Description. The Erpheronian Broadsword or simply "Ephord" is one of the most common weapons in the North. Being quite sturdy and durable because of the broad blade it is used by infantry as well as by knights as a secondary weapon. Its blade is slightly longer than that of a normal shortsword, nearly half a ped. The hilt is shaped to fit very well in one's hand. The design can be very different, sometimes fine decorated, but often also kept very practical only. One characteristic of the Erpheronian Broadsword, however, is its blunted tip. This makes the blade even harder to break but also more difficult to pierce armor. Return to the top

. The Erpheronian Broadsword has a long tradition as an infantry weapon. Being considerably cheap but very sturdy it was the first choice of the general soldier. Today it is still used by them very often although longswords are more common nowadays. Mostly people who don't have that much money and only need a weapon for self-defense like merchants or mercenaries prefer the Erpheronian Broadsword.
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Fighting Style
. You'll more likely slash with this weapon at unprotected parts of your opponent instead of trying to pierce his armor. This weapon can easily break some bones or cut deep into someone's flesh but on a chain mail it has only minor effect.
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