The Shatterhead Arrow is an ingenious Anpagan invention dating back to the days of the Dark Plague Wars with the Daedhirian undead, destroying their durable bloodstone joints. Although simple in its design and conception, the arrow is a very useful weapon in the arsenal of the Anpagan armed forces. It can be forever updated with the most toxic alchemical concoctions and is therefore commonplace in the quiver of any respectable Nybelmarian archer.

Description. Although almost identical to a normal arrow, there are differences between the two that are barely visible. The arrowhead on a Shatterhead Arrow is quite blunt in comparison to that of a normal arrow, so that it will still pierce the flesh of the victim and still smash. Though the head isn’t as sharp, it is longer, in order to hold more of whatever alchemical composition the creator desires.

The arrowhead is also hollow, and also incredibly thin. The arrowhead itself is normally made of benkal, a Nybelmarian metal which is quite useful for crafts such as the shatterhead. Benkal is a very special ore, as when it is smithed it becomes very hard and, even when it is as thin as in the arrowhead, nearly impossible to break. However, when Benkal is put over a flame for a few blinks, it becomes much more brittle. This means the head retains its strength, stopping the contents from destroying it, but will smash, release the mixture onto the target. Shatterheads without benkal heads are normally handled with great care in case the arrowhead smashes, which can be especially catastrophic if the arrowhead is filled with acid.

There are also many different adaptations, some successful some not, on the Shatterhead. One was to make the shaft hollow as well, so that the arrow could hold more liquid. This was extremely unsuccessful when acid was put into the arrow, as it quickly destroyed the wooden shaft. It didn’t work with poison either, as the head failed to shatter, the shaft snapped in half, having no effect what so ever, bar a few scratches on the surface of the skin.
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Usage. The Shatterhead was used predominately in the Dark Plague Wars and the decades following it by the people of Anis-Anpagan. As word of the weapon spread though, the citizens of Zhun produced similar versions of the Shatterhead Arrow. Though today it is still used by the Anpagans, it now incredibly widespread even some of the elves employ its use. Return to the top

Fighting Style. The Shatterhead is very simple to use, as long as you are already proficient with the bow. The arrowhead, which can be filled with a variety of poisons, toxins and acids, is fixed onto the shaft of a normal arrow. The arrow is then fired, as normal. When the arrow hits the target the head smashes and the contents are released.

Though this method is pretty mundane, the things that add ‘style’ to this weapon do not have anything to do with the physical use of the weapon. One thing that separates every wielder is the contents of the arrowhead. This is normally filled with a whole variety of toxic concotions ranging from poisons to acids. Many arrowsmiths are known to mix the liquids together, and these recipes are normally passed down (as mixing the wrong ones can lead to create a concoction too volatile to control). One of the most common liquids to fill a Shatterhead is lukrinam poison, as it also has acidic properties.

The contents of the arrow also defines the target. If the arrow is filled with poison, or an acid with is incapable of breaking through armour, the target is normally raw, unguarded flesh. The velocity of the arrow is enough to pierce the flesh, then the poison (or acid) pours into the wound. With strong acids though, the target is normally armour. Though the arrow wont break the armour, the head will smash leaving the acid behind to eat away at the armour. Return to the top

Origin/History. Though the exact person who created the Shatterhead is unknown, it is a well known fact the Anpagan military created it during the Dark Plagues Wars against the traitorous Daedhirian mages and their armies of undead. The Anpagans noticed that the undead were repairing each other’s limbs using bloodstone, an almost unbreakable material when set (see entry for more details) that the various acids had no effect on. By accident when looting a Daedhirian lord’s camp, they spilt some oil onto a rather large pile of bloodstone. The bloodstone immediately began to break down as the mundane oil ate away at it.

Their archers then began to soak their arrows in oil, but there was nowhere near enough oil on the arrow to destroy the bloodstone joints. After many failed attempts, they created an arrow with oil inside. This was incredibly effective and successfully kept the undead at bay. Some say that after word spread about the Shatterhead, many of the Daedhirian lords stopped repairing there fallen with bloodstone, as they knew the Anpagans could simply destroy with barely any effort.

After the war, the design was continued but the oil replaced with substances that hurt mortal opponents. The Shatterhead’s use spread throughout Nybelmar and it is now a very popular weapon, and has not lost its novelty.
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 Date of last edit 10th Frozen Rivers 1666 a.S.

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