enjoy visitors and are very open to new experiences. Some think of them as child-like; as they enjoy games, jokes, stories and are easily amused. However, it is advised to not upset a Maeverhim. They are known to turn against anyone that angers them.

The Maeverhim have had to adapt to their life above ground, and by discovering ways to harness the wind, they have made many interesting inventions. Rope-ladders that carry them without their having to move, zip-lines that allow them to travel distances they could never jump, and a particular style of clothes that allow them to slow their descent when they jump from one level of the town to another.

In fact, thei Maeverhim elaborate form of canopy transportation and way of life has made their usage of their devices an art form. Devices such as the Shatí'ésh (translated: "False Winged", also called "Trapease") and the Zip-Line have made their way of life one that delights travellers to observe.

However, they look down upon Maeverhim that have touched the earth. Calling them "EarthBurned", these Maeverhim are shunned by the tribe; this usually forces them to leave. Despite the cold shoulder given by their own, EarthBurned Maeverhim still have the child-like disposition coupled with a violent rage.
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Housing. The Maeverhim live high among the earth of the Sharadon. It is windy there, but the Maeverhim do not mind. Their houses are built around the trees instead of inside them, and they use bridges, ladders, ropes, crawl-lines and tree-hopping to move from one tree to another. Communities like these house about 50 individuals, and all 85 or so communities within the Sharadon are interconnected through simple bridges through the treetops. Another interesting detail is that the Maeverhim do not sit upon chairs; they prefer to lounge their lanky bodies on mats and pillows.

Seraia is not a part of the
Sharadon, but she is connected to the closest towns to her by the bridges. It is elevated about 15 peds off the ground by stilts; to keep its Maeverhim visitors comfortable. Seraia is the gateway to the high canopy levels of the Maeverhim. Whistling beetles give an odd yet cheery sound to their towns, and butterflies of all colors are in great abundance. Rubits are less seen, but they are very cherished and colorful residents.

The Homes of the Maeverhim are slightly monochromatic; beautiful murals in greens, whites and blues dominate the interiors. They do enjoy light, however, they despise fire. They use nightshimmer vines, the tribe seems unaffected by the vine's trance-like powers. The glowing quílly'efér live naturally in this enviornment. They also cultivate the dalor; a glow-creature they received in trading at Seraia. These elves enjoy the company of birds as well, and many of these creatures can be seen roosting among the trees bewteen Maeverhim homes.
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Enlarge Provinces Map

Picture description: The location of the Shardon Forest, home of the Maeverhim Elves. Map by Artimidor Federkiel.

Clothing. The tribe is unique in their attire. They like to wear very loose, baggy clothing, with special winglike appendages made from silk that extend from the side seams. These large clothes and their extra material help them to glide through the air when they hop from tree to tree, and when the garments are hit by the wind and move, it is a reminder of Grothar's presence.

They enjoy glittery and colorful things. They attach strings, ribbons and sashes to their clothes, so that they may flutter in the breeze. They love buttons and feathers, and some like to paint pictures on their clothing. The dominant colors are blue, green, white and black, but yellow and purple are becoming more familiar.
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Diet. The Maeverhim are for the most part, Herbivores. they enjoy nuts and berries, grasses and leaves, and they eat bugs and rubits from time to time. They do not eat birds or any other flesh. Some of the elder Maeverhim will eat a small stone to aid their stomachs as they break down food.
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Weapons. The Maeverhim have no reason to fight among their high-slung home. Their weapons are rarely needed for fighting. Most weapons are now used to cut wood, branches and cord. Some people consider this a weakness. Their closeness with Grothar gives them the ability to use his powers if they require it.

Though the Maeverhim are also amazing with a bow, they do not like to shoot living creatures with it; they prefer friendly competition.
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Occupations. All Maeverhim are cultivators. They grow the trees around them and nurture the birds and insects. The beauty of one's home and the area around it greatly turns on how well a Maeverhim takes care of his tree and its residents.

Some Maeverhim enjoy trading, they will focus on trading a bit more than cultivation. These traders are not so blessed with the presence of the residents as others are, but they stand out just as well with their unique items garnered in trading.
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Government. The Maverhim tribe is ruled by the Rónn or Ránn, much like other tribes. The Rónn/Ránn resides in his chosen town; but other than the title and the power, the Rónn/Ránn is the same as any other Maeverhim. Their homes are cared for by the town members, they are meant to be the most beautiful.
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Production/Trade. The Maeverhim's friendly dispostion make them great traders. They are easily traded to, and they like to make deals. As long as everyone comes away happy from a deal, then all is well for the Maeverhim.

They trade rubits, fabric, beads, and sometimes birds. Their hospitality is well-known, and many visitors will play Maeverhim for a few day's stay in their home to experience the Maeverhim way of life.
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Natural Resources. The trees around the Maeverhim are abundant with bird and insect life. They obtain silk from the lu'an moth, and spin it into a fine yet strong fabric. Many plants are cultivated in the treetops, plants that do not normally grown at that area, but with careful nurturing by the Maeverhim, thrive very well. This creates another unique predicament; tourism.
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Holidays, Festivals and Observances. There are mainly two festivals the Maeverhim celebrate:

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(YEARS 14.000 B.S. - 13.000 B.S.)
ca. 13025 b.S. First Elves leave Fá'áv'cál'âr
The first elves who are not fond of war or struggle leave the elven kingdom of Fá'áv'cál'âr very early on, at least several dozen years before the soon to be Eophyrhim do so. These elves supposedly would become the Maeverhim tribe.

(YEARS 13.000 B.S. - 11.900 B.S.)
ca. 12650 b.S. Elven Settlers in the Sharadon: The Maeverhim
The Maeverhim ascend higher into the trees, roosting much like the birds they have become familiar with. Their selection makes it difficult for trade and relations, but the Maeverhim manage very well.

(YEARS 11.900 B.S. - 10.000 B.S.)
ca. 10880 b.S. The Maeverhim "Time of Wind"
In the following 2000 years after their arrival in the Sharadon, the Maeverhim begin to harness the wind to their benefit, inventing self-moving climb ropes, zip-lines, water collectors, and other gadgets that make the lives of the Maeverhim easier.

(YEARS 9.500 B.S. - 8.500 B.S.)
9500 b.S. The Maeverhim Elves keep away from the open Confrontations
The Maeverhim avoid the War of the Chosen. All ladders from the earth to their tree homes in the Sharadon are removed, to better avoid confrontation. They continue to keep their ladders up, slowly developing a tight-knit, contained culture unlike any other on the continent of Southern Sarvonia.

(YEARS 8.500 B.S. - 3.400 B.S.)
3760 b.S. The Brownies enter the Sharadon
Brownies sent on an exploration expedition by Keekoo the Deliverer venture into the Sharadon Forest, home of the Maeverhim elves. The elves however do not greet the creatures. They wish for the Brownies to leave, and spend much of their free time dropping light items from their high homes onto the ground in the hopes of deterring the Brownies from staying.

(YEARS 1.655 B.S. - 822 B.S.)
1326 b.S. Trade between the Maeverhim and Seraia
Through nearly 100 years of letters with the people of the town of Seraia, the Maeverhim allow bridges to be built between their towering homes and Seraia. Some conditions are put into place by the Maeverhim, but free trade between the Maeverhim and Seraia increase by leaps and bounds.

(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
806 b.S. The Maeverhim stay out of SW I and cut Ties to Seraia
The Maeverhim retract their bridges to Seraia, sealing themselves off once more just as they have done so thousands of years ago during the War of the Chosen. As the First Sarvonian War was escalates they promise to the town of Seraia that they will again return, once the danger is passed.

753 b.S. Reestablishing of Connections between the Maeverhim and Seraia
The Maeverhim open themselves to the town of Seraia once again after having kept their distance for more than 50 years.

501 b.S. The Tethías'quarón (Oath of the Young)
The Tethías'quarón, the Oath of the Young
The Tethías'quarón, Oath of the Young
Some weeks after the last battles of SW II the peace treaty between the rivaling races is signed at the ruins of Nyermersys. Exact borders are defined, but to the surprise of the humans the elves renounce on the payment of reparations. Instead the still innocent and youthful sovereigns of the Erpheronian tribe, Karthach of Ishmarin, and the elven Ránn and chosen Avá'ránn, the Maeverhim Vilanciash of the Sharadon elves, swear the so-called "Oath of the Young" (Tethías'quarón) to never again start the bloodshed of war between the elven and the human race. Karthach is only 22, Vilanciash a mere 67. The Maeverhim, the tribe where Vilanciash hails from, didn't even participate in the war.

As a sign of their good-will the coat of arms of the former hostile tribe is burned at the chest of each of the leaders. Since this time every new regent of the tribes has to go through this ritual before the coronation. Later on the Tethías'quarón should be condemned and praised by many people on both sides. It is condemned as it is said to have been an action of mere "children" without thinking on consequences and it is praised as the innocence of the oath would be responsible for many peaceful years to come.

125 b.S. High Elven Meeting at the Thaelon
The Maeverhim Rónn Aerhin attends the meeting at the Thaelon with a cadre of associates, and they side with the Quaelhoirhim. However, the Ylfferhim Anthioullsn becomes High Rónn of the Wood Elves. The Maeverhim do not protest.

110 b.S. Dark Elven Attack at the Sharadon
The Maeverhim are attacked by the dark elves led by the Móch'rónn. Their friendliness with Seraia makes them an easy target; one way in, one way out. They are barely able to defend themselves, and one third of the tribe is slaughtered.

(YEARS 50 B.S. - 172 A.S.)
3 b.S. Aellenrhim recruit other Tribe Members
The decimated Aellerhim elves seek to increase their numbers by recruiting from other tribes, especially the Cyrathrhim and Maeverhim.


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