The Trk’matiu ("Tribe of Lost Trk") is a tribe of the Kuglimz’ura (plain tribes) that resides in the South West of North Sarvonia. They are nomads, roaming the lands between the Readmeade River and the Luquador River and in general are a very water-loving people, capable of building small boats, which they use for fishing purposes. Aside from fishing they mainly live from fur and flesh of the Nul'tum and bartering goods with other Kuglimz tribes.

Appearance. The Trk’matiu are like most Kuglimz, the men are on average between 2 and 2 Ľ peds in height. They are of big bone and fair complexion with long red hair that hangs in braids with iron rings throughout it. The women are all nearly 2 peds in height having long red hair, though they wear theirs in one long braid. Return to the top

The Coat of Arms of the Trk'matiu Kuglimz

View picture in full size Picture description. The standard of the Trk'matiu Kuglim. Designed by Bard Judith.

Coat of Arms/Sign. The Trk’matiu coat of arms consists of a golden net, half of chord and half of chain, spread wide upon a blue background. The net was chosen as it was the gift of Sur’tyan (All-Father) to their Vir’tog, and thus to them. Also it has so many varied and important uses in their life. The blue background is representative of the sea and the bond they feel that is shared with it. Return to the top

Territory. As the Trk’matiu are Kuglimz’ura they have a very nomadic lifestyle and roam the lands between the Readmeade River and the Luquador River. Unlike all other Kuglimz’ura, this tribe is not completely dependent upon a herd to follow. Rather, they stay close to the sea and the riverbanks, traveling between them dependent upon the season. Return to the top

People. Their fondness for water sets them apart from any other tribe of the Kuglimz. In fact they even build small boats of hide, bone, and wood that allow them to go short distances into the ocean and along the river. Though they use small boats, it must be noted that they are quite flimsy and not the best of construction. This is the reason for staying in sight of land, for when the boat collapses or overturns the distance to shore can easily be swum. Return to the top

Housing. Like all other Kuglimz’ura the Trk’matiu have no true built settlements, rather collapsible buildings called "karvz" that can be carried with them on their wanderings. They are made of animal hides, leather, bone, and wood. The most common shapes are the dome and triangle, sometimes square shaped ones can be seen as well. The outsides of these karvz are decorated with furs and intricate mazes and pictures made of small pieces of bone sewn into the material. Many of these bones are colored in blues and greens, a fair amount of the scenes take on a seascape aspect. For half of the year these karvz are set up and taken down nearly every week as the tribe moves. Only for three months in winter and three in summer does it stay in one place for long. In summer they establish themselves at the jut of land between the southern mouth of the Readmeade River and the Dark Sea in Zei’gorp (ocean camp), in winter they stay along a bend of the Luquador River at Zei’heir (river camp). Return to the top

Clothing. The Trk’matiu tend to have two sets of clothing, one for summer and one for winter. In summer men wear close fitting shirts and loose breeches made of wool or leather. The materials are often dyed varying shades of blue or green to match the water they so love, with intricate maze designs embroidered upon the neckline and the cuffs. Women wear cotton dresses with the same type of dying and embroidery though not quite as elaborate, at the cuffs and hem. In winter, the clothing becomes dominated by fur. The same styles of dress apply in the sense of cut and design. The fur of the Nul’tum is the most commonly used material for full shirts and such; deer, bear, and wolf are used as well, more often as accents though. Return to the top

Diet. As the Trk’matiu have a deep love of the ocean, and water in general, they use their small boats to go along the coast and along the river to fish. They do not use a rod, rather large nets are used. The nets are thrown in and scooped up by means of a rope attached; this captures the smaller fish that live near the surface of the water. When river fishing they will throw nets into a small bend or crook of the river and tie down the sides, while using wood tied to the tops to allow it to stay buoyant. Thus, fish is their main diet. They do also hunt and eat the meet of woodland creatures, especially the Nul’tum as it lives in abundance along the coast of the Dark Sea. For hunting they use a net as well, though instead of lines of material, the lines are small chains all fixed together that have small weights at the bottom. This entangles the animal and allows them to more easily capture and kill it. Return to the top

Weapons. Like all Kuglimz’ura, the Trk’matiu are superb light horsemen, a necessity with constant feuding during Rarik'mystrume ("battle season"). Using a light, yet powerful horn bow from distance, and spears and short swords for close combat. One item that is prevalent through their life has found use once again as a weapon. That item is the net, the Trk’matiu use it in combat to encumber and knock off opponents on horseback. It is much like the hunting net, with the exception that the chains are stronger and the weighted ends are heavier. Each warrior always carries several with him into battle. Return to the top

Occupations. [...] Return to the top

Government. The Government is a tribal system where the Dirg’mystrume ("battle leader") is the chief. This is not necessarily a hereditary position, but rather one that is determined by strength - not only strength in battle, but also by his strength to lead his people through anything which may happen to the tribe. He then determines what is best for the sake of the tribe. Though given almost complete power, if the tribe feels he has not been strong enough to make them prosper then they will either dismiss or kill him. The priests are another powerful force, though they often lose most of their real world power due to squabbles between the priests of Sur’tyan and the priests of the Vir’togz. Return to the top

Production/Trade. Trade is very important as there is not much in the way of coin, so there is a bartering system in place to take care of all that the coin normally would. As far as internal trade goes; skins, labor, and finished goods (barrels, karvz, clothing) are the most common items the Trk'matiu use for bartering. External trade is done mostly with the Fal’cone in the north and the Helvet'ine in the northeast. With the Fal’cone they trade shells, fish, and finished goods; mainly for wool, leather, and candles. With the Lyr’teimor, they trade shells, bows, horses, and Nul’tum fur; for weapons, iron, and crops. Return to the top

Natural Resources. []...] Return to the top

Holidays, Festivals and Observances. Along with celebrating the feasts of Taug’rik’tyan and Taug’alth’ho as all Kuglimz do, the Trk’matiu celebrate Taug’firot ("Leaving Feast"). It is a religious feast dedicated to Trk, their Virtog. It is celebrated in the middle of summer. It celebrates his leaving of his people in an immense boat for distant lands, to seek a place where they could return to their former glory. The Trk’matiu believe that he will return someday and they will then be able to celebrate Taug’migaro ("Returning Feast"). Then they will be taken in his large ship to another place. Return to the top

History. Once again like all Kuglimz, the Trk’matiu are a fragmented part of the once great kingdom of Minar that was shattered and whose populace was scattered. They arrived under the leadership of a simple fisherman who had the courage to take heart and lead some people to safety. It was he who led them to the coast and taught them the use of the net, so that they might survive. All of this though is shrouded in myth as no histories have been kept since the fall of the Mynian kingdom. He was aggrandized as one of the ten great Vir’togz, who fought savagely against the orcs and when all was lost struggled on to lead them to where they now are.

Originally the tribe had a different name, however through the years the other Kuglimz decided that it was not likely that Trk would ever return, and thus named them Trk’matiu, the "Tribe of Lost Trk". At first this caused several disputes and minor wars, but in time as the name became used it ended up replacing the original name of the tribe. Return to the top

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