Their beginning is fairly easy to summarize as the Kyranian men were born on the ashes of a military campaign, and throughout the years their kingdom and lifestyle was held up on the shoulders of the various men, and sometimes women, that offered their lives in service. The Kyranian Military was known for the six distinct branches it was divided into, though many believe that the Royal Guard should not be counted as its own branch, but should rather be considered a small part of the other five branches.

Throughout the various branches, whether there are five or six, there seemed to be a general agreement on the various age limits for the different ranks. Fourteen is the age at which a boy was considered eligible to join up. In the case of a parent enlisting their son before his fourteenth birthday, they would start as a page, cabin boy, or messenger boy, depending on the branch of military.

Army. The Kyranian army was the only branch that did not really specialize in a certain area of weaponry, but allowed those to use a weapon other than standard types if they showed potential. They were essentially the guardians and protectors of the kingdom, protecting it from both internal and external threats within throughout their land. It wasn't uncommon for the army to board the navy's ships to help settle troubles with pirates or other such threats of the sea if that was what the King ordered them to do. They were also called in to break up trouble within the cities if it got to be too much for the city guard to handle. Where the King ordered them, they went and with their variety of training and weapon specialties they tended to be successful.

Navy. Having the smallest coastline of the Ancient Kingdoms, the Kingdom of Kyrania never had a very impressive navy, but they managed to keep a good watch over their port cities and coastal villages. Over the years they held their own when needed and answered the summons of the King. They were mostly called on to carry soldiers to certain destinations, defend their shores from pirates, and ward off ships carrying troops from other kingdoms, and they did a good job of it over the years.

Knights. In the eyes of many, the Knights of the Kyranian Kingdom were just a glorified version of the Army. Based in the capital of the kingdom, they specialized in mounted attacks and were made up only of those of noble birth. Many during the years and to this day disapproved of the 'selective membership' that was often enforced. Some men remained squires until they were thirty and forced to give up because those that were higher ranked than them didn't approve of their style, their trainer wasn't very good, or other ridiculous reasons. In the later years, many of the noblemen that were serious about protecting their kingdom joined the military instead and made a difference in many areas.

Guard. The guard was rather well liked and well organized throughout the years of the Kyranian Kingdom. They kept the people happy and feeling safe within their homes without stirring up the inevitable string of petty thieves and underhanded dealings that happened within any city. The Commanders knew they were there throughout the years, but it worked to their advantage to work around the little things and keep the heads on the bodies of the young guards. Some think it odd that the guard practically walked side by side with the criminals of the city, but letting a few thefts and smuggled goods get by helped keep people alive and the leaders of the guard thought that lives were more important than a few possessions.

Pathfinders. This group was based out of the capital city of Ancient Kyrania, Caelum. While most the other branches of military worked together, this was the odd one out in many ways. Made up of mostly loners, they were possibly the hardest of the five branches as potential Pathfinders had to go through a four or six year apprenticeship and pass the test at the end of those years to gain approval. While they were the hardest 'fair' unit, the knights still beat them in the eyes of many with their 'selective membership'. Over the years, the various sects within the Pathfinders played important roles in the improvement of the kingdom, though some also place the blame on them for the downfall as they abandoned the kingdom when the descendent of Narinos, Jalttren Dereswungen, was crowned King of Kyrania

Royal Guard. The Kyranian Royal guard was made up of a group of hand-picked men from the various branches to patrol the palace and accompany the king when he ventured outside the palace walls. For the most part, the Royal Guard is and isn't considered a branch of the military. Throughout the record found, there have been mentions of five branches and six branches by commanders of the other branches, even before the departure of the Pathfinders, leaving them with only four, or five, branches. Those that claimed only five branches, displayed clear dislike of this branch as they Royal Guard was made up of the best from the other groups. They didn't have to train their men from raw recruits, but rather removed the Army, Navy, Guard, Pathfinders, and sometimes the Knight's (though rarely as hatred for the King ran deep in the veins of some nobility) best fighters and claiming them as their own.

Discharge. There were various reasons for being discharged, mainly disobedience and endangerment, in the Kyranian Military. There were two main factors that led to an honorable discharge.

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