Hammers are simple blunt weapon comprised of a shaft of wood or metal topped with a heavy block used to smash and break enemies. Hammers started out as the tool variety; however warriors and common men alike quickly saw their application towards fighting. These weapons come in all shapes and sizes and range from very small tools that can also be used as weapons to very large two handed hammers that have the ability to crush armour and break down doors. Some of the most unique hammers come from the dwarven tribes who have used them as tools and weapons for centuries. Over time, some additions such as spikes, nubs, or blades have been added to hammers, such weapons may be more properly classified as maces or axes depending on the design. Currently we know the following kinds of hammers in Caelereth (listed alphabetically):

The Great Maul

Great Mauls are one of the largest varieties of hammer and are generally used by strong warriors. With devastating power when used correctly, the Maul can break bones and cause grievous bodily harm without even breaking the armour. Many races use variations of the Great Maul.
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This hammer is mostly used by professional soldiers either on foot or from horseback and is small enough to be used one-handed. A common hammer´s head is blunt on each side, but a warhammers has only one blunt side. Attached to the other side, however, is a thick metal spike. The shaft is reinforced by metal stripes, and the handle is usually wrapped for better grip.
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