The Bow is a common two-handed distance weapon, consisting of three parts: an element of wood, bone and/or metal in crescent shape, a string, connecting its ends and the arrows which are shot by drawing the bow and releasing its energy. There exists a large range of different types of Bows like the Longbow, the Crossbow, the Composite Bow, Brownie Bow and the most complicated Compound Bow. In combination with a variety of arrow heads Bows are very effective and precise long-range weapons.

An Archer

View picture in full size A human archer, readying his hunting bow. Commissioned artwork, used with friendly permission. Image by Quellion.

Description. In the beginning the Bow was very crude and shabbily made. The basis of the Bow initially was a strong thin branch bend into a cresent shape and tied at each end with a strong and thin material (from now on called "the string"). In between the branch and the string an arrow was placed. When the string is pulled back with one hand the branch bends further and further back, while the other hand is responsible for targeting the arrow. As the string is realised the branch springs back realising the energy built up, shooting the arrow. Arrows are usually kept in store in quivers on the back of the archer. The Bow in fact is a very varied weapon which looks different from tribe to tribe and from race to race. Each archer also usually personalizes his/her bow and arrows.

The following terms are of relevance at most Bows:

The following Bow types are the most commonly known ones:

There are various types of Bows and arrows in this world and this is but an overview. Different clans and tribes have variations of the mentioned types, which they may call by other names. Return to the top

Bow Types Comparisons


Bow Material

Arrow Material

Min. Drawweight

Max. Drawweight

Max. Distance

Shortbow Wood/Bone Wood or Metal 10 od 40 od 0.8 dashes
Longbow Wood Wood 30 od 120 od 2.5 dashes
Composite Bow Wood/Bone Wood or Metal 20 od 80 od 1.6 dashes
Crossbow Wood and Metal Metal 24 od 200 od 6 dashes
Compound Bow Metal Metal 20 od 100 od 3 dashes
Recurve Bow Wood Wood 20 od 100 od 1 dash
Brownie Bow Wood Wood 3 od 10 od 0.35 dashes

Usage. The Bow is used as a missile weapon to attack from a distance or give cover to infantry advancement. Some Bows like the Short Bows are also especially used as a hunting tool in terrain where game can easily hide, like in forests for example. To be able to shot a Bow can be quite easily leared but to be any good is extremly difficult and to master this weapon is a lifetime study.

There are as many different ways of shooting a bow as there are archers to shoot it. Different races have different styles (or forms) and many archers vary their form to what helps them shoot better, although there are a few basics. When shooting a Bow, one should always be side on to the target. So when at full tze archer should look like the Tharian letter T. The Bow can be shot from a standing, sitting, kneeling, or even from horseback, but the basic shape is always the same.

The string can be drawn to many different parts on the body, depending on the style of Bow, and archers preference, however, drawing to a consistent spot (or anchor point) is invaluable to an archer. Most common anchor points are under the chin, or the corner of the mouth.

A School of Archery
View picture in full size Image description: The Tethinrhim Archery School in Sillena. Picture from the game Magical Empire™, used with friendly permission. Illustration drawn by Faugar.

There are 3 main ways of aiming a Bow:

Additional notes on hopw to shoot with a Bow:

Fighting Style. Archers tend to be a distance away from the main battle scenes and stationary when shooting. However, some smaller Bows are designed to be shot from horseback as well. Archers - when giving covering fire - usually stand in ranks shooting high above their own ranks into the heart of the ememy. Return to the top

Origin/History. Depending on which race and which tribe you talk to the origin of the Bow can be very different. As skill and knowledge improved and archers experimented with tailoring and and shaping the riser and limbs (the part of the Bow which used to be simply a branch), the Bows became stronger and looked more elegant.
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