The Fird’Gormz are a human tribe of the Kuglimz located at the base of the Celeste Mountains in Northern Sarvonia. Thes Fird'Gormz are very likely the hardest working of the Kuglimz as they are mining for iron, silver and gold in the Celeste Mountains. Fird'Gormz are also very stubborn people who do not change their opinions or thoughts very easily. They are very religious and devoted to their Vir’tog Gorm with an almost frightening fervor.

. The Fird’Gormz are the average size for Kuglimz; 2 peds in height or more for men, and a little under 2 peds for women, though they seem shorter as they are stooped from working in mines. The coloring of the skin of this tribe is the lightest of the Kuglimz. This is due to the long time periods spent away from the sun in the mines. The hair of both men and women is naturally a bright red, which is dulled from their work environment to a more coppery appearance. The hair on the men is worn in braids with fei’put ("blood rings") throughout, reaching to the shoulders or mid back. The women wear their hair in one long braid to the middle of their back or longer.
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The Standard of the Fird'Gormz Kuglim

View picture in full size The standard of the Fird'Gormz Kuglim. Coat of arms drawn by Bard Judith.

Coat of Arms/Sign. The Fird’Gormz' coat of arms is a golden pick-ax against a brown mountain, with a blue background. The pick-ax is the great item given to them by their Vir’tog Gorm. The mountain is representative of not only their home and main occupation, but in essence their life. The blue is associated with the myth that after being set the task to mine through the world, set by Gorm, they will see the sky on the other side. Then they shall be rewarded for their hard work and never have to work again. Return to the top

Territory. The Fird’Gormz are located at the base of the Celeste Mountains. Being of the Kuglimz’torik ("home tribes") They stay on their hill in their main city. This is just North of the Helvet’ine Kuglim, near the tip of the Readmeade River. Besides this one hill, they also have several mining encampments scattered throughout the base of the Celeste Mountains. Return to the top

People. These are very likely the hardest working of the Kuglimz. They are a very stubborn people who do not change their opinions or thoughts very easily. They are very religious and devoted to their Vir’tog Gorm with an almost frightening fervor.
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Housing. The Fird’Gormz are a type of Kuglimz known as Kuglimz’torik, and thus they have their own hill(s) that is the center of their life. In this case, there are many though only one could be considered anything more than a glorified mine. Their only true city is Lu’turg ("rock town"). It is nearly inaccessible, being high up in a deep cleft into the hill. It is said that it sits near the first mine of the Fird’Gormz, and that the hill is riddled with escape routes. One rutted roadway comes up the hill from the North from the mines, this goes through a shanty town of ex-miners and smelters live, then through a rock wall to all of the large smelting building where fires are always burning. The hill is littered with the scag ("useless rock") of these operations. Finally up to the citadel of the town which is carved from the hill itself. There the temples, mine bosses and what little government there is, is located. It is also here that the merchants of the Helvet’ine come to buy all of the raw iron that is mined.
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Clothing. The universal clothing for this tribe is leather. However, the way that it is worn varies. The miners wear a heavy leather shirt, more of a coat in its thickness, and a pair of heavy leather breeches. This protects them from any falling rocks. The smelters wear light leather that has been oversized and hardened then dipped in water daily. This allows them to not get burned very easily, while the over sizing allows the body to still get air and sweat freely. The women wear wool or light dresses, they always have a leather apron on that is tied about the waist. They also often wear leather shawls and scarves.
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Diet. The miners and smelters tend to eat whatever they can get their hands on. Wolf and deer are most common, as they are indigenous to the area. The way that it is most often eaten is racked (jerked). That is when the meat of an animal is smoked and then salted. Many of the miners and smelters eat this for meals while working.
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Weapons. Like all Kuglimz’torik, the Fird’Gormz are a heavy cavalry army. The interesting thing that sets them apart is their adaptation of the pick into their army and their surrounding terrain into their strategies. Though small they have a history of conflict as many a tribe would like to have control of the abundant resources that the Fird’Gormz controls. While they still use the heavy cavalry, they also have ground troops, which is quite rare among the Kuglimz. These troops are all armed with picks, shields, and chain mail. The main purpose of the troops is to use the rugged terrain to break up enemy cavalry formations, and then use the pick to take out their horses. This is quite an effective stratagem, and has allowed the Fird’Gormz to stay free all these years.
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Occupations. The two main occupations of this tribe are mining and smelting. The miners are most of the men of the tribe, they spend a lot of time hunched over in the dark with only candles to show them what to hit next, the whole time hoping not to get crushed by a cave in. The smelters don’t have it so wonderful either, as their environment while filled with a lot of light, it also contains a heat that could nearly melt a man. The women are employed in picking the leaves of the alth’tiert plant for trade with the Helvet’ine.
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Government. The government of the Fird'Gormz is run by the priests without a doubt. Here the word of their Vir’tog, Gorm, is law. Thus the word of the priests are law. All trade, and decisions are put up for Gorm to decide, and then the people live by his decisions as voiced by the priests. Unfortunately this is a rather one sided arrangement, for while the priests get rich on the gold that is given as sacrifice to Gorm, the people see little of what they actually mine. So feverent in their beliefs though, they do not seem to mind.
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The Celeste Mountains
View picture in full size Image description: The lairs of the fire dragons deep down in the Celeste Mountains. Illustration drawn by Faugar.

Production/Trade. Trade is the way that these people survive. If they had no trade, then there would be no food. The surprising thing is that with their wealth of valuable trade items, gold, iron, gems, the only people they will trade with is the Helvet’ine Kuglim. This is due to a long standing agreement, where the Fird'Gormz get sole trade rights in exchange for lots of food and protection. This seems to have worked out well for both sides, as the Helvet’ine get rich off of the iron they turn into weapons and the alth’tiert leaves they love, and the Fird’gormz get the leather, food, candles, and protection they need to finish Gorm’s task for them. Return to the top

Natural Resources. The Celeste Mountains are rich in iron. There are also some silver and gold deposits scattered through the mountains. Obsidian is commonly found, and large pieces are often made in vases or sculptures.
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Holidays, Festivals and Observances. Only the Taug’rik’tyan and the Taug’alth’ho are celebrated along with the rest of the Kuglimz people. The priests are merciless in their driving of the populace, and other festivals are not permitted. However they teach that once the Fird’Gormz mine through the earth and reach the other side, life will be one unending festival.
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History. During the time known as the Burning Night, the Mynian Kingdom was overrun by orcs. The people fled into the wilderness in terror, one such group was led by and old and grizzled miner named Gorm. He ended up leading his people to the base of the Celeste Mountains, and began a mine in one of the hills. This mining encampment became the city Lu’turg. The Fird’Gormz however, view him as one of the Vir’togz who was gifted with a golden pick by their god Sur’tyan, before leading his people away, somewhere in the process using the pick against the pursuing orcs as he was a magnificent warrior, and frightening them all away.
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