The Axe originally had been a tool used to cut down trees and refining the tree to suitable pieces of firewood. Later on the Axe was more and more used for self-defence, and it ended up as a weapon of its own, of which there exist various different varieties.

A fight against a swamp wyrm
View picture in full size Image description. A fight with a light axe against a swamp wyrm. Picture drawn by Eratin.

The Axe is used either as a one-handed, or a two-handed weapon. It is made up of two parts, the shaft and the head. The shaft is usually of wood, but some types are made of steel or iron. The shaft is used as a handle for the tool, the place where you hold the Axe. On the top of it sits the head. The head is the most important part of the Axe. It serves for cutting or bludgeoning, and sometimes possesses on or more spikes or an additional blade at the back of it. The head is made either of steel or iron. The weight of the Axe is concentrated here. There are several types of axes: Usages Axes, Light Axes, Medium Axes, Heavy Axes and Throwing Axes.

Description. In the beginning the Axes where made out of wood, flint or bone. The flint or bone were attached to the shaft by strips of leather or other strong and though material. The first Axes were used as primitive weapons and tools to gather wood or food. Later on, when the knowledge of metals emerged, new Axes were made out of bronze, then improved ones by using steel and iron. These were the first Lumberjack Axes. An Axe is wielded by swinging the shaft at the target, so that the blade on the head hits the target.

Notes on Axe measurements: Hold the Axe with the shaft horizontally. One end to the left, and the other to the right. The head must be at your right side, blade pointing down. This way you can determine the following measures:

The following terms are of relevance when talking about Axe handling:

Weapon Types. The following Axe types are the most commonly known ones:




The Ashmari Axe

View picture in full size Image description: The crude workmanship of a typical Ashmari axe. Picture drawn by Erelen.




Usage. The axe is used either as a weapon, or as a tool to cut down trees, and chop the tree down to suitable pieces about the size fitting a fireplace. To master an axe is not simple. It is not hard to learn the basics, but in order to become an expert, it requires more than that. Return to the top

Fighting Style. Chop and cut. The fighters wielding an Axe can usually be found in the center of the battle action, either mounted or on foot. The axe is swung up, and then swung down on the enemy. Return to the top

Origin/History. There have always been Axes in the memories of men. But as the knowledge of making them out of metal improved and the smiths got more experience, the Axes became more elegant and smooth. 
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