Clubs are among the simplest of weapons and were among the first weapons to be used in Caelereth. A club is simply a length of wood, bone, or metal used to bludgeon and belabour and break the bones of the opponent. Some clubs have bulbous or weighted heads to increase the force of the blow. Clubs come in all shapes and sizes and range from very simple stick or bone clubs to well crafted metal studded clubs. Other names for clubs include cudgel, truncheon, or bludgeon. Over time improvements were made to the club such as larger heads, spikes, or flanges giving rise to the more advanced blunt weapons; hammers and maces. Currently we know the following kinds of clubs in Caelereth (listed alphabetically):

The Striker Club

R'unorian close combat warclub. Strikers consist of a round heavy-wooden rod, usually 4 nailsbreadths in diameter with leather wrapped around its grip for easy handling and a metal ring set at its lower end so it can be hung on a belt hook when not in use. The rod is usually around a ped long and the grip takes up the first third of this, the remaining two thirds, used for the actual striking, is equipped with three lines of flatened connical metal nubs, running from grip to its end. This weapon is most often used as a defensive close combat weapon by the R'unorian military.
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The war-club is usually made of polished bone or wood, with a hard, smooth ball of the same material, grown naturally in the end of the club. When the ball is of iron, the handle is usually wooden. These
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